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La coscienza di Zeno ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☄ La coscienza di Zeno ✑ Author Italo Svevo – Im Unterschied Zu Anderen Krankheiten Ist Das Leben Immer T Dlich , Sinniert Zeno Cosini Allen Widrigkeiten Sucht Er Mit Verstand Und Witz Zu Trotzen Seine Guten Vors Tze Aber L Sen Sich Immer Wieder Im Unterschied Zu Anderen Krankheiten Ist Das Leben Immer T Dlich , Sinniert Zeno Cosini Allen Widrigkeiten Sucht Er Mit Verstand Und Witz Zu Trotzen Seine Guten Vors Tze Aber L Sen Sich Immer Wieder In Luft Auf Seit Ewigkeiten Will Er Das Rauchen Aufgeben Seine Frau Heiratete Er Nur, Weil Ihre Beiden Schwestern Ihm In La coscienza ePUB ½ Derselben Nacht Einen Korb Gegeben Haben Und Das Beste Daran Er Wird Gl Cklich Mit Ihr Vielleicht Auch Dank Seiner Geliebten Eine Grandiose Parodie Auf Die Psychoanalyse, Noch Bevor Sie Berhaupt Popul R Wurde Ein Jahrhundertwerk.

    Free Unlimited eBook Ihr Vielleicht Auch Dank Seiner Geliebten Eine Grandiose Parodie Auf Die Psychoanalyse, Noch Bevor Sie Berhaupt Popul R Wurde Ein Jahrhundertwerk."/>
  • Paperback
  • 620 pages
  • La coscienza di Zeno
  • Italo Svevo
  • German
  • 08 June 2017
  • 9783257240436

About the Author: Italo Svevo

Aron Ettore Schmitz, better known by the pseudonym Italo Svevo, was an Italian businessman and author of novels, plays, and short stories.

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  1. Ilse Ilse says:

    A Dead Honest Liar Now Sunday arrived I, who work so little, retained always a great respect for the holiday, which divides life into brief periods, making it tolerable. On his psychiatrist s request, Zeno Cosini, a businessman from Trieste, describes six episodes in his life, self analysing his actions, feelings and motives ostensibly dead honest Zeno is a champion of good intentions and crooked reasoning All his plans fail miserably he doesn t manage to stop smoking, when choosing among four sisters he marries just the one he doesn t want to marry, he loses his mistress by complicated lies, drives his business partner to despair, turns out to follow the wrong funeral procession Zeno is an antihero, a schlemiel, an eccentric hypochondriac, but with his sublime self mockery he condones his mistakes and weaknesses so disarmingly that I caught myself on almost every page on a lenient smile Egon Schiele, Harbor of Trieste, 1907However it took me some time to attune to the rather slow pace of the novel, in the end I came to mostly enjoy Zeno s tragicomic interior monologue which includes some satirical nods to F...

  2. Orsodimondo Orsodimondo says:

    PSICOANALISI E AMBIGUIT , GIOIA E RIVOLUZIONEAlberto Lionello nei panni di Zeno Cosini diretto da Daniele D Anza RAI 1 nel 1966 Quando serie e miniserie si chiamavano sceneggiati.Credo di averlo letto tre volte, una probabilmente anche per studi universitari E questa la ricordo in particolare perch inizi e fin durante le ore di lavoro come guardiano notturno di un campus americano di Firenze.Tre letture sempre accompagnate da numerose risate si tratta di un romanzo molto molto divertente Si tratta di un romanzo splendido, per il quale potrei scomodare aggettivi assoluti Dir solo che per me tra in cinque migliori libri del Novecento italiano.Alberto Lionello Zeno, l ultima sigaretta, e una sorella Malfenti.Tra il 1913 e il 1927 furono pubblicati i sette volumi della Recherche proustiana Nel 1922 l Ulisse di Joyce Nel 1923 questo Nel 1930 L uomo senza qualit Che altro aggiungere, che rimane da dire In quel lasso di tempo furono pubblicati i pilastri della letteratura novecentesca E non ne rimase per nessuno Tutti a casa.Il gioco di incastri, rimandi, specchi, situazioni, equivoci, voci, dop...

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  4. Steven Godin Steven Godin says:

    Zeno Zeno Zeno where do I begin , life in Trieste was not going good was it, and you really did have some problems didn t you my dear old fellow, not only were attempts to cure your smoking sickness an utter disaster , after being introduced to his daughters by Giovanni Malfenti you would end up with both a lovely wife in Augusta but also a desirable mistress in Carla, and not have true feelings for either one of them And the reason , you were in love with Augusta s sister Ada but she didn t feel the same way about you, and would end up being charmed by Guido while he played the violin and they would go on and tie the knot Another issue was Guido who you secretly despised for winning over Ada, would become your business partner where things did not exactly go according to plan, after financial difficulties Guido would take drastic measures that would leave you in limbo Your psychoanalyst thinks your memoirs are a good source of therapy and would help with your neuroses, what would he know Looking back on the events concerning the death of your father, marriage, career and the feeble way in which you tried to give up smoking because you just could not resist that so called last cigarette it was a complete joy reading about your history, and Italo Svevo has done a wonderful j...

  5. Sawsan Sawsan says:

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  6. Vit Babenco Vit Babenco says:

    Some novels are not only unique but also inimitable and I m glad to say that Zeno s Conscience belongs to this extraordinary class of books I felt a shudder run through me at the vision of all that acid, but immediately afterwards I had a somewhat happier vision of life I didn t like lemons, but if they were to give me the liberty to do what I should do or wanted to do without suffering harm, freeing me from every other restraint, I would consume those countless lemons myself Complete freedom consists of being able to do what you like, provided you also do something you like less True slavery is being condemned to abstinence Tantalus, not Hercules Zeno is a huge soap bubble blown up with smugness he has no will and goes where the wind carries him so he just keeps dodging and swerving in order not to burst The outside world is reflected in his consciousness in bright and iridescent colours but this reflection is absolutely distorted Late one night I had come home and, rather than go to bed, I had entered my little study and turned on the gas In the light a fly began to torment me I managed to give it a tap a light one, however, to avoid soiling my hand I forgot about it, but then I saw it in the center of the table as it was coming to It was motionless, erect, and it seemed taller than before, because one of its little legs was paralyzed and couldn t bend With...

  7. BlackOxford BlackOxford says:

    Triest in TriesteAn amazing tour de force of sustained irony, sending up everything from male feelings of superiority to psychoanalysis.It is, I suppose, never easy being a successful businessman or for that matter even an unsuccessful one Dealing with the vagaries of commercial life on top of the usual quanta of personal tensions is bound to produce certain idiosyncrasies and, well, tics in a person of taste and discernment Just look at Donald Trump.What better way to expiate these little personality defects than a sort of l...

  8. Mohammad Hrabal Mohammad Hrabal says:

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  9. Iman Vaezi Iman Vaezi says:

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  10. Michael Finocchiaro Michael Finocchiaro says:

    Best book ever about quitting smoking Absolutely brilliant prose and excellent characters

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