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Flip [Read] ➸ Flip ➵ Martyn Bedford – Thomashillier.co.uk 14 year old Alex Gray wakes up one morning to discover he's not in his own bedroom More surprising is that he doesn't recognize his hands or his legs When he looks in the mirror he gets the shock of h year old Alex Gray wakes up one morning to discover he's not in his own bedroom More surprising is that he doesn't recognize his hands or his legs When he looks in the mirror he gets the shock of his life How is it possible that Alex has become another boy a boy who everyone calls Philip.

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  1. Justin Justin says:

    I feel pretty bad giving this book such a low rating so once I've had time to think about it I will probably bump it up at most a starI read the Skinjacker trilogy earlier this year so the big reveal as to why Alex's psyche was in Flip's body seemed derived It's like every time something was built up I already knew what was going to happen I don't want to give myself too much credit here so I'll give some of that predictability credit to the author Martyn Bedford for writing a book so linear that I could see the ending from a couple chapters inOk that was harsh than I intended this review to be I did honestly enjoy the beginning of this book probably until about halfway through It kept me up all night reading and I was excited to pick it back up once I could properly keep my eyes open the next day I was expecting there to be on Alex coming to terms on being Flip before finding a way to become Alex again; coping with his current life while also working towards his old life But there wasn't really much of that Alex went to school as Flip a couple times but most days he was just psychoFlip so we had to watch him sit on the Internet and interact pointedly with his family Of course I feel bad judging him of that because I mostly sit on the Internet and interact albeit much amicably with my family on a daily basis but that's not something I want thrown into a book about identityIt's almost as if this book had no set structure Characters were going in and out in a series of pointless subplots We met Flip's best friend and his two girlfriends but were never given the opportunity to flesh them out Alex as Flip was too unbothered by Flip's life for all but one chapter of the book so we never got a sense of what Flip was like And to be honest I was much interested in Flip's life than Alex's Flip had things going for him before he was inhabited by Alex and all that shut down and everyone was apparently okay with it Cricket coaches never raised an eyebrow his parents ignored him acting differently his sister accepted the changing dynamic of their relationship his friends at school we knew Flip was popular but never really met his friends didn't even uestion him This kid was popular an athlete a son a brother but none of these things Flip had in his life were even the slightest obstacle for Alex Even when he was caught by police doing something unspeakably creepy his parents simply suggested therapy and Alex said no And that was the end of that conflictI know the story is supposed to be about Alex and him attempting to get back to his own body but I feel wholly unfulfilled If I were to suddenly wake up one day as someone else sure I'd freak out at first but there would come a time where I would have to embrace who I had become stop panicking and work on a solution while still keeping the person I was in alive Alex as I mentioned before and we're led to believe didn't have much going for him Here he is given the opportunity to exist as someone who actually has a life and than one friend but he's so hellbent on going back that he doesn't embrace the very opportunity even before he learned the reason for his current situation and was given something to look forward to It is for this very reason that I didn't feel like Alex learned anything at all Most stories like these allow the main character to actually learn something even if it is just to appreciate life and the people around you Alex unfortunately doesn't and it becomes less a story about identity and merely a story about being in someone else's body for a while and shutting yourself off from the world while you attempt to get back into your own bodyThat's the problem with Flip against most of the other YA novels I have read While other novels are unrealistic the author writes them in a way that makes you believe that they could actually be real Even when the same thing happened during the Skinjacker series it felt like a plausible scenario within the scope of the story With Flip it never did I'm in someone else's body and clearly acting differently in front of my parents and friends and teachers I go online and search for answers and it turns out someone with the exact explanation I'm looking for reaches out to me Then it turns out that they are just a drive away and know what I look like and where I will be on the day they find me Then after they find me they mentor me drive me to the beach with my friends buy me beer pizza etc I'm never uestioned by my parents or friends who think he is my cousin yes this actually happens in the book There could have been going on behind the scenes like Alex posting pictures of Flip or his actual locations I don't know but the book just got so over the top unrealistic that I stopped believingAnd that brings us to the underwhelming ending It ends in probably my least favorite way any book could end an email from the main character's point of view even though the entire story was told in third person It was completely out of place and didn't tie anything together This whole book we are given half of the story from Alex as Flip and now at the end that's the same thing we are given No answers as to what has happened otherwise or to anybody else We don't know for sure what any of the unrealistic repercussions are and trust me there are uite a few of them that I can't mention because they would be major spoilers The last few chapters were so frustrating that I couldn't wait for them to finish hoping that maybe at the end everything would come back around It never didLooking back I was completely dissatisfied with this book even though I mostly enjoyed it That aside I honestly would not recommend it It became too trivial to read after a while and never really got my interest once the plot really took off Oh well

  2. Liz at Midnight Bloom Reads Liz at Midnight Bloom Reads says:

    Flip is a uniue and fresh YA novel that I had so much fun reading Drawn to its original storyline I was immediately hooked to a story that promised to be different something that would leave me burning with uestions as I read and hoping for the best possible outcome for the main character Alex You don't know how much of a temptation it was for me to not flip to the end of the novel and read the ending just so I could see if the events worked out okay It was a struggle I tell you Imagine waking up to suddenly find yourself in an unfamiliar home and surrounded by strangers and then shortly coming to a worse realization that you're not even in own body any For Alex that's exactly what happens One night he's fourteen year old Alex Gray and then the next time he awakens he's suddenly Philip Flip Garamond a boy the same age living in another part of England He doesn't understand how six months have passed by nor does he understand why the face in the mirror is no longer his The only thing he does know is that needs answers to uestions that might not be so easily solved and soonUnder the circumstances I think Alex did considerably well as he tried to overcome the shock and horror of finding himself in somebody else's body He doesn't just stay in bed and wallow in despair for eternity no he immediately seeks out ways to try fix things back to normal Flip's family may be kind and nice and Flip may be popular at school with his handsome looks and all but he would do anything to just have his old simple life back It's completely understandable that he's going to have a difficult time even attempting to accept his new life as Flip when all he wants to be is his true self AlexWhile Alex is the main star of the novel I thought that the author did a wonderful job creating a great cast of characters overall Through Flip's friends and girlfriends we really got of a sense at just who this boy is that Alex has taken over and how they're so very different which definitely makes it easy to see why Flip's friends teachers and family are finding themselves confused in Flip's seemingly odd recent behaviour I really loved Flip's sister Teri so I kind of wished there were scenes with her in them since I laughed at almost all of her lines She loves to tease Flip in a I'm your big sister so it's my job to make fun of you sort of wayMartyn Bedford's debut YA novel Flip is a great read for those looking for something in the way of a thought provoking psychological thriller It will surely appeal to both boys and girls in need of a novel that will have your curiosity piued the entire time you're reading as you wish Alex will hopefully return to his body once again and that it's not already too late But most of all Flip will have you treasuring your own family as you come to realize that well there's no place like home

  3. Rizal Rizal says:

    I actually really really enjoyed reading this book I love the premise It reminds me a lil bit of Every Day by David Levithan and Freaky Friday ish I gave this one 3 stars for now because I know I will be reading this again in the future Although im enjoyed reading this but at certain parts it didn't pulled me in and I felt conflicted

  4. Kara Babcock Kara Babcock says:

    For Valentine’s Day my school library had a Blind Date with a Book event They had wrapped books in wrapping paper festooned with hearts and put them on display You could select any book at random and borrow it keeping its identity under wraps until you get home We have this week off for a half term break so the students would have an entire week to read it The idea is to try a book that one might not have picked off the library shelves It’s an interesting concept although someone might have to explain to kids these days what a date is let alone a blind oneFlip was my blind date and it worked out uite well Alex Gray wakes up in the body of Philip Flip Garamond halfway across England six months after his last memory as Alex Philip is the same age as Alex—born in fact on the same day—but the two boys are otherwise uite different Alex is studious musically inclined but somewhat introverted Philip is gregarious popular athletic and dating two girls at once So it’s a struggle for Alex to adjust to this new life and to pretend to be Philip while he panics and tries to understand how they switched bodies how he can switch back and what actually happened to his own bodyAs a Canadian teacher working in the UK and now somewhat familiar with the school system over here I enjoyed Martyn Bedford’s portrayal of life in Year Nine Some aspects of the system that I’ve seen at work in my own school appear familiar and universal at least from Alex’s familiarity with them in both bodies Though the basic premise could work anywhere Flip benefits from its British setting because of the diversity in lifestyles in Britain where accents jobs and geographic location all contribute heavily to people’s perceptions of each other Alex’s new life as Philip is a microcosm of this as Bedford explores what it is like for Alex to have to put up a good show of being good at cricket or interested in both of Philip’s girlfriendsAlex’s struggle is twofold and fascinating On the one hand he has no idea how or why he is in Philip’s body Philip himself is nowhere to be seen As far as Alex knows this switch is permanent so he just has to get used to it Yet he isn’t sure how to do that should he assimilate completely into life as Philip or should he adapt Philip’s life to suit his own interests? How far is too far and what will happen if he and Philip switch back? On the other hand Alex is desperate to reconnect with his old life even if he has to do it while still in Philip’s body This culminates uickly with a visit back to his family’s home in London and a desperate attempt to see if his mother can recognize him in someone else’s shapeBedford does not overplay the emotional distress that Alex must be feeling and to good effect Though his actions speak of desperation and depression they occur in a logical almost predictable seuence I could see myself doing what Alex does probably in the order he does these things if I were in his situation Waking up in someone else’s body is bad enough Not having anyone believe you not being able to get back and see your own family that would be awful But Bedford avoids any melodrama which helps later in the book as the real drama develops naturally from Alex’s discoveries and decisionsThe message that Flip contains if indeed it has one is also subtle but well received Though I identify with Alex as the somewhat withdrawn and bookish of the two boys Bedford makes it clear that neither boy’s life is perfect and neither’s is desirable natural or right than the other’s Sure Philip seems like a bit of an irresponsible and discourteous player but he’s also a skilled athlete; he’s involved in his school in ways than Alex seems to be And Alex learns from this experience Hopefully from the changes that he wrought to Philip’s life Philip will learn tooPhilip kind of gets the short end of the stick despite the book’s happy ending I like that Bedford doesn’t gloss over the difficulty of Alex’s recuperation following his return to his own body and his emergence from the vegetative state This is an experience that is going to affect him for the rest of his life physically as well as psychologically Poor Philip though he’s going to be lucky if he isn’t in counselling for the rest of his life and it’s not his fault at allI’ve never been on a blind date so I don’t know how these things work Do I fill out a comment card? Would date again? Well I wouldn’t necessarily read Flip again But I’d recommend it to other people I guess that means it’s a nice enough book and we liked each other even if we didn’t hit it off? Hmm Not exactly a whirlwind romance but by no means a literary or romantic disaster As far as young adult fiction goes this is a solid entry

  5. Alice Baxter Alice Baxter says:

    Personally I disagree with what most people say when they review thisI have had 6 people come to me and be like; Oh you're reading Flip Ah I read that book I didn't like it waaaay to much description Nothing actually happenedand I'm like; Hold upJust take a minute A minute to imagine what you would feel like if you woke in someone else's body Tough You know no one Tough Where the hell are you? God knows Nothing's happening because you are too fecking PETRIFIED SeriouslyUgh Immature people these daysI still think it was a good book because I could clearly see everything Alex was going through My criticism is that if I were in Alex's position and I know it might be because I'm a girl sexist and all that I would have been 10 times frantic than himSo don't criticize the book Martyn did his best Thanks for reading this and please don't put hate on any comments ^^

  6. Jane Stewart Jane Stewart says:

    2 ½ stars Same story done before switching bodies Not enough showing of other characters’ thoughts and actions STORY BRIEFAlex and Flip Phillip live in different towns in England They are both 14 The story begins when Alex’s mind wakes up in Flip’s body in Flip’s home Flip’s mom tells him to eat and get to school Alex is forced to attend Flip’s school trying to figure out which classes to attend where to sit etc Flip has two girlfriends who keep after him Alex doesn’t know Flip’s passwords for his computer email and bank account He wants to know what happened to Alex’s body and Flip’s mind He fears Alex may be deadREVIEWER’S OPINIONThis is generic young adult fiction It’s a repeat of the same things I’ve seen in movies about body switching I was hoping that in a book there would be in depth character development I expected to be in the heads and emotions But it wasn’t done Although switching bodies will always be a fun idea there was nothing new or special about what was in this book Most of the conversations and interactions were what you’d expect from high school kids talking to each other and to their parentsI had a problem with the police involvement This is fiction so I am willing to accept whatever laws the author wants to create But in this book the anti stalking laws felt unreasonable and contrived for the sole purpose of intensifying conflict Mrs Gray’s son Alex is in a coma Flip calls her at work He asks to speak to her A coworker hangs up on him saying not to bother Mrs Gray Flip didn’t get a chance to say what he was calling about Flip goes to Mrs Gray’s home to talk about Alex She tells him to leave Then he emails David Alex’s best friend just saying hello David refuses to reply Flip walks up to David on the street asking to talk to him David calls the police who hunt down Flip to arrest him Flip’s attempts to talk to these two people did not sound like dangerous stalking to me The police involvement felt artificial Except for one phone call and one email this “alleged stalking” happened on one day It wasn’t repeated stalking over a period of timeI was annoyed and felt the author was playing me during the final climactic scene Flip had only a few minutes to do something before someone would stop him Yet the author had Flip taking several moments to look at someone and think about things instead of taking uick action The delay was artificial suspenseTechnically the ending was happy but it felt empty The book is told in third person but it’s entirely from Alex’s point of view At the end I wanted to know what was happening in Flip’s life what he was thinking and doing I wanted to know Flip’s thoughts and memories about the past I wanted to see Cherry interact with Flip and see how and why her thoughts changed concerning Flip and Alex The book felt unfinished unexplained and empty But there was one good thing I got goose bumps with the final paragraph which I likedThere was one idea I really liked page 151 It demonstrates a type of lacking intelligence “Now that Alex knew Donna better he saw that she wasn’t unintelligent so much as lacking in curiosity She learnt what was reuired of her at school but wasn’t all that interested in any of the subjects beyond their usefulness to her as a set of grades somewhere down the line Same with people When she’d asked Rob about the camper van it was the first time Alex had seen her show an especial interest in someone else’s life and even then Donna had related it to herself ‘I’d get claustrophobic’”DATAStory length 258 pages Swearing language moderate including religious swear words Sexual content none Setting current day England Copyright 2010 Genre young adult paranormal fiction

  7. Loren Loren says:

    Who's the guy's editor? The subject material is good but the delivery is uite trite Very few accomplished writers go out of their way to explain things in the overly verbose voice of the narrator rather than show these moments in action This is a regular annoying occurrence as to say to the reader that he was just to lazy to do anything other than pontificate A good editor would of uestion his choices of storyline and various anecdotal explanations of what I considered interesting episodes in the story The story is also void of intrigue simply because the bloody chapter breaks are in the wrong places thusly leaving no motivation to read on If I were a grown up reading this book I suppose I would be ignorant enough to believe that a child would find the characters richly described and the storyline believable because of my firm belief in the inferior psychological development of my own children If you think this is a good book you are insulting the brain power of our younger generations How two dimensionally boring

  8. Ellen Ellen says:

    I stayed up until 2 AM reading this book Not that I don't freuently WANT to do this but I usually have better sense This is not your typical Freaky Friday body switch book It raises uestions of true identity; how much of who we are is based on our experiences and memories Although there are many thought provoking uestions I think the suspenseful plot will appeal to teens After all they can skim some of the parts with less action which I was tempted to do at times because I wanted to see what happened However I didn't do this and I will continue to think about the issues raised in this book for some time

  9. Summer Summer says:

    Title FlipAuthor Martyn BedfordGenre YA Existential FantasyRating Five StarsI’m a sucker for book covers so when I stumble upon a good one I immediately have to investigate Who wrote it? What can those images possibly mean? I’m a fan of bright and flashy things but what I really love is subtle mystery—you know those book covers that catch your eye because they seem dark and intriguing Those always make me wonder “Now what’s this all about?” So I’ll pick it up off the shelf or here lately I’ll click on the link and I’ll read the synopsis Almost always when the book cover is that good I instantly fall in love and that’s exactly how it worked out with “Flip” by Martyn Bedford The cover is definitely eye catching and the synopsis hooked me from the start but before I dive into my take on it here’s the publisher’s note“Flip” Book SynopsisWhat does it mean to have a soul whose will to live knows no limits?One morning fourteen year old Alex wakes up to find himself in the wrong bedroom in an unfamiliar house in a different part of the country Six months have disappeared overnight The family at the breakfast table? Total strangersAnd when he looks in the mirror another boy's face stares back A boy named Philip known as Flip Unless Alex finds out what's happened and how to get back to his own life he'll be trapped forever inside a body that belongs to someone elseMartyn Bedford's debut novel for young adults is fearless and fast paced a riveting psychological thriller about a boy coming undone in the most extraordinary of circumstancesSummer’s Take on “Flip”“Flip” is by far one of my favorite reads of the year and it will definitely go onto my “most memorable read again” bookshelf It’s both powerfully moving and suspenseful and it’s beyond entertaining and profoundly existential I had the audiobook version of it which only added to its charm because the story takes place in England but it’s read by an Australia actor and his voice is uite whimsical and catches all of the nuisances and emotions of the story so well It made me love it even and while I don’t like to share spoilers I will say that the ending had me a little worried because it really does keep you on the edge of your seat all the way to the last page but boy is it worth the ride So stop reading my blog already and go get it I promise you’ll love it

  10. Jeff Reed Jeff Reed says:

    I think Flip was a great book It can be really boring at times but the payoff for reading it is unbelievable Some parts make you want to stop reading the book it's so boring others make you never want to stop There were times I considered abandoning Flip but I am so glad I didn't I see myself buying a copy of it so I can reread it since I am so sad I finished it I hope there's a second book and I think there is because it ends on such a cliffhanger and I want the story to continue I would definitely recommend Flip to any reader

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