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Icehole Reading Icehole By Kiera Dellacroix Airdomains.co.uk Buried Deep Under The Ice Of Antarctica Is Something That Interests The U.S Government Secretly, And In Violation Of International Treaty, A Team Of Scientists And Military Personnel Have Been Working Deep Underground To Reach It Lieutenant Commander Malory Lovecraft, An Irreverent Career Officer, Has Been Reassigned To Take Command Of The Station A Decorated Officer, Lovecraft Is Considering Resigning Her Commission And Trying To Make A Life Outside Of The Navy This Tour Of Duty In The Antarctic Darkness Is To Be Her Last Dr Corky Rivers Is No Fan Of The Military The Station S Only Other Woman Is Aghast At Lovecraft S Language, Tactics And Hat Choice Instantly Deciding To Dislike The Commander, She Slowly Comes To Appreciate Lovecraft S Unique Charms Unfortunately, Time Might Not Be On Their Side When The Team Finds What It S Been Looking For And, Even Worse, Something.

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    This book is like a mash up of all my favorite pop sci fi books and movies It s simply a fun, enjoyable read The author has a fantastic sense of humor i.e Little Lovecraft , the action scenes are well written and the love story is believable even if the I love you s s...

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    This has to be one of my favourite novels It s intense but it breaks up the intensity with humour I love Kiera s writing the song Mighty Quinn will forever remind you of this novel The supernatural elements are written SUPERBLY This novel will just grab you and not let go until the last page I ...

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    I read it in less than 8 hours It was only later that I realised that this was another in the fanfic transformed into novel genre.Miss Smila meets Xena meets zombie apocalypse meets X files.the list goes on.Unfortunately there is not a single original thought in the whole story.It was a case of deja vu, oh I ve read something like that before , but that is the same as and here we go again The story is supposed to be suspenseful but it really was not You could...

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    Spoilers Omg I just love this book It has just the right amount of creepiness and supernatural plus two very fine protagonist I love Malory s mess up sense of humor and the freaking aliens It was a perfect read for me Reslly I just loved it.This I most love The DOLL The Hat The...

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    This is definitely worth digging my copy out snd reading again

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    Kiera, you have a weird but strangely compelling sense of humour.

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    Its not bad at all I like it not a bad paranormal book lol at corky and the comander I love the dam doll lol would be fun to own one Curse everyone out

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    One of the funniest books I have read in I don t know how long and the story line is excellent One of those I will read over again