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Such Good Friends We Were At Least As Happily Married As Anybody Else, Which Maybe Was T Very, But It Was All Anybody Could Reasonably Expect All I Ever Could, Anyway But Now Julie Messinger, Age Thirty One, Mother Of Two, Is Going Through The Kind Of Hell That May Destroy Her Marriage, If Not Her Life.

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    HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION It s not the loss of innocence that makes it so lousy to be a grownup it s having all this goddamn power of retention So says our blighted domestic heroine, Julie, as she engages in a struggle of the psyche during the early days of women s liberation.The come on testimonials on the cover tout this as some kind of 70s feminist porn, but the emphasis on the book s sexuality misses the point of what s really going on in this fairly significant and now obscure work.I found a nice paperback edition at Half Price Books One reviewer called it the feminist Portnoy The tagline on the cover is The most intimate novel a woman ever wrote It was filmed and apparently toned down in 1971, with Dyan Cannon.Interestingly, one of the reviewers cited on the back cover says the book goes farther in explicitness than Roth s Portnoy s Complaint, but this isn t true Most of the time Gould s descriptions of sex aren t graphically spelled out, as much as they could be In fact, there s less sexual content in here than Portnoy I think it showed a certain bias of reviewers at the time that this book just seemed explicit because these thoughts were coming from the mind of a woman 2016 addendum note the rest of the review is done in the real time manner in which I ...

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    This was the result of some drunk eBaying after watching the adaption of the novel by Otto Preminger, which isn t, to be honest, a very good film But reading up about the story on Wikipedia persuaded me it might be worth a punt, and I found a copy for a couple of quid a tatty hardback on eBay from one of those big secondhand clearance sellers and, well, bought it And it is indeed much better than the film The Wikipedia entry describes it as stream of consciousness but it really isn t It s very much fixed in the POV of its protagonist, Julie Messinger, whose husband NY magazine art director and illustrator of a best selling children s book is in a coma after an adverse reaction to the anaesthetic used in his operation to remove a mole As friends and colleagues gather to donate blood and comfort Julie, so she slowly learns of her husband s constant philanderin...

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    Breathless, stream of consciousness meanderings of a depressed wife and mother who inadvertently discovers while her husband is unexpectedly comatose after undergoing minor surgery, that he has been thoroughly unfaithful She, apparently, is one of the few in her social group who doesn t already know about it The cast of characters are uniformly dislikeable and or unbelievable Finally, a couple of nitpicks it ...

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    This book shines as the forgotten thoughts and interiority of an era, class, and gender focused on repression So much to these women than what is shared in movies, or even the movie made from this Some...

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    Fleetwood Mac has nothing on this group of people.

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    Funny, mordant, satirical and enraged 70s feminist novel that was a huge best seller when first published, about a widow who discovers her husband had been unfaithful for years, many times with her own good friends Priceless.

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    Easy read, bit disturbing and oh so plausible.

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    I have not read this book since I was about 14, but I still recall how much it haunted me while I was reading it.

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    check review

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    I got this from the community bookshelf in our cafeteria at work dreadful it will be going back there though maybe i shouldn t do that to someone else.