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  1. Denyece Roberts Denyece Roberts says:

    The book was slow at first but once I got into it it was worth it

  2. Brittney Brittney says:

    I had high hopes for a novel by Sharon Solwitz because she has this vibrancy in her prose Her voice is clear sharp biting at the consonants and has character in the words she chooses to craft into succinct sentences The novel began with a brilliant formation of ordinary people living typical lives in a not so typical story Told from the perspectives of the mother Claire and the youngest daughter Hadley the narrative sweeps back and forth There is tension on page on as Claire is pulling up the carpet on the stairs but Hadley's scenes lack momentum Or rather inspiration toward momentum She takes pain killers without explanation She runs off with slight motivation This rotation between perspectives tells the story from different angles but it stalls from digging further into the source of character motivationI have read Solwitz's short stories and I was in love Perhaps I am biased toward Blood and Milk her book of short stories because I feel like I get of a sense of her in each of the characters I can pick out pieces of Solwitz's life in the lives of her characters and it makes it enjoyable

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Bloody Mary: A Novel ❮Reading❯ ➽ Bloody Mary: A Novel ➶ Author Sharon Solwitz – After her debut with the widely praised stories in Blood and Milk Sharon Solwitz offers us her first darkly radiant full length novel Bloody Mary which takes its title from the childhood game tells th After her debut with the widely praised stories in Blood and Milk Sharon Solwitz offers us her first darkly radiant full length novel Bloody Mary which takes its title from the childhood game Bloody Mary: PDF/EPUB ² tells the story of socially adept year old Hadley and her protective mother They live a privileged life in the Chicago neighborhood of Lakeview but soon find themselves in a state of chaos and fluxWriting with her signature edgy prose and ironic humor Solwitz demonstrates that happiness isn’t our birthright and that we have to work for it and even then we can’t be sure We are led to consider our own degree of complicity in the hard times that seem to fall from nowhereA flair for dark comedy and the ability to turn on a dime are prized ualities for these unpredictable characters; time and again their intrepid investigations lead them into uncharted territory where bizarre dramatic action seems to be the only possible move Solwitz’s fine toothed examinations of complex emotional states are dead on— The New York Times Book Review Sharon Solwitz's first collection of stories Blood and Milk won the Carl Sandburg Prize from Friends of the Chicago Public Library the prize for adult fiction from the Society of Midland Authors and was a finalist for the National Jewish Book Award Her short stories published in such magazines as Triuarterly Mademoiselle and Ploughshares have won numerous awards including the Pushcart Prize the Katherine Anne Porter Prize and grants and fellowships from the Illinois Arts Council Currently along with her husband poet Barry Silesky she has worked as fiction editor of Another Chicago Magazine She teaches fiction at Purdue University in Lafayette Indiana.

  • Paperback
  • 224 pages
  • Bloody Mary: A Novel
  • Sharon Solwitz
  • English
  • 09 January 2016
  • 9781889330938

About the Author: Sharon Solwitz

Sharon Solwitz is a fiction writer and professor based in Chicago Illinois She is the author of the short story collection Blood and Milk and the novel Bloody Mary both of which were Bloody Mary: PDF/EPUB ² published by Sarabande Books Tom Perotta and Heidi Pitlor selected her story Alive for inclusion in The Best American Short Stories She earned a PhD from the University of Illinois at Chicago in an.