Having seen the Lampshade from the Migration of Mel and Judith at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in 2010 I was approached by the Head of Art and Design at Arnold House School in London to run a workshop on architecture and story telling. I spent the day with a group of incredibly enthusiastic Year 6 students exploring the different methods and techniques used to tell a story about architectural space. We had a plethora of imaginative ideas that included a house for a family of clocks with built-in aeroplane runway for the pilot-clock, a circus which could only be accessed If you were miniaturised to the size of a grasshopper and a rather ingenious contraption to put out fires that consisted of more buckets and pipes than any Heath Robinson invention I’ve ever seen!

A Megalopolis Of Narrative Architectures

Exploring Architecture Through Story Telling

The Assemblage Process Begins  

Spatial Narratives Begin To Appear  

A Pop-Up Laptop Sofa For An Ostrich?!?

The Jugglers Antique 'Doorknob' Garden