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  1. PirateSteve PirateSteve says:

    wwwyoutubecomwatch?vPK8ijrapwA8 Way back in 1869 Leopold wrote this book about some fun he was havingTis true Leo gave the world a new label for these exploits masochism What we've done with it since then is our own business Severin did get what he wanted So many people never do They never dare ask

  2. Paquita Maria Sanchez Paquita Maria Sanchez says:

    Umm okayThe first portion of this book is wonderful The forced lasciviousness of the female protagonist the pathetic attempts at seeming like a banshee a Siren all draped in furs and spouting some bullshit about Paganism I have met this girl before and this boy I have watched their pitiful dance of apathy their ham handed fears of monotony and monogamy the in my opinion bullshit notion that caring in the romantic sense for one chosen and well suited person with whom you specifically connect and no other and it goes without saying no 'many others' is selfish and demeaning to the notion of 100% Venus like 'hypersensual' love of sexualitysensation inhibits one's ability to love all other human beings genuinely and denies pure primitive desires bladdy fuckin' blah I mean I have greeted lovers with apathy sternness initial doubts which reached fruition in feelings chilling freezing eventually frozen; I would be completely out of touch with myself if I were to believe otherwise We have all been cruel we have all wavered our eyes have wandered our emotions fallen flat Sure sure What I could never stand was the hyper rationalizing of this emotion the forcing of it There was always a bit of schadenfreude which set in when some of the loftier of my hippie dippie I just have to be free maaaaan acuaintances found themselves face to face with their own inherent albeit denied natures when all their trite musings and assumed sentiments about free love came back to kick them in their collective private parts via severe jealousy and heartache It reminded me of this conversation I had a few years ago I was at a bar catching up with some old friends I had not seen in forever though they were all still uite close and seeming a little cult y to me based on our talks that afternoon They were discussing the various free love non committed relationships they were attempting and how this was opening them up to the possibilities of connection contained in any number of people Snicker After my initial pressing uestions eg Uh you have health insurance right? I just set to half drunkenly saying Good luck? and No way man I have enough trouble dealing with one person Also I would be you know really depressed and completely miserable in that situation Once I began attempting to explain the few snippets of evolutionary science I had read on the subject of jealousy eyes glazed over and it was clear we had reached an impasse Again good luck I said They all shortly ended their romances I guess people got jealous and shit got complicated WeirdSorry to rant I just adored the introductory chapters of this book for the fact that the woman they present is just So Full of it What's better is her nonsense about being free from attachments a goddess who commands the love she needs then drops the tired bits like pencil shavings a woman incapable of loving another human being but rather simply bent on seeking out pleasure in the most hedonistic unashamedly egocentric sense seems to be heading toward a serious reckoning What's is the man who is painted as her future slave represents all that is flighty in the dance of romance He only loves a woman of stone his interest wanes at kindness he wants the one he can't have and it's driving him mad all over all over all over his face every single goddamn time until the very moment when she cares when she drops her guard and loves him back and then his foot is suddenly wedged firmly in the door and his panties are noticeably roomier We are all guilty at some point right? People get bored They want excitement and unpredictability and newness They crave the hunt Malaise What could be were I free? It happens It is not idealUnfortunately her reckoning does not ever really come about and this suddenly turns into some bullshit about not letting yourself care about others lest you be a malnourished mistreated donkey Exactly where I thought this was going is precisely the opposite of where it went and not in a clever plot twisty sense About midway through I came to realize that Sacher Masoch saw this forceably cruel woman as some sort of lesson teacher about how cruel Women are The smart ones anyway They know how to hold on to a man treat him like shit Okay I admit that the two men I have been wholly unfrosty with in my adult life are the two men who have broken my heart but I would like to think this won't always be the case and that it is a horrifying and just awful notion that to keep someone in love with me I have to hate his guts or just deal with his existence begrudgingly like I deal with Austin drivers or my next door neighbor who is constantly making humping noises through the wall These things I deal with Companionship is often played like a chess game but I thought the idea was to find someone with whom all that crap drops away? Ever seen an 80 something year old man carrying his similarly elderly wife's oxygen tank for her through Denny's? Did that warm your heart? Don't read this Ever had friends who slipped into counter culture to such an extent that your conversations suddenly turned into the dynamic of them constantly preaching and you constantly scoffing? Did it suck? Don't read thisI should write an aside here that I know that there are all types of people in the world all sorts of romantic arrangements etc I'm not saying it's impossible I just think it goes against the common manifestations of human nature to not feel emotions of possessiveness toward a cherished lover Even a hated lover sometimes Your brain your evolutionary history your biology is playing tricks on you at all times it's all very complicated and sorry to over simplify It just seems like a lot of this modern embrace of what it is to be an Enlightened Lover and Self Actualized Person is uite often going against the intrinsic needs of those who proselytize about it It's you know hip like riding a fixed gear bicycle without being able to explain to me why you prefer not having brakes or eating the 'Organic' ramen noodles because somehow they're better in this way you seemingly haven't even bothered to contemplate yet You may have an explanation and you may really feel it More power to you I'm uizzical by nature though and am often than not left in my hippie interrogations with vacuous stares and zero answers from the interrogated Hence the rantSo this book thank you for the lame female character I could make fun of thank you for the spotty but at times uite lovely observations of human emotional chameleon ism and the malleable nature of attachmentthanks for all that stuff I also thank you for The Velvet Underground Nico which in every single song manages to explore the subjects of dominance and submissiveness passiveness and passion in a much purer accurate and rewarding way than you ever possibly could you mediocre book ya And that album has not just a heroine but heroin I'll be your mirror and reflect what you are in case you don't know an overrated book; the scenes from a porno which lead into the actual pornography as there is no sex in this book about sex but just the ridiculous lead up conversations Do you watch Logjammin' to find out if he fixes the cable? No you don't

  3. Steven Godin Steven Godin says:

    My initial fears with 'Venus in Furs' was would it sink into the darker depths of depravity similar with that of Donatien Alphonse François the Maruis de Sade but didn't need to worry because I was pleasantly surprised by it's charming and playful nature Predominantly only two characters take centre stage with nobleman Severin von Kusiemski falling under the seductive spell of the flame haired Wanda von Dunajew he loves her so much to the extent of wanting to be her slave and encourages to treat him progressively sadistic Severin describes his lustful expierences as 'suprasensuality' and being dominated by a women and the total control and power she holds over him clearly rocks his boatI wouldn't exactly call the actions that unfold here as sadomasochism at least not as it is recognized today and there is nothing extreme than being tied up whipped and licking ones feet throughout the story I think the real pain here lies psychologically with mental anguish and humiliation in front of others that changes Severin's pleasure to one of inner turmoil as he constantly pleads his undying love for her His name would change to Gregor as her servant they travel to Florence and take up residence in a villa close to the Arno river and this luscious setting would see other gentleman catch the desirable eye of Wanda a German painter who puts brush to canvas while in the middle of doing her portrait would suddenly declare I want you to whip me whip me to death right under the noise of the jealous Severin The relationship would then arrive at somewhat of a dilemma when Wanda herself meets a man to whom she would like to submit a rich Greek aristocrat known as Alexis Papadopolis and they congress in a sexual manner until one final act of degradation while in the presence of Wanda and Alexis would see Severin mentally broken and feel like an inanimate object void of any feelings for his once loved dominatorI can understand why this would have caused a bit of a ruckus back in the day but reading now in the 21st century it's about as controversial as a litter of kittens playing around in a summer meadow and I actually found it uite delightful with moments of humour regardless of whether it was intended this way

  4. Alex Alex says:

    You interest me Most men are very commonplace without verve or poetry In you there is a certain depth and capacity for enthusiasm and a deep seriousness which delight me I might learn to love you 20This line really jumped out at me because it's just what I imagine a lot of nerds imagine some lady will say to them some day And they'll be like yeah I have a depth and capacity for enthusiasm I was just waiting for someone to notice I bet nerds really like this book which was written by a nerd and then translated to English by a different nerdYou know that old defunct Tumblr Nice Guys Of OK Cupid? It was a collection of dating profiles from guys who were all I'm so nice why don't any women love me? I would treat a woman like a goddess but I guess they don't want to be treated like goddesses they all want some asshole instead Women are such bitches because they don't love me They're descendants of this loser Masoch can't stop uoting this one line from Goethe You must be hammer or anvil He thinks that Woman demands that she can look up to a man but one like our dorktagonist Severin who voluntarily places his neck under foot she uses as a welcome plaything only to toss it aside when she is tired of it 105 The problem here isn't with Severin's or Masoch's particular fetish which is to have ladies whip them That's fine man have your fun The problem is that he extends it to some kind of conclusion about human nature that's not at all true Women do not by nature demand either to look up to a man or toy with them Men aren't like that either That's a dumb idea Here's another thing that's not true Man even when he is selfish or evil always follows principles woman never follows anything but impulses 43And it's boring God for a book about whipping there is none too much whipping Instead there's a whole lot of him begging to be her slave and then her treating him vaguely slave y and then him getting all indignant and then her all Well see you're being a dick about it and then him being all Oh you're mad at me treat me like a slave and then we circle back around to the beginning like fifty times Wahhhhh uit topping from the bottom nerdIf you flip the characters' genders in your head while you're reading the book goes an awful lot like that 50 Shades thing does I know or less how it goes from hearing a million readers and feminists get all pissy about it It's hard to tell who's offended about that book readers or feminists But there's a funny twist at the end spoilers follow for this and I think 50 Shades too you'd expect a female protagonist to win over the guy and be with him one way or another But here she just dumps him She's all I can easily imagine belonging to one man for my entire life but he would have to be a whole man a man who would dominate me who would subjugate me by his innate strength 23 and then she runs off with a dude who's just like that So Masoch's kink assumes that one who has it isn't enough to satisfy a woman That's weird and probably kindof a bummer for himSo this is a book about a self defeating fetish for being controlled born out of a weird hatred and fear for women It's unpleasant and boring and all too familiar because I still hear that shit today from miserable nerdsLame dudes Lame

  5. Lizzy Lizzy says:

    To be the slave of a woman a beautiful woman whom I love whom I worship And who mistreats you for it Wanda broke in laughingYes who ties me up and whips me who kicks me when she belong to another manIf submission and bondage is your thing then you will probably like this book In a nutshell Severin likes women Severin likes women who are filthy rich Severin likes women who are filthy rich and treat him like shit Wanda is that woman That is pretty much what Venus in Furs is about Leopold Von Sacher Masoch apparently drew from his own masochistic experience with Baroness Fanny Von Pistor He agreed to be her slave and renounce all claim on his own life she could even kill him if she wished and this is reflected in Venus in Furs The contract gives Wanda or Mistress free reign to make Severin suffer in a variety of ways; whipping him regularly kicking him around starving him torturing him emotionally etc And Severin seems to get off on it In fact he begs her to punish him I want to be your dog As long as she wears her furs whilst doing it he's happy As you can imagine the novel caused uite a stir in Austrian society The idea of a woman being dominant having the whip hand so to speak was ludicrous to most people We even see Wanda feeling hesitant at first She is reluctant to defy social norms and I can sort of understand this She is used to being dominated not the other way around She is understandably creeped out by Severin to begin with but I think thats mainly because he keeps kissing her feet and telling her to stand on his neck He is to put it bluntly a pussy I can think of no other word for him He also has a habit of falling in love with statues and treating them as though they were real Despite all this Wanda eventually overcomes her apprehension after realizing that she really likes being in control There are many gender issues in this book and I'm deliberately avoiding that long and winding road known as Interpretation as I will end up making no sense whatsoever What I will say is that I was interested by the handsome androgynous Alexis Papadopolis who is so drop dead gorgeous that literally anyone will fall in love with him For example He was a man like a woman He knew he was beautiful and behaved accordingly; he would change his couettish attire four or five times a day like a vain courtesan In Paris he had appeared first in women's garb and the men had stormed him with love letters An Italian singer famous eually for both his art and his passion invaded the Greek's apartment knelt down and threatened to take his own life if his plea was not grantedSee what I mean? Even Severin has a bit of crush on him I had to keep reminding myself that this book was written in 1869 At times it voices startlingly modern sentiments Sacher Masoch certainly wasn't your average Austrian I gave Venus in Furs four stars because I enjoyed it rather than I was expecting The ending pissed me off a bit as did Severin's constant cries of Wanda I counted eighteen times in 148 pages but Sacher Masoch writes so well that you find yourself unable to stop reading Give it a go I dare you

  6. Khashayar Mohammadi Khashayar Mohammadi says:

    I love this book so much it worries me

  7. Meredith Meredith says:

    Haven't reviewed on goodreads in a while but was googling this work's translation dates and came across the negative reviews here Thought I should contribute my defenceWhat Makes Venus in Furs a groundbreaking and thoroughly enjoyable work?1Literary traditionThe finely rendered frame structure follows the German novella tradition's strong almost proscriptive tradition of narrative framing think Goethe Storm Hoffmann Accordingly it created a sensation among early readers by presenting shocking content deviant sexuality within a deeply conservative conventional form2Interpretation dreams and ekphrasisWhat desires does a given dream or artwork represent directly or indirectly? The novella demands that we read the layers of art within art dream within fiction It anticipates the work of his fellow Austrian Sigmund Freud particularly his Interpretation of Dreams 19003 Sexual Theory Venus in Furs undoubtedly ranks in the top ten books of the nineteenth century for advancing new ideas about sexual practice The famous sexologist Kraft Ebbing is deeply indebted to Sacher Masoch as one sees in the monumental Psychopathia sexualis 18864 Contract TheoryThe work carries interesting implications for the student of law in literature The sadist Wanda and the masochist Severin set up a contract wherein he relinuishes himself utterly to her will The fiction's contract was based on a real contract Sacher Masoch made with his wife5 Feminist MoralS M concludes that as long as women do not receive the same educational opportunities as men power differentials will exist between the sexes Womanas man is at present educating her is his enemy She can only be his slave or his despot but never his companion This she can become only when she has the same rights as he and is his eual in education and work emphasis mine6 Charming to ReadFrom the prose details of costume to the outrageousness of the perversions to the sense of place the text creates the reader has a rich world in which to plunge It's not a world I'd want to live in but certainly a delightfully cruel world to imaginechokengtitiktitikchokengs Deleuze has an interesting book on Venus in Furs Coldness and Cruelty

  8. Cheryl Kennedy Cheryl Kennedy says:

    The DSM IV lists masochism as a derivation of sexual gratification from being subjected to physical pain or humiliation by oneself or another person Pleasure is being abused or dominated The psychiatric bible must have read Venus in Furs for its definitions Even the word used for sexual pursuits comes from the author's nameSacher Masoch was an Austrian writer of letters and a journalist I stopped counting books attributed to him when it was greater than forty He wrote Venus in Furs in 1870 though the word masochism's first known use was in 1892 according to the Merriam Webster DictionaryThat suggests that Severin von Kusiemski along with his mistress Wanda von Dunajew are the originators of why and how methods of domination enhance pleasure to some people In fact this novella is a comprehensive study guide to the ambivalence of love

  9. Greg Greg says:

    How I caused irreparable harm to our entire country because of a relationship gone sour with the author of Anti OedipusConfession time I didn't really read this book but I'm going to rate it anyway I did read the Deleuze book Cruelty which is him writing about Venus in Furs and then the book itself I remember really liking the Deleuze part but at that point in my life I was so in love with Deleuze that he could have written anything and I would have ejaculated all over it It was a bad time for me I thought things were going great between me and Giles but it was still in the early months of our relationship and things looked rosy I didn't realize that I would become painfully co dependent on him and that he would plague me for the next year taunting me not letting me get my school work done while he kept calling to me asking me to read just one book of his one essay telling me that the paper I was writing on him would never be good enough Come on edit me one time I promise we will then be done and we can get on with our lives he would say but it wouldn't be one time it would be again and again and again until he had me completely ruined And then about 20 months after our cheery romance began I finally thought I would break free of him I finished my stupid paper at the price of basically ruining an entire year of school in the process costing me money then I make in a year in tuition but I got it done; but Deleuze had the last laugh the morning I finally dropped the paper into a mailbox to get it out of my life and into my professors hands he masterminded a complex plot to destroy a couple of buildings that just happened to be right across the street from the mailbox my paper was sitting in and causing it never to make it to the professor actually it did make it to him but I had to resend it but Deleuze's actions that day made me so fed up with the academic pretensions I'd been harboring that he successfully ruined grad school1 for me Do I really believe that a dead French philosopher did all of this? Yes yes I do I believe that in my solipsistic view of the world that Deleuze orchestrated 911 that it was my stormy relationship with him that caused the death of thousands of people threw our country into a stupid war that will probably never fucking end that helped make our country even worse then it was before and make the 90's look like a great time when all we had were jackboot ATF agents and an occasional bombing on foreign countries to make us look like total assholes to the rest of the world I don't hold Bin Laden responsible nor George Bush for anything he did post 911 how could he act any differently under the all encompassing power of Giles Deleuze? Anyway I really liked his part of the book The part about the really fucked up relationship and fur coats and shit I didn't really like So I thought I'd say that just to clarify my opinion on another rating that has no review attached to it

  10. Morgan Morgan says:

    After reading Fanny Hill and Maruis de Sade it only made sense to read this novellaFor erotica Venus in Furs is actually well thought out and written Yes this about whips and things that are kinky but it’s also about the human psyche and mythology There’s some great character development and conflict in this novellaEach of the main characters represent something either dealing with the human mind or mythology You have Wanda the title character that represents power and Venus and Severin the narrator who is represents obedience and Dionysus Later on there is a Greek man that joins the party but I won’t explain his part because of spoilersThe main plot of the story is Severin is obsessed with finding his Venus in Furs He finds Wanda who looks like the goddess but she is a dominatrix She wants Severin as a sexual slave than a lover He starts obeying his mistress until a Greek named Alexis they call him Apollo joins in on the fun Then the conflict and the real drama of the book startsI love the use of mythology It’s not that hard to turn gods into sex allegories In many ways Severin is Faust trying to bring Helen back from the dead to have sex with her except Severin is trying to make his dream of Venus in Furs a reality There’s a bit of Fraud and Jung going on in this novella Maybe you can see some of Wonder Woman in this book as well If you don’t mind sexual domination mixed with mythology this book’s a great read

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Venus im Pelz [Download] ➻ Venus im Pelz By Leopold von Sacher-Masoch – Included in this volume is a selection from a remarkable series of letters between Leopold von Sacher Masoch and Emilie Mataja an aspiring writer translated into English for the first time and an extr Included in this volume is a selection from a remarkable series of letters between Leopold von Sacher Masoch and Emilie Mataja an aspiring writer translated into English for the first time and an extraordinary insight into the compulsive imagination of Sacher Masoch grappling with the demons that both torment and delight himThis translation of Venus in Furs was originally published in Letters of Leopold von Sacher Masoch and Emilie Mataja translated by Uwe Moeller and Laura Lindgren.

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About the Author: Leopold von Sacher-Masoch

Austrian writer and journalist who gained renown for his romantic stories of Galician life The term masochism is derived from his nameDuring his lifetime Sacher Masoch was well known as a man of letters a utopian thinker who espoused socialist and humanist ideals in his fiction and non fiction Most of his works remain untranslated into English The novel Venus in Furs is his only book common.