Becoming bored with Europe, Mel & Judith eventually decide to settle down to a new life in Luxor, Egypt. They now live on a small, uninhabited island situated on the River Nile, where in their weird and wonderful ‘Do-It-Yourself’ English manor Mel brews beer in his bathtub-brewery whilst Judith bakes rose-bread in the bread-garden. Their island comes alive during the holiday season creating an English retreat in the middle of Luxor, a retreat that lures in English tourists with the opportunity to be surrounded by the sights, sounds and smells of home. The smell of roses and freshly baked bread drift through the air whilst the temptation to drink beer (which is illegal in Luxor) is impossible to resist. So if you are ever in Luxor and miss the familiarity of home, take a rowing boat over to Mel and Judith’s island for a little piece of England.

The Migration of Mel & Judith - Royal Academy of Arts, London

The Migration of Mel & Judith - Royal Academy of Arts, London

Water Powered Barley Stone Grinder  

Mel's Bathtub Brewery With Waste Water Armatures

Shallow Algae Fishing Ponds   

Judith's Bread Garden  

Knitted Beer Filtration Socks  

Mel & Judith's Living Room And Kitchen

The Rose Chalets Lay Dormant During The Winter Period

The Rose Chalets Come Alive, And Advance Across The River Nile

The Rose Chalets Search For The Perfect Location

Mel Uses Abundant Local Resource To Brew His Beer

Some Tourists Just Want To Escape Civilisation Altogether

A Red Rose Chalet In Full Bloom  

Communal Rose Chalets, Perfect For Day-Trippers

An Ideal Opportunity To Retreat From The Pandemonium Of The City

Mel & Judith's English Manor, Luxor  

Mel & Judith's English Manor, Luxor