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Blood of the Volcano Sworn Virgin, Instrument Of The God S Vengeance Helpless In Her Target S Arms Maya, Leader Of The Temple Maenads, Has Learned Nothing But Contempt For The Weakness Of Her Human Body She Lives For The Ritual That Transforms Her Into Maenad Form, Ready To Administer The Vengeance Of The Volcano God Killing A Fugitive Shifter Is Not Just Her Duty, But Her Delight Until, Against All Odds, He Captures Her, Trapping Her In Her Worst Nightmare Her Vulnerable, Easily Controlled Human Form Marked For Destruction By His Forbidden Gifts, Empath And Shifter Philos Fled The City Years Ago To Become A Warrior For Persecuted People Like Him Now He Has The Enemy At His Mercy A Maenad Desperate To Regain Her Power But When They Touch, He Finds His Empathic Power Not So Much A Gift As A Terrible Danger To His People, And His Heart Gradually, Maya Realizes Philos Is Not A Monster Deserving Of Death Yet Even As She Hesitantly Offers To Help In The War Against The Priests, She Can Risk No Than The Bare Beginnings Of Friendship With The Man She Was Supposed To Kill Anything , And She Will Forever Lose Access To The Power She Cannot Bear To Live Without Warning Contains Violence, Deadly Spider Venom, Sex That Gets Interrupted At The Last Minute, Sex That Doesn T Get Interrupted At The Last Minute, And Plenty Of Not Your Usual Shape Shifters.

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    Blood of the Volcano involves shapeshifters, but it s not your run of the mill werewolf No, Maya is a maenads Not juBlood of the Volcano.st any maenads, but the leader of the Temple Maenads These women are sworn virgins, touched by the blood of the volcano god She lives for the ritual.Philos is a shifter and an empath who is marked for killing You see, his gifts are illegal Not considered to be given by the gods He s been hiding his empathic gift near all his life.Maya goes on the hunt for this fugitive, but the hunter has become the hunted Philos traps her, in her human form, and she feels worthless, craving only to be maenads again It s truly what she lives for.Over time, Maya begins to realize that Philos is not the criminal she was led to believe he was Through a series of events, that include a number of other gifted people, Philos and Maya must decide what is important The dream of what they each have wanted, or the love they are beginning to share.Blood of the Volcano was a nice read I read it over several weeks, while goin...

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    This story what to say It s really well written, powerful, raw and heart wrenching Too much so to my liking Really Too much of a good thing, as I m left with a heartache, but no warm fuzzies.

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