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A River In May [PDF / Epub] ☁ A River In May By Edward Wilson – Thomashillier.co.uk What happens when a bunch of murderous gringos are let loose on a third world country The country is Vietnam and the war has escalated into a technological bloodbath Lyndon Johnson is in the White Hou What happens when a bunch of murderous gringos are let loose on a third world A River PDF/EPUB ² country The country is Vietnam and the war has escalated into a technological bloodbath Lyndon Johnson is in the White House and each night on the network news programmes Americans watch their soldiers returning in their thousands in plastic body bags In Vietnam Lieutenant Lopez a twenty three year old American of Mexican origin has volunteered for a tour of duty to escape not the cocoon of privilege his adoptive parents have wrapped him in but a personal tragedy in which he is implicated Lopez has been assigned to a remote border camp defended by a US Special Forces team and by Vietnamese irregulars At first he regards the war as a personal penance but is gradually forced out of his self pity to become aware of the brainless brutality bleak cynicism and injustice which swirl around him Lopez starts to shed his layers of acuired identity and culture and begins to go native In this powerful and profoundly disturbing first novel Edward Wilson poses the uestion how far will one individual go to right the wrongs of his country before betraying his fellow soldiers and comradesHis answer unexpected and shocking will remain to haunt the reader long after first reading This is a Vietnam war novel with a difference giving voice to the dispossessed.

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  1. Tripfiction Tripfiction says:

    A novel of the VIETNAM war“when you get to Vietnam you step through the looking glass”This is a novel written almost as a memoir the events and places are conjured up with a veracity and realism that indicate the author knows his subjectIn style and feel this novel is very much like Matterhorn by Karl Marlantes which gets down deep and dirty as the Americans push deeper into the country and into hostile territory Lieutenant Lopez is escaping his molly coddling family and a tragedy that has left its mark Fighting in Vietnam seems a credible choice as “ the US army of the sixties still provided routes to those dark places where repentance and suffering were possible“ A period of fighting in Vietnam euated to a kind of penanceThe reality of course was all too visceral and the author describes events in realistic and forthright terms There is the camaraderie of course and one learns during one of their conversations that Saigon may have had the second highest rate of venereal disease infections at the time but Houston was at no1 the things you learn Apart from the odd interchange to lighten the frankly depressing narrative there are descriptions to curdle one’s blood and it is the “blood smell” that Lopez can’t shake off There is plenty of action and armoury patrolling choppers rocket attacks and the annihilation of local villages and people – whether they were resistance fighters on not depended on one’s viewpoint – and plenty of scuttling through the undergrowth and napalm and agent orange attacks Lieutenant Lopez goes in with one view but gradually comes to understand the realities of what is really going onThis is a novel that one could read before a trip to Vietnam in order to gain a little understanding of that period in history There is perhaps nothing new in the book the stark reality is hard hitting and there is a lot of adventure action with lots of hardware description W G Sebald says of the novel “Stylistically sophisticated visually and emotionally present; the pace is good and Wilson knows how to hold the reader’s attention” I think that is a largely apposite observation but it is not my preferred genre

  2. Doubledf99.99 Doubledf99.99 says:

    A hard brutal read of Viet Nam about a young Green Beret Lt posted to a remote outpost the dealing's with friends the losses and foes to survive the morass he finds himself in The prose is pretty good and it's one of those books that once you start it's pretty hard to put down brings to the forefront of the old saying by Gen Sherman War is Hell

  3. AVid_D AVid_D says:

    I think this is a really good book but a tough read Although it is only relatively short it took me some days to read because at times I found I could only cope with reading 10 or 15 pages before the relentless soul destroying violence of war demanded I take a break and seek some inner peace

  4. R Walters R Walters says:

    Interesting Insightful informative and intriguing Deep but so depressing As an anti war book it does well but hope suffers collateral damage along the way This book is so real it feels like a harrowing confessional expiating guilt and flushing through hate of war and those who perpetuate it and it’s horrors A tough read I prefer Edward Wilson when he is restrained but I am likely to remember details and the tone of this book for much longer

  5. Anthony Saunois Anthony Saunois says:

    This is an incredibly powerful and brutal depiction of the Vietnam war in all it's horror and bitter irony Apocalypse Now appears tame Mixed in with something of MASH A novel not to be missed but only praised

  6. Phil Phil says:

    Intense and revealingIt’s a very good book but pretty intense in the violence and carnage brought on by war It uestions the morality of the American experience in Vietnam

  7. Iain Iain says:

    This makes Apocalypse Now look like a fairy story This isn’t uncommon as most war memoirs convey a strong sense of insanity and chaos but this particular book has a number of hard acts to follow in the many works of fact and fiction based on the Vietnam War The central character Lopez is conflicted by his racial background Mexican American – as an adopted child in a wealthy family who has feelings for his adoptive sister Tragedy drives him into the US Marines and into Special Forces a career path with some similarity to that of the author’s own experiences This places Lopez in the very front of the front line involved in a mission of dubious value with uncertain South Vietnamese allies surrounded by mounting civilian deaths caused by US callousness and carelessness in which his own US comrades are enthusiastically complicit The descriptions are extraordinarily vivid the insanity of the circumstances seems to defy reality as do so many accounts of this war and the conclusion is surprising in its totality The strongest point is the uality of the writing as it follows this character in an outer and an inner journey At one point a fellow officer suggests to Lopez that they desert and embark on a bloody swathe of slaughter and atrocity with a tribal army before travelling onwards to become monks and cleanse their souls which seems an appropriate metaphor for this story

  8. Corny Corny says:

    There have been many books written about the Vietnam War but this one stands out in depicting the suffering on both sides but particularly on the Vietnamese civilian population It is a harrowing study of the pain and extreme hardships imposed on a war torn country It is also a tale of corruption both moral and financial The protagonist Lieutenant Lopez has come to Vietnam to put distance between him and a terrible tragedy at home He finds an even greater tragedy in Vietnam one which turns him into a drug user an alcoholic and eventually a totally lost soul The author paints a realistic picture of the conflict between being a soldier and witnessing atrocities that no one could be prepared for In the end the battle for Lopez's soul is neither won nor lost but the journey remains indelibly etched in our mindsIf I wanted to dissuade anyone from wanting to go to war this book would be one of a handful I would have that person read It is often hard to take but it is also hard to put down Written as one long endless chapter the book describes in draining detail the endless horror of war and its effect on the survivors Although I was engaged from start to finish I was happy to see it end

  9. Sophie Sophie says:

    Review also posted on my blog River in May is a Vietnam War novel which is not something I’d normally read yet Edward Wilson blew me away with the powerful prose in this book There’s no escaping that this book handles bleak and harrowing issues but the writing was stunning and this book presents a plot which is not to be ignoredLieutenant Lopez is a complex conflicted character who battles with the horrific realities of war along with his own personal demons too You can’t read this book expecting heroes and characters you’re going to love but instead refreshingly real characters who I connected with regardless of my opinion on them The characters were written perfectlyEdward Wilson drew on his own experiences from the Vietnam War when writing A River in May making this novel much honest yet eually distressing The pacing was spot on and the plot laced with black humour is shocking yet eually moving You battle along with Lopez and his guilt suffering and search for answers A River in May is a difficult novel to read but very rewarding and so worth it455

  10. Brian Stoddart Brian Stoddart says:

    There are sections in here that are simply splendid descriptions of either people or places that could not really be bettered But it is probably not the greatest Vietnam novel ever John del Vecchio's The 13th Valley for example is still among the best The 13th ValleyFor many readers probably the difficulty lies with the book's main character's trajectory While the end is somewhat inconclusive it is possible but the means by which he got to that point remains elusive In that sense the character's development is a little fuzzy so that the book's sections remain as vignettes some of them stunning rather than as building blocks towards a finaleIt is well worth reading though a sort of fictionalised counterpoint to what still remains after all these years as one of the best observer pieces Michael Herr's Dispatches Dispatches

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