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  1. Bill Kerwin Bill Kerwin says:

    First published in 1987 this mystery features a serial killer who murders gay men with AIDS Hansen's LA atmosphere his insights into the gay community and his admirable hero insurance investigator David Brandstetter make this a worthwhile entry in the series

  2. James Thane James Thane says:

    This is another very good book in Joseph Hansen's Dave Brandstetter series The series has now moved into the mid 1980s and the AIDS epidemic is gathering momentum a matter of obvious concern to Dave who is gayDave returns home from a business trip to find a man who has been knifed to death in his courtyard Dave's business card is lying at the man's feet but Dave does not recognize him The man appears to be the latest victim of a killer who has been targeting young gay men who are dying of AIDSThis particular victim turns out to be a developer named Drew Dodge Since Dodge died at his doorstep Dave feels a responsibility to investigate the crime Dave's personal life is also in turmoil given that his lover Cecil is now involved with someone else Dave is feeling adrift and tired and is thinking it's about time to hang up his licenseThe investigation takes Dave across the larger Los Angeles metropolitan area into neighborhoods good and bad It uickly becomes apparent that someone most likely the killer does not want Dave pursuing the investigation and Dave soon finds himself at risk That will not deter him of course and he will doggedly pursue the case no matter the personal costHansen never disappoints and certainly does not do so here He's excellent at plotting a story setting a scene and developing in the reader a real sense of the humanity of all the characters This is a particularly gripping book because of the fact that the scourge of AIDS has now been introduced into American life and into the lives of Dave and his friends As if life wasn't hard enough for gay people like Dave it's about to get even difficult and emotionally devastating In a book that's allegedly about a series of horrific crimes Hansen captures this situation expertly and with deep feeling

  3. Rosa, really Rosa, really says:

    This one's a little different Up until this one every book has started with Dave knocking on the door of some dead person's next of kin who invariably lies to him everyone does as the California sun beats down mercilesslyThis one started with Dave at the end of a case where I'm sure everyone lied to him in the California rain Also Dave is going through some shit and as a result it's like he has no patience for other people's bullshit I LOVE THAT What's not different in this book? Dave still thinks he's fuckin' Superman You are at least 65 years old dude Ease up a littleOf course Dave has survived 9 killers at this point so really why shouldn't he think he's Geezer Superman?

  4. Sofia Sofia says:

    In the Brandstetter series Hansen had barely touched AIDS before this book In this one he gives us a big dose of whole unvarnished truths about it Sualid sad honest and yes loving You have to see the monster AIDS as it is to be able to fight Unfortunately AIDS also brought out the bigger monsters in us most of them fuelled by fear but still monstrousThe parallel between the crime story and Dave’s personal life which makes the risk the danger closerOne of my favorites in the series gulped down in a couple of daysSleuthing with Rosa

  5. Kaje Harper Kaje Harper says:

    Released in 1987 this book marks the point where AIDS enters Dave Brandstetter's world and his cases The mystery here is small scale and personal in scope and Dave's own personal life is also hitting snags Although he is still the laconic figure he has always been this book felt like it went a bit deeper into the man and is probably my favorite to date

  6. Steve Steve says:

    Early Graves is one of the better volumes in Hansen's Dave Brandstetter series The twists and turns in Brandstetter's investigation into a series of murders of AIDS victims kept me guessing till the end As usual Hansen introduces a number of memorable characters and revisits characters from previous volumes in this book And his evocation of southern California is spot on as usual Brandstetter's relationship with his boyfriend Cecil has hit a hard patch because Cecil went than a little overboard by marrying a girl he thought he could help no other way This problem was apparently resolved in a deus ex machina authorial move at the end of the book the primary reason why I could not give this book 5 stars For me however what sets this volume apart from the other Brandstetter mysteries is Hansen's laconic and directly to the point evocation of the panic dread and resultant compounding of the human tragedy of the AIDS epidemic in the mid eighties which Hansen wrote in 1987 not with the advantage of hindsight Joseph if you can read this kudos

  7. Antonella Antonella says:

    I felt completely immersed in the first years of the AIDS epidemic the irrational fears the hate the tragic of those young lives wasted It was so sad I suppose that view spoilerthe happy ending of Dave's personal story gives a kind of balance to all that sadness hide spoiler

  8. Dave Dave says:

    This book is a serial killer mystery This book is a hard boiled detective procedural This book is about AIDS and its stigma in 1987 This book is about trusting friends and the limits of independence This book is about aging and personal limits This book is another really wonderful entry in a terrific series My favorite part of this book is the 80 year old woman translating The Dream of the Red Chamber That part has almost nothing to do with all the other parts Just enough

  9. Linda ~ they got the mustard out! ~ Linda ~ they got the mustard out! ~ says:

    Guessed the whodunit about halfway through but there were plenty of leads for Dave to chase down so I didn't get impatient with him taking so long to figure it out himself I love his sass as always and how he's always a step or five ahead of the cops And he's not one to mince words which can be either very amusing or very disconcerting and occasionally both depending on the situation view spoilerThere was some relationship troubles that made me very upset because DaveCecil is my OTP but thankfully that nonsense got sorted out at the end hide spoiler

  10. Brad Brad says:

    Another fantastic book in the Dave Branstetter series In Early Graves we find Dave attempting to solve the mysterious deaths of AIDS victims As always Hansen provides ample twists and turns in the plot to keep you guessing the entire time I am so happy to have stumbled upon to this series One of my very favorite detective series

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Early Graves [PDF / Epub] ☃ Early Graves Author Joseph Hansen – The 9th novel in the Dave Brandstetter PI series Dave Brandstetter is called upon to track down a serial killer operating in and around Los Angeles who has been killing gay men who have AIDS 'The most The th novel in the Dave Brandstetter PI series Dave Brandstetter is called upon to track down a serial killer operating in and around Los Angeles who has been killing gay men who have AIDS 'The most exciting and effective writer of the classic private eye novel working today' LA Times 'After years Hammet has a worthy successor' The Times 'a strong unflinching writer and everything in his taut prose is real' Boston Globe.