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Playing Dirty [PDF] ✈ Playing Dirty By G.A. Hauser – Keith O’Leary and Carl Bronson thought they had it made Having landed roles in a top racy television cable drama Forever Young both handsome aspiring actors began to believe their dreams of becoming Keith O’Leary and Carl Bronson thought they had it made Having landed roles in a top racy television cable drama Forever Young both handsome aspiring actors began to believe their dreams of becoming celebrities had come true While playing a gay couple in the show Keith and Carl form a genuine attraction to each other which grows into a loving trusting relationship The only problem is Adam Lewis Keith’s gay agent warns them about being seen as a couple in public and the repercussions down the line after their top rated show Forever Young ends Both men struggle to keep their private lives discreet while someone on the inside is trying desperately to out them to boost the show’s ratings Agonizing over having to pretend they are straight for any possibility of a leading man part in a motion picture both men have to come to a decision as to what they value most Their love or their careers This seuel to Acting Naughty shows just how bad the Hollywood hypocrisy could be when it comes to gay men coming out of the closet It appears that Playing Dirty is the only choice they have.

About the Author: G.A. Hauser

wwwauthorgahausercom GA has won awards from All Romance eBooks for Best Author Best Novel Mile High and Best Author Best Novel Secrets and Misdemeanors Best Author Note from Goodreads StaffGA has contacted us reuesting for her blog not to be linked to her profile Please do not update RSS feed settings.

10 thoughts on “Playing Dirty

  1. jules0623 jules0623 says:

    First book had potential so I continued That was my mistake assuming it would get better instead of worse Characterisations changing faster than you can say threesome decent MCs turning into raging sexaholics out to destroy another couple's relationship without batting an eyelash character's morals and beliefs getting tossed aside after one grope of his cock by our apparently irresistible MC It's a trainwreck if you like your characterisations consistent and your plot well if you like any kind of plot with your porn really I couldn't finish it though I got far enough to feel very comfortable rating it

  2. Emanuela ~plastic duck~ Emanuela ~plastic duck~ says:

    011813 Revised rating after a couple of years of reading mm from 3 to 2This is the seuel to Acting NaughtyIt's a book that I read in one sitting because I had loved Keith and Carl in the first book In this second book it's like I couldn't really recognise them any It was all about the sex they were experimenting and the playing they were doing but I wanted some romance too I missed the discovering of one another that was so exciting in the first book The seuel adds nothing to their story than the ending The best part of the book was the fake double date when you can feel the pain Keith and Carl feel in having to hide their relationship I wish there had been moments like that when you can really reach into the soul of the characters The wild sex was just an aspect of their chemistry but I think it almost diminished their loveI'm going to read the third book in the series Getting It In The End because the author can really make you love her characters so I want to follow them in other stories In this book there's a super steamy encounter with Mark Richfield and Steve Miller from Capital Games All together yes don't say I didn't warn you

  3. FloJ FloJ says:

    Well I have given it 2 stars because I did want to find out what happened and it was a reasonably satisfying ending but oh dear Taking up the story of Keith and Carl from Acting Naughty this whole book could have been written as just another 2 maybe 3 chapters at a stretch The trend Ms Hauser has going of using characters from past books has potential and I think a lot could have been done with this story I have said this before but this stretching out a story so that she can charge for it twice is doing neither Ms Hauser nor her readers any favours I know we like the action but what with sex on the set sex at home sex at the gay club sex anywhere really plus the shouting and crying it was all a bit much and the overall effect made them seem very shallow which the denouement was not powerful enough to counterbalance I had to do a lot of fast forwarding to get to the end and then it was GAH doing the rushing She was obviously tired of Keith and Carl too and wrapped it all up in no time

  4. Lee Lee says:

    I knew it was a mistake buying this book I'm done with this series What a waste of my time

  5. Elisa Rolle Elisa Rolle says:

    I want to try an experiment I want to write this post on the second book in a continuous series without reading what I wrote of the first book Why I want to do that? Since I have the clear feeling soon after finished the book that this second one has left me a deeper impression in comparison to the first oneCarl and Keith are both young actors in a cable drama The tone of the show is uite sexy and they play two gay men in love the first book was about the two of them finding out that the role they play on video was not so far from what they really felt not Carl or Keith were gay but they were irresistibly drawn to each other and at the end of the book they started a relationship that seemed doomed by the public opinionIn this second book it is soon obvious that they can't pretend to be straight they live together they spend every free moment they have together they work together Carl and Keith seem to be joint to the hip Problem is that around them there are discording opinion the show wants for them to continue to walk on the edge of the dark side and if they want they can also plunge deep inside and instead their agents want from them to deny deny deny and maybe also date some fake girlfriends only for the sake of the media Maybe stronger men will be able to take their own decision but well let me say that nor Carl or Keith are strong men they are uite young and also a lot naiveeAll in all Carl is not a so bad character he is the steady in the couple he is probably also the one who has to loose He is not a novice to the show business before this new show he had some other experiences and a taste of how it could be if he was a star So probably he is the one who is cautious when it's time to risk everything in the name of love But despite all this Carl is the one who I feel involved in the relationship maybe he is the one who is not used to burst his feeling to the wind but I believe that his feelings are the ones which run deeply at long distance probably he would be the one who would take seriously their commitmentAnd then there is Keith he is not only new to gay love he is new at love at all He has never had a serious relationship in the past and for him all his a game He is discovering a world of which he doesn't know nothing and he wants to experiment even when experiment means open their couple to a third man speaking of flying low and trying to avoid publicity Anyway he is like a baby with a new toy he maybe doesn't realize how bad it can go but he doesn't do that with malice Since he is on the open with Carl and he doesn't hide anything he doesn't see it like a cheating In a way I believe that Keith is behaving like a great majority of young gay men being faithful and exclusive it's maybe a mental boundaries of mine that I'm trying to projecting to the characters of the book and instead I should try to read them as they are and not as I would like them to beIn this book GA Hauser returns to her beginning style with two young and hot man in love who haven't anything in mind if not doing it down and dirty If it's consensual and if they don't do anything to arm other people why they shouldn't play and be happy together? And so there is plenty of sex scorching and loud very vocal But there is also a novelty finally a female character that it's not so bad almost sympathetic with the two heroes a character in which sometime I believe I could recognize the author herself; but don't get me wrong this woman is far from being a fairy godmother She is uite similar to the sister in The Kiss probably the only other female character by GA Hauser that I really likedhttpwwwdp1602021678?

  6. Beacullen Beacullen says:

    This book answered a lot of the uestions that were unanswered in the last book I have really grown to like the two main characters I was a little surprised when Keith wanted to have sex with other men together Maybe its just in inexperience? I was glad they decided they really didn't need that The ending was perfect I always love when everything works out I'd like to read about them after they actually admit their a couple Good story

  7. Chris Chris says:

    Meh mm romance that I only read because things were left so open ended in the previous book The menagey bits took me by surprise and the main characters spent way too much time crying at the slightest provocation

  8. Shirley Frances Shirley Frances says:

    Well this one was surprising Not bad in any sense Still enjoyed it but some of their decisions surprised the hell out of me Great chemistry though and very good dialog

  9. James James says:

    WOW Can't wait to read the rest of this series

  10. Suzanne Suzanne says:

    35 rounded upi am NOT a huge fan of keith lol

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