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  1. W W says:

    Set in Italythis is the story of a soldierwho is compelled by circumstancesto become a deserterHe falls for a beautiful womanwho has a rich paralysed husband She is a familiar Chase charactera connivinggold digging womanwho will use all means including murderto get her hands on the money She plans to use him to carry out her plan But she does not figure on her accomplice having a change of heartThis book introduced me to James Hadley Chaseand his brand of non stopviolent action thrillersIt impressed me sufficientlyThis is among his better booksthough he has used this formula in several of his books35 stars

  2. Roberto Roberto says:

    Super tense a real twist fest written with panache nothing too hammy and a classy Italian setting'I had her in me like a sickness and there was nothing i could do about it I knew i was crazy to go through with this I could get outside myself and see how i was being ravaged by this girl I could see myself twisting and suirming like an insect pierced by a pin but i was too far gone to help myself'Ok maybe a bit hammy

  3. Nira Ramachandran Nira Ramachandran says:

    A down at the heel army deserter finds himself swept off his feet by the glamorous young wife of a wealthy Italian nobleman who is now lying paralysed and unable to move or speak after a car accident Recruited as an aide with plush living uarters at the villa and access to his lady love he soon finds a sinister lining to his newfound luck Things change once again with the entry of Valeria the lively innocent young daughter of his boss to whom he loses his heart But with the master story teller Chase one never knows what will happen Numerous twists and turns follow before the story reaches its conclusion

  4. Crime Addict Sifat Crime Addict Sifat says:

    He met her when he was despondent directing visitors round the sights of Milan She was rich lovely and confident He was a down at heel stray on the keep running from the police So when she recommended eating with him David couldn't trust his luckiness Be that as it may it wasn't generally fortunes that had organized their meeting It was only a little piece of the arrangement Laura's arrangement in which David remained to acuire than six thousand lire All he needed to do was help submit kill

  5. Chinmay Hota Chinmay Hota says:

    The unexpected turn of events in the grand finale of The Wary Transgressorwill bowl you over But the turns in the beginning the middle or even before the action began ie during the protagonist's past are no less interesting The book opens up the vicious nature of greed The protagonist is determined to stay clear of the snares of temptation but his determination is taken a bit too far in the end Smart in his thinking and moves throughout he emrges as the real sucker in the end in the true tradition of James Hadley Chase

  6. Dhiraj Sharma Dhiraj Sharma says:

    Typical trip hammer excitement and edge of the seat story only Chase's preference to sometimes provide his stories with not so happy endings makes this a sad ended tale

  7. Malathi Mrinal Malathi Mrinal says:

    Riveting thrilling plot

  8. Otee Harry Otee Harry says:

    Really interesting one by James Hadley Chase

  9. David David says:

    My favorite hadley book I mean so far

  10. Mark Vickers Mark Vickers says:

    David Chisholm an impoverished american with a shady past works as an unofficial tourist guide in Milan Italy He comes across geogeous fellow american Laura married to a cripple Bruno Fancino David becomes infatuated with Laura who offers him a job of being male nurse to her husband Laura has a grand plan to entice David to murderjust another must read masterpiece from the maestro

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The Wary Transgressor ❴PDF❵ ✈ The Wary Transgressor Author James Hadley Chase – The sensuous splendour of Lago Maggiore Milan and Florence is a setting for a ruthless murder plan a sinister danse macabre the first steps of which are taken when a young army deserter falls into the The sensuous splendour of Lago Maggiore Milan and Florence is a setting for a ruthless murder plan a sinister danse The Wary MOBI :↠ macabre the first steps of which are taken when a young army deserter falls into the hands of a wealthy and cruel woman planning to kill her husband and step daughterBut unexpectedly Fate intervenes and sets a deadly trap for The Wary Transgressor.