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10 thoughts on “Later, Gator

  1. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    As a fifth grader teacher, I would have no qualms about adding this book to my classroom library It is a good, clean tale about two brothers and an alligator This story is funny and touching, and I could see some of my reluctant readers really enjoying it.

  2. Melissa Melissa says:

    This was recommended because it is similar to Tale of a Fourth Grade Nothing The plots have plenty of parallels, we didn t enjoy it nearly as much and frequently chose to read other things at bedtime Teddy is mean to his younger brother in ways and for reasons that we just didn t get or care for.

  3. Samantha salinas Samantha salinas says:

    this story is about a young boy and his brother loosing and alligator in their is a great story about brothership and working together.

  4. Amy Amy says:

    Fun kids story about two brothers dealing with their pet alligator I enjoyed the development of the brothers relationship toward the end.

  5. Ming Ming says:

    The book was amusing but I felt so bad for the gators in the end of the book This seems to serve as a warning against illegal animal trading and why wild animals belong in the wild.

  6. Ms. Vicki Smith Ms. Vicki Smith says:

    I thought this book was adorable It s about two brothers and the oldest decides to give the younger one a baby aligator for his birthday, but they have to hid it from their mother.

  7. Sojood Thr Sojood Thr says:

    its a great novel

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Later, Gator [Reading] ➽ Later, Gator By Laurence Yep – Teddy finds that his imagination has gotten him into trouble once again, when he buys his younger brother, Bobby, an alligator for his birthday Teddy finds that his imagination has gotten him into trouble once again, when he buys his younger brother, Bobby, an alligator for his birthday.

  • Paperback
  • 128 pages
  • Later, Gator
  • Laurence Yep
  • English
  • 04 June 2019
  • 0786811609

About the Author: Laurence Yep

Born June , in San Francisco, California, Yep was the son of Thomas Gim Yep and Franche Lee Yep Franche Lee, her family s youngest child, was born in Ohio and raised in West Virginia where her family owned a Chinese laundry Yep s father, Thomas, was born in China and came to America at the age of ten where he lived, not in Chinatown, but with an Irish friend in a white neighborhood After troubling times during the Depression, he was able to open a grocery store in an African American neighborhood Growing up in San Francisco, Yep felt alienated He was in his own words his neighborhood s all purpose Asian and did not feel he had a culture of his own Joanne Ryder, a children s book author, and Yep met and became friends during college while she was his editor They later married and now live in San FranciscoAlthough not living in Chinatown, Yep commuted to a parochial bilingual school there Other students at the school, according to Yep, labeled him a dumbbell Chinese because he spoke only English During high school he faced the white American culture for the first time However, it was while attending high school that he started writing for a science fiction magazine, being paid one cent a word for his efforts After two years at Marquette University, Yep transferred to the University of California at Santa Cruz where he graduated in with a BA He continued on to earn a PhD in English from the State University of New York at Buffalo in Today as well as writing, he has taught writing and Asian American Studies at the University of California, Berkeley and Santa Barbara.