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Size of the World ➵ [Reading] ➷ Size of the World By Jeff Greenwald ➪ – By the time that travel writer Jeff Greenwald hit his late thirties he had covered ground than Magellan Marco Polo and Columbus combined But he also came to a sobering conclusion airplanes had reduced By the time that travel writer Jeff Greenwald hit his late thirties he had covered ground than Magellan Marco Polo and Columbus combined Size of PDF/EPUB ² But he also came to a sobering conclusion airplanes had reduced his exotic explorations to a series of long commutes So he set out to rediscover the mass the gravity and the Size of the World His mission to circle the earth without leaving its surfaceWhat followed was a remarkable odyssey as Greenwald scaled an active volcano in Guatemala rode a rat infested ferry across the Persian Gulf dropped by Paul Bowles's flat unannounced saved a baby snow leopard in Tibet and spent his fortieth birthday marooned in the Sahara And no matter where he found himself he sent reports of his exploits from his ever faithful laptop to the screens of thousands of eager Internet readers A pilgrimage both hilarious and harrowing insightful and wise The Size of the World takes you on an adventure you will never forget.

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  1. Karen Karen says:

    Jeff Greenwald is a travel writer who looking at his life as he approached his 40th birthday found that he was spending too much time in airports and not enough time having genuine travel experiences So he decided to travel around the world by land and sea no airplanes allowed I love Jeff's mix of humor spirituality and understandable kvetching; and his powers of observation The book is often funny and at times deeply moving Also with such a wide range of experiences and locales it's a good blend of two types of travel reading experiences I Want To Go There and Glad He Went There So I Don't Have To

  2. Stephanie Stephanie says:

    I must say I enjoyed it I think I enjoyed it because I read it like the trip it describes It was a very long and very slow trip so I took a very long and very slow time reading it I kept reading other things in between So whenever I came back to it I was refreshed and not bored by JG's voice or the things he describedSometimes it did seem like a bit too much Asia And I wasn't particularly fond of Sally but she wasn't in it much This is an interesting book for people who suffer from wanderlust like me It presents the difficulties of travel with a clear eye but it doesn't go so far as to make you never want to leave your home The difficulties are almost enticing

  3. Rebecca Rebecca says:

    I did enjoy this travelogue I have a particular weakness for travelogues However I would have enjoyed this a lot if there was less talk about the author's flaccid middle age peen I'm reading a nice description about a Mali city and the Peace Corps volunteer he met there and then boom Our dude is narrating how he would love to rip her clothes off and violently fuck her in the middle of the street I can only imagine how the poor woman must have felt if she ever read the book He does this with basically every woman he meets Also this author is part of a school of travel writers and bloggers that I call the suffering mothers Like your mom who tells you to get out of her way when you ask if you can help then five minutes later complains about how no one helps her around the house these writers thrive on suffering They treat travel as a chore that must be undertaken instead of a pleasure and moan about traveling all the time They devote much time to the travails they have suffered on cross country buses but thrive in their superiority over those poor mortals who choose cushy flying over authentic overland treks and go to comfy destinations like Ibiza If you hate travelling so much don't do it I did like it better towards the end where he got less whiny

  4. Sarah Ewald Sarah Ewald says:

    This book about a trip around the world taken in late Dec 1993 Sept 1994 is fascinating It was undertaken in the pre 911 world security wise but many of the same problems still exist The premise of Jeff's trip was to circumnavigate the world via the ground or via ocean and not take any air travel That created problems along the way and he ran into many who couldn't understand his reluctance for air travel It started out slow but I couldn't wait to get back to it every night Great travel book for those with wanderlust

  5. Matt Rainson Matt Rainson says:

    13rd of the way though this book I realized I hated all of the characters I kept reading it in the hopes some tragedy befell them Sadly it did not

  6. Tim Basuino Tim Basuino says:

    Generally this was a worthy read although it stumbles in places Even though this adventure took place a uarter century ago I sense that in many respects little has changed in spite of all the ensuing gentrification Oakland circa 1994 doesn't seem that much different than Oakland 2019 Some comfort in that I supposeGreenwald comes off as being something of a hipster not that there's anything wrong with that but there is a I'm too cool for you mortals to understand my situation vibe running throughout this book which runs a bit thick at times I also found his letters back to his publisher something of a distractionBut those are uibbles by and large I got a lot of learning about the details underlying planning such an adventure certainly there is a lot we take for granted in terms of crossing international borders even travelling within a country's borders witness the misadventures in crossing the Sahara and the author's frustrations on the drivers' ineptitude One also senses Greenwald's displeasure with some of the progress civilization has made in terms of the flattening of the world's cultures yes there are benefits to the 'backward' but they come at a great cost but that's a losing argument we all want the goodies over preservationSo I'd recommend this book for a uniue outtake on travelling but try not to get too distracted by the occasional uirkiness

  7. Rachel Rachel says:

    this is the first book with which I was ever conscious that it had made an impact on meI was a science nerd at the time but I got it with a Barnes and Noble gift card from Christmas maybe it was the situation in which I bought it it was my first time going to the barnes and noble at hawthorne mallI told my dad on the way home that I could just hide out behind the shelves until they closed and then live therethey had comfy chairs there was a cafe bathrooms books I was completely enad I had no interest in travel at the time don't even know what possessed me to buy it but I did and I read and reread and reread it at this point I don't even remember if it was good well written etc but I just saw it on a travel writer's list of the 10 best travel books so maybe it was good I adored it and now I have the travelling nomad bug again and I shall get it from my parents' house the next time I'm there and I'll read and reread and reread it again

  8. Andrew Hecht Andrew Hecht says:

    Greenwald travels around the world close to the euator with his HP donated laptop It's a good book Greenwald is a deft and elouent writer However he's one of the reasons I didn't become a travel writer I took a travel writing seminar with him and several other writers during which he complained constantly about how little he was paid and how difficult the lifestyle is very understandably That didn't really bother me I was still interested I thought he make a good mentor He's a good writer yet uite sanguine about the business But when I approached him he or less blew me off It was a real turn off

  9. Jessica Jessica says:

    I liked his travels the concept but I wasn't fond of him as an author or main character He has a very annoying habit of uoting or making reference to things that are not easily accessible which gives him a definite air of pretension And all those references were not necessary to the story so I found it a hindrance I definitely would have no desire to hang out with him Of course this book was written in 1994 which makes him about the age of my parents so maybe that's just him being a Boomer It is interesting though and kudos to him for apparently being the father of the internet travel blog

  10. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    I had some problems with the narrator of this book but the content and subject matter overshadowed this in the end Somehow it's reassuring to read the story of a man trying to circumnavigate the globe without leaving its surface during his mid life crisis with only his ex girlfriend who is seeking her Indian guru for company while you are stuck in the Jet Blue terminal at JFK The journey takes him to some fantastic places raises some interesting uestions and made me feel nostalgic for a pre 9 11 world where this kind of travel experience was probably much possible

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