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  1. Sharon Mariampillai Sharon Mariampillai says:

    This was fantastic Each volume just keeps getting better In this volume I found of a reason to love Kyoko She is so kind hearted I do not know if there is a sweet character than her besides Kotoko I love her because she is compassionate and she puts her best effort in everything she does Ren is exactly the same He is a compassionate soul I am so happy to read this books and I love how he knows that Kyoko is capable of anything that she puts her mind to I can't wait for Volume 24 Overall an amazing read

  2. Natalie Natalie says:

    Okay after the cliffhanger ending of the last volume I was expecting for Chiori pushing Kyouko down the stairs to be some Kyouko style I'm gonna kill you fantasy rather than an actual legitimate PUSHING OF KYOUKO DOWN THE STAIRS I mean WHAT? Luckily Kyouko wasn't too badly injured and even managed to use her injury as a way to further the development of her character of Natsu and actually help make the drama uniue and turn the scariness of Natsu up to 11 ;D which was really good but I'm pretty surprised that if anything it made her like Chiori because she was able to better relate to the girl and even basically told her that they were the same? I mean what? oOAnd then Chiori went and joined the LoveMe division which just made me immensely confused though I'm definitely curious to see where things are going to go from hereThe end of this novel was a bit of another cliffhanger which the author is having a lot of fun with the way they're ending their volumes lately huh? with Valentine's Day and REN'S BIRTHDAY occurring pretty much simultaneously but with Kyouko getting the date wrong for Ren's birthday I assume the next volume will have a LOT of PANIC from Kyouko now 8'DAnd what's the deal with Creeper dude back from America? oO

  3. DonutKnow DonutKnow says:

    Kyoko is just awesome 👏 Can’t wait for Ren and Kyoko moments 😆

  4. Penny Penny says:

    I fell in love with this manga immediately It drew me in and kept me there Sadly to say i have been reading it from the internet and hate to wait in between chapters I've also been watching it's anime and I've seen the first episode of the TV show extravagant challenge based on this manga But nothing beats the manga because it has all the extra details that are not shown elsewhereI'm writing this review for all of the volumes of Skip Beat because i tend to read them all together I enjoy Kyoko's personality the way she is inexperienced in various thingssuch as friends boyfriends etc serious with othersher actingetcHer relationship with Ren and how she won't admit to her feelings I also like the turn of events with Sho how he is now interested in her I like reading this manga over over again because it basically shows a young girl who had her heart broken and was stepped on who gathered up all her anger her little left hope and decided to get revenge Along the way she makes friends experiences new feelings develops a deep love for her acting which changes things around for her No matter how many time you get knocked down you should get back up and fight

  5. Alice Alice says:

    still one of my favorite mangas of all time one of the longest too it doesnt seem close to ending yet so im hoping for at least 50 vols ive read up to vol26 online and am just dying for the next chapter DX

  6. Miss Ryoko Miss Ryoko says:

    Yes The return of super bad ass Kyoko even if she was NatsuI LOVED all the Natsu chapter title splash pages They were amazing And she was amazing I wish Kyoko was like that all the time

  7. Mavoc Mavoc says:

    25 stars

  8. Shaked Reads Shaked Reads says:

    The end of the Natsu arc and the beginning of the Valentines day arcI just love how every single character learns to love and respect Kyoko because although she misses the most important human emotion love I find her character extremely lovable I also find it extremely funny how Kyoko’s bad luck seem to effect her lifeSo in this volume we see Chiori pushing Kyoko down the stairs Kyoko sees it was Chiori and the fall results in Kyoko hurting her hand Kyoko then suggests at the set that because she can’t use her arm as Natsu that she will use Yumika Chiori’s character as her hand meaning Natsu will be the mastermind and Yumika the one who executes the bullying Natsu pushes Yumika’s dark side while rehearsing resulting in the director finally being satisfied with Yumika’s portrayal Kyoko then apologizes for her actions while she was in character which makes Chiori heal slightly from her past Afterwards Kyoko runs into Chiori At first she thinks it’s Moko due to the pink working Love Me uniform but then realizes that it is actually Chiori Then starts the Valentine’s day arc which consists of Kyoko running into Reino who threatens her into making him chocolates for valentines day The volume ends with Kyoko realizing that it is Ren’s birthday and she did not knowOverall it was an interesting volume I think the whole part with Reino was kind of weird but other than that it was pretty good I loved that we finally got a new Love Me section member I’m really looking forward to seeing Love Me assignments now that it’s the three of them

  9. Erika Radabah Erika Radabah says:

    This volume got my heart racing when a certain moment happens I gasped and wondered what was going to happen And hoped everything would be fine Then as the volume goes on things get serious and my eyes bug out This volume definitely a rush

  10. Jain Jain says:

    Getting better and better 😍✨

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スキップ・ビート 23 ❰Reading❯ ➶ スキップ・ビート 23 Author Yoshiki Nakamura – When Kyoko’s heart is broken she decides that revenge is a dish best served in the spotlightKyoko Mogami followed her true love Sho to Tokyo to support him while he made it big as an idol But he’s When Kyoko’s heart is broken she decides that revenge is a dish best served in the spotlightKyoko Mogami followed her true love Sho to Tokyo to support him while he made it big as an idol But he’s casting her out now that he’s famous Kyoko won’t suffer in silence—she’s going to get her sweet revenge by beating Sho in show bizChiori's rage threatens the whole production when she lashes out and hurts Kyoko Kyoko is used to overcoming obstacles and she uses her injury as an excuse to push Chiori into exploring her acting But Chiori has a traumatic past Will focusing on the dark side of her character bring it all rushing back.