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The Little Dog Laughed [KINDLE] ❂ The Little Dog Laughed ❅ Joseph Hansen – Celebrated foreign correspondent Adam Streeter is found shot dead in his elegant LA condo The cops say suicide but the company that insured his life thinks otherwise and sends in crack death claims in Celebrated foreign correspondent Adam Streeter is found shot dead in his elegant LA condo The cops say suicide but the company that insured his life thinks otherwise and sends in crack death claims investigator Dave Brandstetter As he pushes deeper into the case he unearths three deaths seemingly linked to Streeter's Little by little Brandstetter narrows the hunt for the The Little PDF/EPUB ² killer only to find he himself has become the hunted his enemy powerful and ruthless than any he has faced before.

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  1. Bill Kerwin Bill Kerwin says:

    Another decent mystery featuring gay LA insurance investigator David Brandstetter This one written in the mid '80's is about a country called Los Innocentes that sounds a lot like El Salvador and a Colonel Zorn that sounds a little like Oliver North

  2. James Thane James Thane says:

    When Adam Streeter a famous foreign correspondent is found shot to death in his study it appears to be an open and shut case The cops rule it a suicide and Streeter's blind seventeen year old daughter Chrissie who was in the house at the time reluctantly agrees The Banner Insurance Company which had insured Streeter's life sends ace death claims investigator Dave Brandstetter to check into the case although why they do so is not exactly clear If Streeter's death stands as a suicide Banner will not have to pay the death claim so one would think that they would not want to risk rocking the boat But of course if Banner didn't send Dave to check things out there wouldn't be any bookBrandstetter is charmed by the daughter Chrissie who does not want to believe that her father killed himself even though he apparently did But within minutes of arriving on the scene Dave begins to see problems with the police theory There are a couple of broken flower pots that would suggest that an intruder was on the scene; the neighbors closest to the Streeter condo and who had an excellent view of the study in which Streeter died have suddenly and uncharacteristically decided to take a vacation Most important all of the notes and other materials related to Adam Streeter's current project seem to be missingStreeter was investigating the turbulent situation in Los Inocentes a Central American country where rebels are challenging the government The rebels claim that the government is using death suads to target its opponents; the government claims that the rebels are communists and the US government is covertly attempting to support the government This book was published in 1986 at a time when there was a great deal of controversy about the Regan administration's efforts to combat alleged communist elements in Central America especially in NicaraguaDave demonstrates early on that Streeter was actually murdered and the cops arrest a suspect Banner Insurance declares the case closed since it's now clear that they will have to pay up But Dave won't give it up; he thinks the cops are still on the wrong track This angers Dave's lover Cecil who is upset becase Dave insists on putting himself in grave danger rather than walking away from the caseCecil reached for Dave but Dave stepped back 'Dave why are you doing this? You're not getting paid Lovejoy called you off the case You want the truth? You're compulsive You can't leave it alone You're like Adam Streeter you know that? You live for danger''I live for justice Dave said'This exchange summarizes the approach that will guide Dave Brandstetter through all of the books that constitute this series Like all of the others this one is very well written with sharply defined characters and a carefully drawn setting The plot in this one is a bit far fetched and the climax reuires a huge suspension of disbelief which is why I'm giving the book three stars instead of four But still it's a very good read and those readers who have enjoyed other books in the Brandstetter series will certainly want to find this one

  3. Rosa, really Rosa, really says:

    And the dish ran away with the spoonAll I have to say is that the dish better come back or Rosa's really going to choke a fucker Thanks for the BR Sofia xxxoooxxxooo

  4. Sofia Sofia says:

    I spent the whole book looking for the little dog that laughed My friend Rosa remembered the English nursery rhyme where all kind of shenanigans take place with the cow the dish and the spoon Clever of Hansen he could have used that rhyme as a blurb for this story He filled this story with all kinds of movie action seuences red herrings and theories and yes political comments where the adage ‘the things change the they remain the same’ certainly fits But finally I did find the ‘little dog that laughed’ view spoiler Rafael the little chucho was vindicated and I do hoped that he laughed hide spoiler

  5. Paola Paola says:

    Though some of the events in this book Dave gets involved in seem to stretch the believability factor just a little as he gets tangled in politicalmilitary issues that are much bigger than anything he's previously had to face I still find these books very satisfying and just a pleasure to read Eually satisfying is the balance between Hansen's dry humour against some very serious and painful issues a book like this tries to tackle also within the context of the US's political agenda in Latin America in the 80's Dave's relationship with Cecil their mutual understanding trust and camaraderie get stronger and stronger and I wish we'd get some glimpses of private moments between them But the heart of these books and the reason I keep coming back to them is Dave's integrity his respectability his right moral compass his human compassion the perfect balance between awareness of his own limits especially as he's getting older and less physically resistant and his ongoing relentlessness in pursuing justice

  6. Dave Dave says:

    This one is way out there with private armies and Central American revolutionaries but it works surprisingly well—probably because Hansen keeps the focus on people so that the CIA connected bigwig and the grandmotherly security guard—and everyone else in between—are clearly drawn and memorable

  7. Antonella Antonella says:

    I can relate to the events than usual because I was very much involved with the support to the Central American revolutionaries movements end of the '70 and then in the '80 The counter revolutionaries groups were financed by the US government officially or unofficially after the Congress vetoed this support Reagan provided it illegally see Iran Contra Affair and helped by the CIA They did commit all sorts of human rights violations because this was part of their strategy See course also the other side wasn't exactly non violent but violence against the civilians was never a strategy for themAlthough Hansen is not referring to specific facts some references are real for ex the harbors in Nicaragua were mined by the CIA in 1984 The Complete Brandstetter page 746 Chapter 13 A very detailed story in the LATime Nicaragua brought the case to the International Court of Justice which ruled against the USI thought that non political people or people who at the time were not yet born or very young might miss the references Or someone might consider Hansen as extraordinarily imaginative in thinking that the US would mine the harbors of another free nation Another real fact the assassinated archbishop mentioned The Complete Brandstetter page 767 Chapter 17 a bit than one page from the beginning is Oscar Romero the Catholic archbishop of San Salvador He had an interesting story being a conservative when he was elected Archbishop all the priests connected to the liberation theology were upset and thought they couldn't expect help from him against social injustice and violations of human rightsBut on one side he experienced the suffering of the poor on the other side he saw one of his close friends murdered and this made Romero change his perspectiveHe spoke out for the poor and against the violations of human rights As a result he was shot dead in 1980 as he was celebrating mass No one was ever prosecuted for the assassination An ex US Ambassador spoke to the Congress of sufficient evidence to convict of the murder the infamous Roberto D'Aubuisson who had created and commanded death suads responsible of hundreds of killings of civilians But he was never prosecutedFor the book itself you might read a good review by Paola I agree with all she said ;

  8. dbbks3 dbbks3 says:

    Another interesting mystery although the Latin political element and rouge US Colonel were a bit of a stretch Still Hansen can write a terse image filled story I love Cecil and hope there is of him and Dave in the rest of the series especially because of Cecil's actions at the end of the book I want Dave to have true love and Cecil is so good for him I refuse to peek and am reading them in order

  9. Kaje Harper Kaje Harper says:

    The bad guys here are a bit powerful than Dave is used to dealing with and a few plot bits felt far fetched but it's an exciting ride Cecil's warmth and passionate nature make him a good foil for Dave's unemotional risk anything for solutions style and I was glad to see him in Dave's life The series runs to dangling threads of Dave's personal life in the endings And so we get sucked along but at least the whole lot are released

  10. Molli B. Molli B. says:

    Been a while since I read one of these Missed this dude I still love Hansen's writing style even several books into the series He gives us exactly what we need and no aside from the occasional detailed description of clothing or a roomGood mystery Pretty timely to the politics of the time I think??HOWEVER Mr Hansen has left us with a bit of a CLIFFHANGER Rude So I will have to start book 9 sooner than I'd like HmphOnly five books left to read from the series

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