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  1. Shawn Grimes Shawn Grimes says:

    As a developer I'm not necessarily looking to start a business that makes millions of dollars I'm just looking to startrun a business that lets me work my own hours and live a comfortable life This book provides some solid advice on starting and running a business by yourself or with a single partner I think it takes what is practical from The 4 Hour Work Week and applies it to starting a small service or product oriented business I saw a lot of value from the book on things such as mailing lists and first tier marketing approaches It also helped instill confidence that you don't need VC funding if you just want to start and run a small business

  2. Matic Jurglič Matic Jurglič says:

    Only after buying this book based on recommendations from the Internet I realized this book is 10 years old This by itself shouldn't be an issue but the author made an unfortunate decision to write extensively about things that are not perennial So after reading for a while about software tools and practices that are now dead or outdated describing the limitations of an iPhone 3G etc I decided to stop and return the book

  3. Stefan-Iulian Tesoi Stefan-Iulian Tesoi says:

    The title is highly inaccurate it should rather be along these lines to reflect the book's content A Micropreneur's Guide to Launching a Microbusiness The author is also selling his Micropreneur Academy side business which is a paid online learningenvironment and community website for startup founders Probably or probably not there is better content at the 'Academy' than in this book

  4. Michael Michael says:

    Very pragmatic and straight to the point guide to starting a small software business The author understands software developers and identifies common pitfalls to avoid The book is not a comprehensive reference on small businesses it's very focused on the issues that a single developer non VC startup will face

  5. Börkur Sigurbjörnsson Börkur Sigurbjörnsson says:

    This book is a decent read for any developer thinking of taking their coding project to a business The content may be a bit dated and the author's voice has a hint of arrogance However it has good and practical tips for developers on the importance of not underestimating the role of market research and marketing when trying to monetize a software project

  6. Jesse Buss Jesse Buss says:

    Good book but a lot of the resources are dated

  7. bartosz bartosz says:

    Start Small Stay Small A Developer's Guide to Launching a Startup by Rob Wailing is a very opinionated book on entrepreneurship dedicated to developersWhile usually opinionated might conjure up bad connotations I appreciated the author's honesty and vision he doesn't try to sell a surefire way to get to a one million dollars or other get rich schemes The book sets forward a very modest and laser focused goal launching a small self funded startup that tries to target a niche market and which draws a moderate revenue streamThe author's assumptions are logical in context of what he wants to achieve a low risk low reward side businesses that complements a day jobThe advice the author gives also seem to be very well founded start with market research for a niche product and when a particular need is identified prototype a minimum viable product Concentrate on marketing not on advanced functionality or aesthetics Because your target is a small niche you can cut corners in a way that's not available to a larger company eg doing stuff by hand before automating themThe book offers rudimentary advice on how to find a market marketing how to prototype a product and a sales website how and what to outsource and what to do when your micro company starts losing its momentumMy only complaint about the book is that it's a little too narrow leaning too heavily on few strategies to achieve a particular goal without going any other alternatives On the other hand I appreciate that author sticks to what he knowsStart Small Stay Small presents an interesting plan for growing your own startup The author's points are very well made and the book is written in a clear language Although the book does seem to be some sort of advertisement for the author's startup academy it does so without proselytizing All in all a solid book good for a basis for starting your own business

  8. Pete Pete says:

    Start Small Stay Small A Developer's Guide to Launching a Startup 2010 by Rob Walling is a really interesting book for any developers who are looking at trying to build a side hustle using their development skills The book isn't about founding a VC funded rapidly growing unicorn Instead Walling concentrates on trying to start businesses that can make a few thousand per month Walling has also managed to do this himself numerous times The book is packed with advice on how to find a market how to outsource as much as possible and how to avoid putting in too much time into something that is too ambitious or something unlikely to yield a profit The book is 8 years old and so has little about building apps or targeting markets for plug ins for various products But the book has a lot of really interesting advice and links for anyone considering trying to make a product to make some money but that isn't being built to revolutionise an industry or create a huge product 

  9. Jimmy Longley Jimmy Longley says:

    Reviewed as part of my 100 books challenge Sentence SummaryA short no nonsense guide to starting a small niche business online that clearly comes from experienceImpressionsA really great set of practical advice that I think will really help me when I decide to explore this area Its main ideas are about finding and evaluating a market creating a sales funnel and outsourcing easy tasks to cheap virtual assistantsFinal ThoughtsIt’s a bit prosaic but over all it is a very good no frills manual packed with good adviceFavorite uoteMarket Comes First Marketing Second Aesthetic Third and Functionality a Distant Fourth

  10. Hang Hang says:

    Clearly distilled from years of experience the content is excellent The prose isn't the most beautiful or polished but that's not why someone would pick this up anyways If you're interested building software that actually makes money this book is a great starting point

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Start Small, Stay Small ❰Epub❯ ➟ Start Small, Stay Small Author Rob Walling – Start Small Stay Small is a step by step guide to launching a self funded startup If you're a desktop mobile or web developer this book is your blueprint to getting your startup off the ground with no Start Small Stay Small is a step by step guide to launching a self funded startup If you're a desktop mobile or Start Small, PDF/EPUB or web developer this book is your blueprint to getting your startup off the ground with no outside investmentThis book intentionally avoids topics restricted to venture backed startups such as honing your investment pitch securing funding and figuring out how to use the piles of cash investors keep placing in your lapThis book assumes You don't have M of investor funds sitting in your bank account You're not going to relocate to the handful of startup hubs in the world You're not going to work hour weeks for low pay with the hope of someday making millions from stock optionsThere's nothing wrong with pursuing venture funding and attempting to grow fast like Google Twitter and Facebook It just so happened that most people are not in a place to do this.