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The Mike Black Saga Book One The Mike Black Saga Looks Back At The Violent Rise To Power Of Mike Black That Earned Him The Name Vicious Black In Those Early Years, Drug Money Was Flowing And Everybody Lived Large, Until The Reality Of His World Caused His Attitude On Many Things To Change He Began To See Cocaine As Death And Heroin As Slow Death He Became Totally Opposed To Selling Death To His Own People Black Moved Quickly To Get Out Of The Drug Business His Business Became Gambling, Number Running And Hijacking Trucks And Anything Else That Was Quick, Clean, And Extremely Profitable With The Violent Days Were Behind Him, Black Becomes Involved With Cassandra Sims, A Beautiful Woman With A Dual Degree In Management And Marketing And Treats The Drug Game Like A Fortune 500 Company In Her View, Drugs Were Nothing Than A Product To Be Marketed And Distributed She Was On Top Of Her World Until An Attempt Is Made On Her Life Black Rescues Her And Becomes Her Protector As They Hunt For Her Would Be Assassins Their Relationship Develops Into An Explosive Tale Of Love, Mystery And Danger.

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