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The Collected Poems ☉ [PDF / Epub] ☆ The Collected Poems By Tennessee Williams ❤ – A complete and definitive edition of the Tennessee Williams s verse, with a CD of the author reading some of his poems in his unmistakable Mississippi drawlFew writers achieve success in than one genr A complete and definitive edition of the Tennessee Williams s verse, with a CD of the author reading some of his poems in his unmistakable Mississippi drawlFew writers achieve success in than one genre, The Collected Kindle - and yet if Tennessee Williams had never written a single play he would still be known as a distinguished poet The excitement, compassion, lyricism, and humor that epitomize his writing for the theater are all present in his poetry It was as a young poet that Williams first came to the attention of New Directions founder James Laughlin who initially presented some of Williams verse in the New Directions anthology Five Young American Poetsbefore he had any reputation as a playwright , and later published the individual volumes of Williams s poetry, In the Winter of Cities , revised inand Androgyne, Mon AmourIn this definitive edition, all of the playwright s collected and uncollected published poems along with substantial variants , including poems from the plays, have been assembled, accompanied by explanatory notes and an Introduction by Tennessee Williams scholars David Roessel and Nicholas MoschovakisThe CD included with this edition features Tennessee Williams reading, in his delightful and mesmerizing Mississippi voice, several of the whimsical folk poems he called his Blue Mountain Ballads, poems dedicated to Carson McCullers and to his longtime companion Frank Merlo, as well as his long early poem, The Summer Belvedere.

10 thoughts on “The Collected Poems

  1. Trixy Lemell Trixy Lemell says:

    Oh, my goodnessPoetry I can love I read a lot of poetry and I feel all the time that it is hit or miss Some of it is so hard to wrap your head around Williams poetry is for the people I love it It is like that album where it isn t just one or two hits you can listen to, but every song has you saying, This is going to be the next one they put on the radio The next 1 Emily, watch outI might have a new love.

  2. Steve Steve says:

    The amazing ability of Tennessee Williams to turn a phrase prevails though his poetry dating from high school into his 60s An interesting study.

  3. Rural Sellers Rural Sellers says:

    For some reason I was surprised that Tennessee Williams wrote poetry The poetry is actually good no surprise there but somehow doesn t grab me the was Donald Hall or Mary Oliver or Auden do.

  4. Gia Charles Gia Charles says:

    As a big fan of Williams plays, I was curious to pick up this book of his poetry Overall, I wasn t extremely impressed but a few stuck with me quite a bit such as The Wine Drinkers and What s Next on The Agenda, Mr Williams and The Little Town Being fascinated with Williams life it was interesting to seewriting on his drinking habits, the psych ward, family issues, problems with insomnia, and his relationships with men and women.

  5. Craig Craig says:

    Historically interesting to fans of Williams and GLBT historians, these oh so frank poems lend insight into the man and the social s he dissected in his works Editorially, the section of verse from film and plays seems redundant to anyone other than an OCD completist The cover art by Brian Rea and the accompanying CD are nice additions to this volume.

  6. Lauren Gail Lauren Gail says:


  7. Rocco Thompson Rocco Thompson says:

    Really not the greatest poems ever written, but so much fun if you re a fan of Tennessee Plus, my edition came with a CD of the author HIMSELF reading a few of his poems which is so very cool

  8. Mary Paul Mary Paul says:

    Some of these were nice I was in a rush to finish this, though, not the best way to digest poetry Then again, it s sort of a mish mosh of his material.

  9. Hannah Hannah says:

    Tactile poetry.

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