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Hot Valley A Novel ✅ Hot Valley A Novel pdf ✈ Author James Lear – Move over Scarlett O’Hara It’s New England 1861 and the troubles in the southern states seem a long way off for Jack Edgerton the spoiled son of a prominent Vermont family Howver when he meets and Move over Scarlett O’Hara It’s New England and the troubles in the southern states seem a long way off for Jack Edgerton the spoiled son of a prominent Vermont family Howver Hot Valley PDF/EPUB or when he meets and falls in love with Aaron Johnson the sexy son of a slave on the run from Virginia Edgerton’s world is turned upside down Separated by circumstances the lovers pursue each other through the escalating madness of the Civil War and both find themselves forced to choose sides After a series of outrageous adventures – including steamy woodland trysts and an impromptu jailhouse orgy that briefly reconciles the warring parties – they are reunited in the Shenandoah Valley in the autumn of — where the conflict is about to come to a bloody burning climax.

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  1. Gideon Rathbone Gideon Rathbone says:

    Out of all of the books by James Lear that I have read Hot Valley is no doubt the best In fact it has been the best read I've had in years I could honestly say that this gay historical erotic novel was one of the main factors that ignited my passion for reading and writing gay erotic fiction The characters are three dimensional the historical backdrop that the story takes place in is accurate and the sex scenes can be described as nothing short but a gay man's wet dream The erotic scenes didn't come across as forced but came about naturally One of the predominant things that I loved about this book was that it didn't sugarcoat or whitewash the racist aspects of the society of that time The story is honest in its approach and the budding interracial gay romance between the two main characters is believable Of course there are a few fantastical situations that happen but it doesn't detract from the reader's investment in the story This book is a MUST READ

  2. LenaRibka LenaRibka says:

    Audible Honestly I'm VERY close to name it my favorite James Lear book or well at least it will take place on the top of my James Lear THE BEST LIST And I put it always aside because of reserved reviewsWhat a shame You see trust only your own taste Even with your best reading buddies you can disagree Sometimes I don't know how the author managed to write so many HOT AND DIRTY sex scenes in such perfect harmony with such a serious topic Hats off Love every single minute of it For me it is the most serious and romantic book from all James Lear works with an outstanding and compelling storyline I was listening to the audio book and I enjoyed a lot how the narrator Daniel Carter voiced it Maybe he is the reason of WHY I like this book so much Maybe it is WHY I gave The Palace Of Varieties full stars rating And I'm thinking about to re read Mitch Mitchell Mystery series listening to Daniel Carter voice

  3. monika monika says:

    My inner me What are we reading here monika?Me Gay historical mystery EroticaMy inner me Wow great We love gay mysteries with hot scenes Me And what's I've heard Daniel Carter is a great narrator suddenly at 41%My inner me monika wait Could you stop for a minute? We need to talk Me Yeah What's up?My inner oversexualized me You know It's just You keep going and seem to be preoccupied but I'm kind of hypersensitive right now and I'm starting feeling there's something wrong with this book or with you obviously Me What do you mean? Daniel Carter has the sexiest voice and I'm addicted enchanted My inner me Yeah I get you but still there's something wrong Something is off Could you remind me why we chose this book?Me Because we love reading gay mysteries And the hot scenes are the added bonus? My inner me Yeah Right So what do you think about the mystery?Me Yhm Wait What? What do you mean? It hasn't started yet My inner me riiiiiiiiiiight and we are at 41% and we have only the added bonus with no mystery and almost no plotMe ups you think we should dnf?My inner meMe dnf at 41%ps Daniel Carter is the best Audio by Daniel Carter 5 ⭐️Story 2 ⭐️AND THIS

  4. Trio Trio says:

    Whoa just whoaFirst let me just mention that there is one MMF scene it isn't really graphic but just a heads' upThe scope of this novel was just amazingI loved the alternating views between Jack and Aaron all the characters were so interesting and creative but I did really love Jack The way his character grew and changed as everything happened to him over the course of the war it was really intense And the things the people had to endure was absolutely incredible All the history in the story regardless of whether it is actually based in fact was fantasticI enjoyed every minuteI did the audio version and I honestly can't give the full 5 stars to Daniel Carter his voices for all the characters was pretty much the same which was confusing when the chapters alternated between the two mc's and definitely when there was dialogue Also his pronunciation of some of the American locations was completely wrong but there are a lot of places in Britain he'd probably wonder at my pronunciation as well ;

  5. Bryl Tyne Bryl Tyne says:

    One of the most erotic gay male romances I've read How Mr Lear combined the numerous erotic accounts with such a riveting Civil War era storyI'm impressedI especially liked how the author developed the characters There are no long drawn out descriptions It is left to the reader to interpret the characters according to their actions and yet understanding the characters' motivations and visualizing them is easily done Very compelling and an unbelievably hot readIf you're into reading mm erotica you'll enjoy Hot Valley by James Lear

  6. KatieMc KatieMc says:

    Well it certainly was signature James Lear Good audiobook even with an English accented narrator reading the part of an American yankee and southerner funny I think I would be hugely disappointed if an British character was narrated by an American but the other way around really didn't bother me I might gather thoughts later but for now I am on James Lear overload and I need to go read something completely different

  7. Julian Julian says:

    Ultimate fave

  8. Catherine Catherine says:

    Previous to reading Hot Valley I had read and thoroughly enjoyed Lear's Mitch Mitchell trilogy If you've also read these before hand I feel you will be disappointed in this book as I was Where Mitch and his supporting characters were interesting witty and charismatic our central character here Jack Edgerton is a spoilt pretentious brat who doesn't really get any character development until the last uarter of the book Along with him we have Aaron Johnson a black man caught up in the Civil War who had a lot of potential but just becomes something of a gay charicature much like the remainder of the characters I read a review before I tackled this book that said about the ridiculousness of having pretty much everyone Jack and Aaron meets suddenly have a desire to screw the same sex during Civil War era I thought that was a stupid statement as this is erotica not historical fiction but having finished it I have to agree with them Yes obviously this needs to happen to a certain extent but it just seemed to happen WAY too much to give it any credibility It was made worse by the fact that I didn't care about either of these characters and so cared little for their exploits I don't know if there was necessarily sex in this book than say The Back Passage it just felt that way because it remarkably became tedious While the exploits of Mitch were fun and exciting because they were well balanced with the mystery plot this just seemed to detract from what little plot there already wasPacing wise I also had a problem I very very rarely read a book in between reading another one as I like to stay completely focused on that one world but this felt like it was moving soooo sloooowly that I actually read a novella in the middle of it I was about halfway through and didn't feel like I had gone anywhere It also didn't help that the narrative would jump between Aaron and Jack so just as the one storyline would pick up we'd abandon it to follow the other which became frustrating The last uarter of the book I enjoyed uite a lot I liked seeing how Jack straightened himself out not literally of course and for the first time I actually wanted to see a future for him But then I felt it was kind of ruined in the last few pages when Lear had the farewell orgy Yes it was stated as an end of an era but I felt we'd already moved past that and it was a bit jarringNo doubt people will probably say I'm expecting too much from a piece of erotic fiction but I know that Lear can weave a great plot with great sex so I blame the disappoint on the characters in this scenario I just felt they were too weak for too long and it ruined the enjoyment of all the elements Please do check out The Back Passage and its seuels but maybe give this one a miss to begin with I still have his two other books to read and still hope they'll be good Watch this space

  9. Erastes Erastes says:

    I was utterly enamoured and in love with Mr Lear’s last novel “The Back Passage” that I was over excited that another book was coming out I pre orderedSadly though I was rather disappointed because where TBP was witty and uniue whilst incorporating a series of fuck scenes to solve a mystery this was nothing but a series of fuck scenesWhilst it won’t dissapoint readers who like a hot scene to excite them on every other page that’s where the book failed for meIn The Back Passage the hero goes from sexual encounter to sexual encounter in his uest to find out clues for a murder in an Agatha Christie style romp and although the sex is possibly gratuitous its cleverly done and never feels like it There’s also much wit and humourBut Hot Valley – set in the American Civil war–felt to me that sex scene after sex scene after sex scene were linked tenuously by the hero’s travels It felt like the background of the war is added as an afterthought It also feels hugely anachronistic as surely to Betsy 1860 America wasn’t so accepting of gay sexEvery single man that Jack meets from his co workers his father’s employers drinking companions fellow soldiers – everyone Wants to and does have sex with him in many various ways As much as I enjoy heaven knows an erotic book there is a case for Too Much – and I found myself hoping that the next man that Jack met simply wanted to have a chat Or a cuppa tea Or anything I found myself skipping the sex to find the next piece of plot which as I’ve said before always makes me feel that the reader is cheatedI’m sorry James that I didn’t like it I wanted to but I was hoping for a good gay historical romp but didn’t find it in Hot Valley

  10. Jon Jon says:

    I came across this author while searching for a gay version of Fifty Shades of Grey Of the gay novels I've read this one has the best plot I was amazed by Lear's ability to develop characters with which one can easily identify In this novel Lear has a story that is sexy racy raunchy and romantic Hot Valley takes place during the Civil War 1861 1864 and is the story of a 19 year old white boy Jack Edgerton who falls in love with the 31 year old son of a plantation owner and one of his slaves Aaron Johnson The two become separated during the war and find themselves fighting on opposing sides If you're looking for a story that has plenty of intense sexual scenes yet an amazing storyline this book is for you I will definitely be reading books by this author

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