This piece of narrative architecture was the vehicle to examine current day cultural and social issues in Japan such as unconditional piety, relentless work ethic, and conservative attitudes towards love.

The way the work was represented throughout was key in illustrating my precise architectural ambition for the project. Tokyo is looked upon as the city of ‘bright – lights’ and fast moving technology, yet within its underbelly still exists the idea of ‘exquisite craft’ that has defined Japan over the centuries, I wanted the Emperor’s Castle to compliment these ideals.

The aim of the Emperor’s Castle was to provoke thought but never patronise or attempt to solve all the world’s problems.

The Emperor's Castle - Set Within The Urban Fabric Of Tokyo City

The Emperor's Castle - An Origami Lung Retreats

The Woven Origami Lung Collars  

The Princess's Knitted Canopy  

The Mechanical Wave System And Igusa Rush Meadows

The Grass Band Of The Cowherd Delimits The Castle Boundaries

The Contoured Landscape Underneath The Knitted Canopy

The Origami Lungs Connected Via A Series Of Walkways

The Emperor's Castle - Triptych (1.8m x 1.0m)

The Cowherd & His Mechanical Cow - Cutter's

The Emperor's Origami Lung's Pulled Back & Forth On Giant Platforms

The Emperor's Origami Lung's  

Within Are A Series Of Pulley's & Weight's Articulated By The Army

The Princess's Knitted Skin  

The Emperor's Lung's Expand & Contract, Blooming Like Flowers

The Dark Cloud Of Magpie - Kites Rain Down On The Landscape Below