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More Body, More Soul: Beautiful Black Men ➧ [Ebook] ➢ More Body, More Soul: Beautiful Black Men By Duane Thomas ➲ – As hip hop conuers the world and black actors sweep up awards a new group of black men has risen to the forefront of popular culture These are men who are not afraid to express themselves and who poss As hip hop conuers the More Soul: Kindle ´ world and black actors sweep up awards a new group of black men has risen to the forefront of popular culture These are men who are not afraid to express themselves and who possess a uniue sense of freedom when it comes to style and image They are all here in this stunning visual tribute to black male beauty From film and television you'll find photographs that reveal the suave Jamie Foxx the sleek M ekhi Phifer the lovable Will Smith and the edgy Vin Diesel From the world of music More Body, Kindle - images convey the raw muscular power of such performers as Cent Ja Rule Jay Z and Usher And sports figures like Lebron James Allen Iverson and Stephon Marbury display a comfortable elegance with their athletic prowess in awe inspiring photographsWhatever their mission each of these men has made his own way in the world forging his iconic status out of his individual personality and attitude For black men style is not just a matter of how they wear or don't wear clothes It's an opportunity Body, More Soul: Beautiful Black Epub / to create an image to change people's minds or to seduce Body, More Soul: ePUB ✓ African American men possess a fashion vocabulary all their own From jazz zoot suits and African hairstyles to hip hop furs and gangsta rap gold chains black men often pioneer trends that later become part of the mainstreamFeaturing work by top photographers including Barron Claiborne David LaChapelle Roger Erickson Guzman and Dah Len More Body More Soul gives us a candid and provocative look at the sensuality and vitality of today's most talked about black male stars.

  • Hardcover
  • 138 pages
  • More Body, More Soul: Beautiful Black Men
  • Duane Thomas
  • English
  • 08 July 2015
  • 9780789313423

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  1. Petra-masx Petra-masx says:

    I ordered this book so long ago that I had forgotten about it so that when it came last week it was like finding that I still had one Christmas present unopened I like photography books in general especially of men because they are less hackneyed than ones about women Women's beauty is plastic both in the sense of silicon but also in that it varies very rapidly according to the times Until recently beauty was White It was Marilyn Monroe it was Brigitte Bardotit was Farrah Fawcett and it was Bo Derek and then it all fell apart Plastic surgery discovered silicon and moved out of medicine into cosmetics it became an industry It launched the new gravity defying hemispherical tits by offering them free to any Hollywood starlet likely to get into the National Enuirer or on the red carpet With Latino Lopez and peasant stock Kardashian bums and juicy lips like Black girls becoming fashionable beauty was no longer White it was definitely and defiantly Multi Cultural It's no longer necessary to have parents from different races to have all these ethnically different features now you can select what you want silicon bum saline bag tits restaylne lips and cut and stitched big almond eyes with a botox arch But male black beauty isn't plastic in any sense Oh there may be a bit of botox and an orange spray tan here and there but it essentially natural what the guy was born with improved by a lot of hard work in the gym There is a timelessness and lack of geographical specificity of male beauty at least for me So as I say I like photographic books about men I tend to buy the ones about the Masaai Samburu and Dogon tribes that purport to be about the interesting aspects of their culture but actually seem to be a good excuse to photograph some entirely delicious men with beautiful long limbs and defined bodies going about their day to day business dressed in exotic robes or even lessIt's not that I like black men particularly but a lot of photography books about white men are either by gay photographers or meant for the gay market I have only a passing interest in the gay lifestyle and sexual poses are not what interest me So finding this book with a cover pic of Lenny Kravitz who is mixed race and Jewish just to add to the gene salad was just the thing I was looking for Men with big muscles men with hardly any but looking sensitive men who looked straight at me like they wanted to go to bed with me shiver men who looked like they thought we should go to the movies and eat popcorn men who looked like they had no interests but themselves Lots of lovely desirable handsome men makes me smile when I open the bookTechnically the lighting was especially good and the use of the white space of the page contrasting with the pose was outstanding A very well thought out book and one which I will enjoy for a long time to comeWhenever we get one of these photographic books featuring men in the shop women seem to come like magnets and we stand around eating hot bread with cheese melting in it there is a bakery next door chatting and pointing out the desirable features of the men in the photographs and everyone leaves full and satisfied I still have the book true it didn't sell but I don't care about that no not at all

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