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    got this on clearance at Barnes Noble Excellent text, photographs and writing make this a terrific intro to the history of military flight during WWII Highly recommend it.

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    Got bored with the technical comparisons and lack of actual pilot accounts.

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    Dogfight is not light reading and it is not a book about fighter pilots, rather it is a reference work Several pairs of WWII fighters are detailed with most of the book describing the technical aspects of each plane There are a few stories about the pilots who flew them in each section The pairs of planes are Spitfire vs Bf 109E, Thunderbolt vs Bf 109G K, P 40 Warhawk vs Ki 43 Oscar, P 51 Mustang vs FW 190 and Seafire vs A6M Zero There are some profiles of the various planes and some decent photographs throughout If you like knowing what kind of engine of what horsepower went into a plane or that they switched out a certain caliber of machine gun for a different caliber on a certain aircraft then you ll find this book useful I can understand some of the pairing but the Seafire vs Zero left me scratching my head The Seafire was just another version of the Spitfire which was already covered and saw combat far too late in the war to be decisive No Russian plane was menti...

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    Tony Holmesin Taistelu ilmojen herruudesta toisen maailmansodan parhaimmat h vitt j t Gummerus, 2012 ker yhteen viisi Osprey kustantamon Duel sarjaan kuuluvaa kirjaa, joissa vertaillaan kahta toisistaan mittaa ottanutta sotakonetta.Lentokoneiden ominaisuuksien lis ksi kirjassa k sitell n my s eri maiden ilmavoimien koulutusta, tunnettuja lent ji ja my s itse taistelutoimia tiettyn ajanjaksona.Lentokoneiden valinnassa on p dytty osin itsest nselviin pareihin Messerschmitt Bf 109E vs Spitfire, P51 Mustang vs Focke Wulf 190 , mutta hieman h mm stelin viimeisen luvun kaksintaisteluparia Seafire vs A6M Zero, joista ensiksimainitulle olisi ehk l ytynyt relevantimpi vaihtoehto.Kiinnostavimmiksi osioiksi kohosivat mielest ni ehk Aasian ja Tyynenmeren sotan ytt m k sittelev t luvut, ehk siksi ett aiheesta on tullut luettua selv sti v hemm n kuin vaikkapa taistelussa Englannista.Luettavuudeltaan kirja ei ole ehk j nnitt vin mahdoll...

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    DogfightsDogfight by Tony Holmes is a descriptive, and informational about all the different air battles in the European theater and the south pacific during World War II The book tells you all about, the planes and all the information about them, the tactics, and it describes the pilots feelings inside the plane The book also informs you about all the variants of the planes and their modifications The Book gives you a performance rating on all of the aircraft from speed to armament I...

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    A combination of Holmes personal choices and detailed technical information on each plane doesn t make for smooth reading This is not to say those with a love for the details of the war in the air won...

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    An interesting read For me the choice of aircraft was interesting as were some of the errors made during the course of the war and prior to e.g., delayed use of drop tanks for Spitfire, failure to truly evolve beyond the Zero for Japan As I said, interesting to not...

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    A compilation of five smaller books published by Osprey publishing in their Duel series I found the book mildly interesting, but not especially engaging The final chapter about the Seafire was the most informative in that it describes Royal Navy carrier activities in the Pacific very late in WW2.

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    Good compilation of previous VS books into one handy hardbound volume The firsthand accounts were particularly of interest to me.

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