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Married to Another Man Two Rabbis, Visiting Palestine In 1897, Observed That The Land Was Like A Bride, Beautiful, But Married To Another Man By Which They Meant That, If A Place Was To Be Found For Israel In Palestine, Where Would The People Of Palestine Go This Is A Dilemma That Israel Has Never Been Able To Resolve.No Conflict Today Is Dangerous Than That Between Israel And The Palestinians The Implications It Has For Regional And Global Security Cannot Be Overstated The Peace Process As We Know It Is Dead And No Solution Is In Sight Nor, As This Book Argues, Will That Change Until Everyone Involved In Finding A Solution Accepts The Real Causes Of Conflict, And Its Consequences On The Ground.Leading Writer Ghada Karmi Explains In Fascinating Detail The Difficulties Israel S Existence Created For The Arab World And Why The Search For A Solution Has Been So Elusive Ultimately, She Argues That The Conflict Will End Only Once The Needs Of Both Arabs And Israelis Are Accommodated Equally Her Startling Conclusions Overturn Conventional Thinking But They Are Hard To Refute.

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    I had picked this book up last year, on my visit to Israel and Palestine as an evaluator The experience of standing before the huge wall that separates sections of the Palestinian population from their lands and livelihoods, was overwhelming.Although my evaluation report on the Palestine Programme of UNCT...

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    This book provides a great analysis on the Israeli Palestinian conflict, its impact on other Arab countries, the peace process and the factors which contribute to the bad situation nowadays A must read book to understand the depth of the cause.

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    i havent read this yet But I look forward to This author is the granma of one of my favoritest teachers.

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    Very informative and excellent reading.

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    most of the subject matter covered by Karmi is well known, especially to people on the left She makes a fair amount of valid points, but by the end it is basically pretty basic stuff or, what is worse, apologetic of groups like Hamas Her main proposition for fixing the problem is a very interesti...

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    This book and Ilan Pappe s Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine I highly recommend for explaining the conflict and why we have failed to see a solution The one state solution is discussed and advocated I agree and enjoyed the rarely discuss...

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    I cannot comment on this book objectively Just because the book is not objective neither There are some points that are factually accurate, some are less but the sole point from the book, namely blaming the ...