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Alone Yet Not Alone ❰Epub❯ ➜ Alone Yet Not Alone Author Tracy Michele Leininger – Autumn of 1755 bestowed to the Leiningers’ world not only its rich beauties but also a rewarding harvest On this particular day the whole valley seemed to rejoice in the fullness of the season—but Autumn of bestowed to the Leiningers’ world not only its rich beauties but also a Alone Yet MOBI :↠ rewarding harvest On this particular day the whole valley seemed to rejoice in the fullness of the season—but suddenly Barbara and Regina’s peaceful frontier life is changed forever General Braddock and his army had been defeated and soon the Pennsylvania settlers would suffer the bloody effects of the French and Indian War On October a band of Indians led by Allegheny warriors stormed through Buffalo Valley burned the Leiningers’ log cabin and captured the sisters Few survived the Penn’s Creek Massacre and even fewer lived to tell the story Regina makes a promise to her older sister just before they are unwillingly separated—each to endure different fates Barbara is taken deep into the wilderness but holds on to the hope that she will find her little sister Though she is adopted into the Indian tribe there is a longing deep inside that cannot be denied She must escape—but the penalty if caught is certain death No one expresses Barbara’s apprehensions better than her own words written in “If one could not believe that there is a God who helps and saves from death one had better let running away aloneThe extreme probability that the Indians would pursue and recapture us was two to one compared with the dim hope that perhaps we would get througheven if we did escape the Indians how would we ever succeed in passing through the wilderness unacuainted with a single path or trail.

  • Audiobook
  • Alone Yet Not Alone
  • Tracy Michele Leininger
  • English
  • 18 November 2016
  • 9780972428705

10 thoughts on “Alone Yet Not Alone

  1. Abigail Abigail says:

    I read Alone Yet Not Alone as a girl of twelve or so A gripping story from the beginning Alone Yet Not Alone takes place in 1755 during the French and Indian War A band of Indians sweeps into Buffalo Valley where they burn the Leiningers' cabin and take young sisters Barbara and Regina captive The two are uickly separated and the story follows Barbara the older of the two as she becomes like one of the Indians' daughters Although cared for by the tribe escape is constantly on her mind She must find a way to locate her little sister But even if she manages to escape she'll have countless other obstacles to overcome She'll be lost in a vast wilderness without food or sense of direction and still in danger of being recaptured It's clear that she'll have to rely on something than her own strength and determination if she's to survive As her painful journey continues Barbara learns first hand of the power of a God Who never leaves nor forsakes a God Who comforts when there is no human love to be found a God Who is enough in and of Himself Follow Barbara as she experiences God's compassion and love through severe trials that would be unbearable without HimThis true story reminded me of what a blessings I had in the comfort and security of North American living and a family that is never threatened with forced separation It gave me perspective on trials and most importantly it taught me truths of God's love and faithfulness no matter what our circumstances may beOf special note the movie version of Alone Yet Not Alone is in post production as of April 2012 Read the book before the movie comes outRecommended read aloud age all agesRecommended read alone age 10 and upMy blog wwwoursureanchorcom

  2. Bethany Bethany says:

    Warning the following review may contain spoilersI don't usually like to pay as much for books as I did for this one but having seen and loved the film adaption I badly wanted to read the actual story And as it turned out the book was worth every cent Alone Yet Not Alone is the story based on true events that happened to ancestors of the author of two young German sisters who settle with their family in Pennsylvania during the French and Indian war Their house is invaded by hostile Indian braves their father and brother killed and they themselves are captured along with their best friend Marie; separated and adopted into various Indian tribes The story is about their lives as Indian maiden and how all they had to hold on to were the Scripture verses their father had used to teach them and the song Alone Yet Not Alone that their mother used to sing I really loved this book it's one of the best stories I've ever read and I would highly recommend it

  3. Sarah Sarah says:

    Age Appropriate For 8 and upBest for Ages 8 15This is based on a true story It is the kind of story one would expect to have been made up Yet isn’t it just like God? His stories are always amazing and his provision for his children often leaves me speechless The almost impossibility of this story is what is amazingClearly this book is targeted for youth While young adults and even adults might find it interesting youth will get the most out of it The style of the story is simple yet never talks down to the youth it reachesThe faith message is strong and the point of the whole story It is about how even when things are at their worst God will never leave us We are never alone That concept is one all of us need to be reminded of from time to timeBarbara was a character of great faith but also wasn’t perfect She is a character that I think many girls can relate to She is also a good example of a strong girl a loving sister and a devoted daughter of JesusThis would be a fantastic book for homeschool kids to understand the human cost of the French and Indian war Many homes were burned by the Indians and many women and children carried off Void of the graphicness of some books this captures many of the emotions that the captives experiencedI highly recommend this to young readers who enjoy history faith filled fiction and courageous girls

  4. Mikayla Mikayla says:

    This was a sweet story and I loved how vivid everything was I did not know it was based on a true story when I started so the large time jumps bugged me I espechilly did not like nearer the end when the characters got in trouble and then we suddenly jump six weeks and only hear about how they got out That was rather disappointing Overall it was a cool story and would be great for teaching kids history

  5. Star Shining Forever Star Shining Forever says:

    Wonderful book I really enjoy tales of the frontier and pioneers making their way in the wild After an Indian attack two young girls are stolen away from their home by their family's murderers Taken captive and forced to endure even brutality they cling to their faith and to the hope of escape Blessed with protection in the Indian camp they nonetheless watch and prepare for a harrowing journey back to civilization God's miracles and protection are evident throughout their adventures Though there is peril in the story the book is not graphicThis book is based the movie that is soon being released about the Leninger girls' story which I am eagerly looking forward to watch

  6. Bethany Bethany says:

    This is the true story of Barbara and Regina LeiningerCaptured by Indians and separated by everyone they know including each other They refuse to loose hope of seeing their family reunited again They cling to their faith in God knowing that they are truly never alone This story is fascinating especially because it is based off of a true story that actually occurred in the author's family history however I thought that the simple writing style did the story no justiceI do think it would be a wonderful book for middle school age children as it is extremely simple in vocabulary and plot I received this book free in exchange for an honest review

  7. Emma Grace Emma Grace says:

    45 stars Maybe review at some point

  8. Lisa Godfrees Lisa Godfrees says:

    Is anyone else as fascinated with Indian lore as I am? This based on a true story book takes place during the Penn’s Creek Massacre of 1755 during the French and Indian war Alone Yet Not Alone is the survival story of three girls who are captured by Indians and their uest to return to their families It is also the story of the author’s Tracy Leininger Craven’s familyTheology God is always with youThe theme of Alone Yet Not Alone is based on Deuteronomy 82 “Remember how the Lord your God led you through the wilderness for these forty years humbling you and testing you to prove your character and to find out whether or not you would obey his commands” NLTEven during impossible horrible situations when it feels like God has forsaken us He is still faithful He can take what others meant for evil and change it to our good Genesis 5020 Our job is to remember His promise and focus on HimRating PGI debated giving this book a G rating There is nothing gratuitous in Alone Yet Not Alone but it deals with real life There is violence and murder well handled and children are forcibly kidnapped So I will leave it to your discretion I plan to let my 8 yo daughter read the book I like that it is historical and faith basedSocial IssuesSet in the late 1700′s the social issues are pertinent to that time The Leininger family immigrated to the US from Germany to flee religious prosecution Their children were biblically well grounded so when the girls were kidnapped they had verses of Scripture hidden in their hearts I think that’s what I loved best about the book We take for granted the ease at which we can refer to God’s Word at least I do I have several Bibles and I can easily access almost any version on my phone or computer But what would happen if I couldn’t just pick up the Bible and read it? I would wish I had hidden Scripture in my heartA word to my writer friends and discerning readersThis book is mostly telling with little showing It would have been so much better if the scenes were played out to the best of the author’s imagination instead of reading like a history text I don’t think it will bother a young reader but I noticed the lapse and wished for creativity in the writingThe book is being made into a movie which should solve the showingtelling issues Movies have to be showing than telling by nature You can view the trailer at the movie website

  9. Kathleen Kathleen says:

    First of all this book is a short easy read I believe it was written for the Young Adult group which I didn't realize when I started itWhat I did like about this book was it had nothing in it that would be objectionable for your tween to read It had a positive optimistic outlook on the hardships of lifeWhat I didn't like about it was that the positive optimism wasn't balanced with any internal struggles that we humans have when we go through difficultiesSince this happens in the first few pages I am not spoiling anything to say this is a true story of two sisters who were kidnapped by Native Americans and forced to live in and adapt to that culture This is told through the eyes of the oldest sister and really you never know until the end of the book what happens to the younger of the two sisters since they went to live in separate tribes many miles apartThis book could have been so much better There should have been so many internal struggles and conflicts and fears with the main character and much of that was glossed over with a kind of false feeling kind of optimism I'm glad this book comes from a faith values kind of outlook but come on there would be many human emotional struggles with the loss of home and family and the horror of having to adapt to a culture that is in many ways the opposite of your previous experiencesThere also was a great opportunity in this story for tension and suspense when the main character and her friends attempted to leave the tribe There was some but after a short time of struggling through escape and survival the story jumps ahead to the point of arrival and rescue And here we are at another reason I don't really like this book It jumps ahead multiple times from several months to several years making it seem like it is just several short stories of certain events in the narrators lifeCertainly to do justice to this woman's experiences it would have taken a very long book or a series of books but I think it would have been worth the effort I have read a much better book of a similar story line years and years ago that was so good I still remember parts of it I totally got lost in it feeling it was happening to me and kept reading it till my eyes couldn't take it any That wasn't this book

  10. Waven Waven says:

    This is a short and very easy read Unfortunately those may be the kindest things I can say for it It wasn't bad it just wasn't very good The family introduced in the opening chapters is as flat and plastic perfect as a department store window display The characters are similarly rendered like manneuins posed and positioned for each scene with sadly artificial dialogue Once the action begins the story and telling both improve but not greatly As another reviewer noted the passage of time is also very uneven often changing abruptly with little if any explanation or exploration And though I enjoy a good Christian themed read this is so heavy handed that the characters are hardly than idealized caricatures It reads almost like propaganda which is a real shame considering that the basis of the tale is factual and uite interesting In addition though the Native American Indians are not demonized their beliefs are summarily dismissed as child like and foolish in a rather insulting exchange Finally the story itself leaves me with several nagging issues uestionable turns and timeline inconsistenciesAll in all this short book dwindled on the low side of mediocre Based on real people and events it fell short on every front and wasted a great deal of potential I very rarely give two star ratings but I think this deserves it If I were a teacher I'd say it was the student averaging Cs and Ds on each report card who could be among the top in his class if only he applied himself

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