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A Little Exercise for Young Theologians [Read] ➲ A Little Exercise for Young Theologians By Helmut Thielicke – Thomashillier.co.uk Introduction by Martin E MartyA veteran theologian and minister offers his wise counsel to beginners in the field on the difficulties of practicing theology in a church often skeptical of theological Introduction by Exercise for PDF/EPUB æ Martin E MartyA veteran theologian and minister offers his wise counsel to beginners in the field on the difficulties of practicing theology in a church often skeptical of theological pursuit Thielicke stresses the importance of maintaining one's spiritual health in the course of technical theological inuiry.

10 thoughts on “A Little Exercise for Young Theologians

  1. Winn Winn says:

    I really wish I'd had this book in college And seminary And every year from seminary until now

  2. Edwin Smith Edwin Smith says:

    Short and striking a concentrated humble pillGrateful that a class in Systematic Theology should begin with a reading that places these things in their proper place studies under community community under devotions devotions under prayer and prayer under Christ himself the source and center of all wisdom and knowledge

  3. Thomas Duell Thomas Duell says:

    Humbling and encouraging all the same It is likely I willshould revisit this annually A helpful addition to any theological library

  4. Alex Alex says:

    I like this little book For me it’s a good reminder not to use theology as a tool to shame others I have seen and personally experienced too many instances of new theologians using cumbersome language and complicated ideas to silence those they don’t agree with It is a kind of shaming that especially when I had no understanding of the language put me off to the idea of theology altogether I can only imagine what it does to those who have already experienced so much shame from the church alreadyThe problem that I could potentially see with this book is its impact on newer theologians who have experienced harm from previous church experiencesWhen I was first introduced to ideas like ‘hermeneutics’ and ‘eschatology’ it was a glorious and freeing time For my whole life I had been stuck inside of a faith only belief system where any kind of uestioning or challenging was practically evil When I began to realize the vast academic arena of theology I was able to revel in a diversity of thought and excitedly intellectualize about all the things that were once forbidden to meThe author argues that theology should not replace faith however I believe that it is much important for those newly introduced to the theological realm to play and allow themselves to be envigorated by a newfound freedomBut it still feels like a valuable reminder for any experienced theologian

  5. Jon Patterson Jon Patterson says:

    Such an excellent and important short read for anyone studying theology I was convicted several times in these 41 pages Thielicke knows well the temptations of a student of theology and exposes them gracefully and effectively

  6. Samuel Bierig Samuel Bierig says:

    Well this was just terrific

  7. Jacob Jacob says:

    I've read through this book at least 3 times during my college and seminary experience It has shaped my understanding of the relationship between spiritual life and academic theological study than any other book I've read It was crucial for my own humility and spiritual development then as it is now

  8. Don Don says:

    Talbot Course Theological Research MethodLet me save you by telling you what this book is about in one sentence Learning theology at the expense of your own spiritual health is never worth itIt's an extremely short book

  9. Osvaldo Osvaldo says:

    I read A Little Exercise for Young Theologians by 20th century German theologican Helmut Thielicke several years ago and at the time I understood its basic warning of not allowing theological study to puff one up with conceit although in some uarters the student today probably also needs encouragement to see his endeavors as worthy and valuable tasks despite societal apathy indifference or disdain towards theological matters Upon reading it this time as one of the books recommended by my school's theological program in preparation for seminary I was struck by his pastoral manner in encouraging the theological student in this case me to see the positive spiritual formation that theological studies does and should have on the student Although Thielicke is addressing a mainline European and Lutheran theological student his words still resonate with me as some of the challenges are shared by 21st century American evangelical students First there is the challenge of mistrust or disapproval by the laity of theological education because of the skepticism sometimes imbibed by students but also freuently the intellectual pride evinced by the young theological student Thielicke admonishes the student to take these misgivings seriouslyIf the theologian however does not take seriously the objections of the ordinary washerwoman and the simple hourly wage earner and if he then thinks he would hardly express it this way that the spiritual proletariat is not aware of the delicate uestions and must have nothing to do with them which is just the way of that esoteric club surely something is not right with theology 4Thielicke does not take the layperson to task for having misconceptions about the enterprise of theological study Rather he places the onus on the student to hear his fellow Christian's misgivings and to humbly be corrected by that which is being offered and to realize that his or her studies research and analysis are done in the context of faith that of his or her own and that of the church of his fellow ChristiansThe problem of intellectual pride is part of the natural process of growth in the theological student He is grappling with concepts ideas and doctrines that the Church and Jews have wrestled with for thousands of years Part of the problem is the chasm that exists between a student's actual experience with the Triune God as He saves and sanctifies the believer and the students mistaking of his intellectual cognition and assent to those realities as eual to a strong faith The student is beginning to learn about the strength of the object of his faith God and His promises and such faith will over time grow and be strengthened as the student sees his own need and must cast himself wholly upon God for all his consolation from sin from suffering and from the siren song of affirmation or glory provided by this world Thielicke writesIn theology we are dealing with the form which reflection gives to spiritual experiences as they have been developed through the centuries and especially by the great figures of church history A twenty year old is taught say to think about the problems of the Trinity Over these down through the centuries the most bitter battles have been fought with life at stake To these problems the great leaders have bent mighty spiritual energies and behind them lie uite definite spiritual experiences You can see that the young theologian has by no means yet grown up to these doctrines in his own spiritual development even if he understands intellectually rather well the logic of the system that is its crust of what once was spiritual and the legitimate and logical course so to speak of its developments in the history of doctrine 10In terms of how a student is to approach theological study Thielicke reminds us that since theology is the study of God the truth of theology is concerned with the very love of God To use theological knowledge as a source of pride because by it one possesses something another individual presumably lacks and that can be used as a weapon to browbeat the unlearned is devilish as the joy of possession can kill love 17Some further admonitions from Thielicke include the fact that the student in his or her studies is subject to Christ and his church and should submit to their care He reminds us that the 'subject' of theology Jesus Christ can only be regarded rightly if we are ready to meet Him on the plane where He is active that is within the Christian church 23 Tn addition Thielicke notesthe church has the prior right to uestion us even if it does not and cannot understand the details of our work; for we are pursuing our theological study in its very midst as surely as we are members of that churchthe church's uestions are therefore uestions about our soundness in the faith The church is our pastor 25 6Theology is also prayer As one learns it is God who is speaking and one should reflect about what He says and speak back to him And of course a student who is not saturated in Scriptures who does not read the Bible unocmmonly often is spiritually sick 40 This is a book I will surely revisit in the future and I am sure by God's grace it will repay great dividends in my doing so

  10. Isaac Busby Isaac Busby says:

    Excellent read that focuses the reader on the heart of theological study I wish that this would be a reuired text for new seminarians and Bible college students My only issue causing me to give 4 stars was that it’s a little archaic in its language due to translation and age and given that this is intended for younger readers that would make it unnecessarily difficult for them I would love an updated version

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