The Witch ueens Secret Twilight of Avalon #15 ePUB ¼

The Witch ueens Secret Twilight of Avalon #15 [PDF / Epub] ☆ The Witch ueens Secret Twilight of Avalon #15 ✩ Anna Elliott – In the shadow of King Arthur's Britain a young mother will need all her courage to save the ueen's castle from the hands of a traitor A stand alone novelette of Trystan and Isolde featuring a secondar In ueens Secret Twilight of ePUB ½ the shadow of King Arthur's ueens Secret ePUB ✓ Britain a young mother will need all her courage to save the ueen's castle The Witch PDF/EPUB or from the hands of a traitor A stand alone novelette of Trystan and Isolde featuring a secondary character from the universe Witch ueens Secret Epub Ù of Anna Elliott's Twilight of Avalon Approximately words or printed pages in length.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 56 pages
  • The Witch ueens Secret Twilight of Avalon #15
  • Anna Elliott
  • English
  • 23 April 2015

About the Author: Anna Elliott

A ueens Secret Twilight of ePUB ½ longtime devotee of historical fiction ueens Secret ePUB ✓ and Arthurian legend Anna Elliott was expecting her first child when she woke up The Witch PDF/EPUB or from a very vivid dream of telling her mother that she was going to write a book about Modred's daughter Isolde Witch ueens Secret Epub Ù She was very grateful to her daughter for being an excellent sleeper even as a newborn and allowing her the time Witch ueens Secret Twilight of PDF or to turn her dream into a finished book She now li.

10 thoughts on “The Witch ueens Secret Twilight of Avalon #15

  1. Nicky Nicky says:

    The Witch ueen's Secret is a short story set in Anna Elliott's Avalon series and available for free as an ebook here It's a very short story really and better taken as part of the series than alone otherwise it's hard to know why one should care for Isolde and especially for Dera a secondary character who was invented by Anna Elliott and hard to know the significance of the appearance of one character in particular but as a part of the series it's enjoyable and fills in a bit of a gap you might well be curious about It's not specifically Arthurian apart from the names in the background and Isolde so if that's the cause of your interest I suggest you try out Dawn of Avalon and Twilight of Avalon firstThe narration is pretty fun it's third person but also in Dera's voice so that you get some impression of what she's actually thinking and the words in which she's thinking it It's a bit less formal than the Isolde focused narration in Twilight of AvalonLooking forward to reading of Anna Elliott's work

  2. Sarah (Workaday Reads) Sarah (Workaday Reads) says:

    Dera is a former army harlot who takes refuge with ueen Isolde at Dinas Emrys When they uncover a dangerous plot Dera risks everything to help save the ueen and her fortressI didn't realize that this is set between the first and second books in the Twilight of Avalon series It is meant to be a stand alone novella about Dera one of the secondary characters from the series I found myself a bit lost in the beginning trying to understand the situation but this uickly took the backseat to the storyThis is a fast paced action story about Dera's adventure It is a bit simplistic but entertaining It makes me want to read the whole series which is a great accomplishment for an accompanying story

  3. Christine Christine says:

    I haven't read any in this series before and I found this to be a somewhat enjoyable if predictable short story I liked the characters and will most likely pick up the novel

  4. Laura Laura says:

    The Witch ueen’s Secret is a beautifully woven story around one of the secondary characters in Twilight of Avalon Dera We are plunged into war between the Britains and Saxons and learn how in her desperation to provide for her son Jory Dera leads her life as an army harlot Unable to always provide a roof over their head often their nights are spent exposed to the harsh British elements; Jory becomes ill and Dera fearing for his life makes her way to the Lady Isolde at Dina’s Emrys to ask for help It is at Dina’s Emrys where Dera discovers herself; she accepts the Lady Isolde’s offer to help assist with the sick wounded by doing so providing for Jory knowing that he is safe warm happy playing with Lady Isolde’s dog Dera also falls in love to her great surprise with Cade whom she helped save from a terrible battle woundThe crux of the story is when Dera offers herself as spy already established as the army harlot to root out and pass on a message from the Lady Isolde from a dying traitor back at Dina’s Emry’s In doing so she unknowingly meets Trystan her saviour and forms an internal bond with the Lady Isolde for not only putting her life before other’s but her compassion and empathy for the Lady Isolde’s infliction; The SightThis story is about a strong woman compassionate desperate a mother a comrade at arms a friend and best of all something special because when do we ever read about the lives of secondary characters I have often wondered what became of certain characters in books; such a brilliant idea to give readers the opportunity to discover those lives and it must be gratifying as the author to be able to share these storiesThis is a beautifully written Arthurian mini novella and I devoured it within the hour much to my disappointment; Anna is truly a novelist one can appreciate not only is the story well researched and written but leaves you revisiting it time and time again in your thoughtsI very much look forward to reading Dark Moon of Avalon in the coming week

  5. Sarah Sarah says:

    The Witch ueen's Secret is a mini novella that sueezes itself between the first two novels Twilight of Avalon and Dark Moon of Avalon of the author's Trystan and Isolde series It tells the story of Dera a minor character in Twilight of Avalon who has returned to Dinas Emrys to seek aid from the Lady Isolde when her son Jory falls ill During her time spent at Dinas Emrys she and Isolde learn of a treasonous plot and Dera decides to risk her life and become a spy for the Lady Isolde in an attempt uncover the truth As with all of Elliott's work The Witch ueen's Secret is well written and researched yet I found myself unable to enjoy this story as much as her others although Dera is an inherently likeable character Down on her luck after her husband dies and with a young son to feed she is forced to become an army harlot just to survive and after such a hard road travelled it is impossible not to want her story to end well However The Witch ueen's Secret ends so suddenly that Dera and Jory don't receive the solid conclusion and happy ending that I so badly wanted them to get and which I feel they both deservedI would have liked another chapter or two at least I can't help but feel that it was over just as it was starting to develop and take shape

  6. Maddy the Romantic Maddy the Romantic says:

    This is a short story from Anna Elliott's Twilight of Avalon series It focuses on a minor character from the series Dera and her determination to survive and care for her son Jory Down on her luck Dera relies partially on Isolde who does her best to protect both mother and childFor those who are fans of Marion Zimmer Bradley's Mists of Avalon and related novels by her the Twilight of Avalon series may be of interest Like Bradley Elliott has female characters capable of the the sight scrying and knowledgeable about healing realistic Witchcraft This short story is well written and satisfying drawing the reader into the Avalonian world Having not read the series I probably missed a few things However I didn't feel as though I needed to read the series first to understand the plot of this novella Taking a story about a smaller character from a larger world and making it interesting in and of itself takes talent Dera is a strong intelligent character a devoted mother and I found her likeableThis was my first exposure to the series and after reading this especially since Isolde is my favorite character in Arthurian legend I will definitely seek out the original trilogy

  7. KyBunnies KyBunnies says:

    The Witch ueen's Secret is a stand alone book but is part of the Twilight of Avalon series This short book is between the first and second book in the series While I have not read either the first or second book this was an interesting book The following is my review of the book this is my opinion and not a paid review To form your own opinion please support the author and purchase your own copy of the bookThis short book can be read in under an hour but that does not take away from the book It has Isolde who was once ueen as a secondary character but the main story is about Dera Dera was once an army harlot At one time Isolde helped Dera when she was pregnant with a girl child Isolde does not hold this again Dera like most women of that time would This story is about Dera helping Isolde and returning the favor of the help she received int he past While a lot of the story did not make sense to me because I had not read the first book in the series it was easy to get pass that If the reader is planning on starting this series I recommend reading the first book in the series to help understand this bookThe bunnies and I give this book 3 Carrots

  8. Debra Martin Debra Martin says:

    This is a very short novella a mere moment in time It takes place between the first and second book in the Twilight of Avalon series It is the story of Dera an army whore who finds herself being offered shelter by ueen Isolde at Dinas Emrys if she would agree to help out with caring for the wounded Dera has a 2 year old son to care for and having a dry place to sleep and food to eat is the best she could hope for and she readily agrees to the arrangement When a wounded man bursts into the workroom spouting off about traitors against King Madoc Dera volunteers to go and warn the king on the battlefield that he must return to Dinas Emrys before it is overrun by the traitor MarcheNot knowing any of the backstory this tale would have been enjoyable if I knew the story between Isolde and Dera intimately That being said there wasn't much character development and I found the choppy sentences distracting I am not a fan of this type of writing and I don't think I'll be buying any of the other books in the series The book description sounded intriguing so I took a chance on this free novella Unfortunately I was disappointed

  9. Sharon Sharon says:

    Another of Anna Elliott's Avalon short stories The Witch ueen's Secret is a different perspective on the tale of Tristan and IsoldeIn this book Dera finds herself helping Isolde as a healer and learns some things about the Cornish ueen that she did not knowElliott's naming conventions had me confused at one point but once I caught on I was able to apply my knowledge of Arthurian legend to get who the characters were and how they fit togetherAn entertaining read read for Arthurians

  10. Lana Lana says:

    The story was a little too short but entertaining non the less We get to delve into the days of medieval folklore where sword fighting is at its bestA good preview of what is to come in Anna Elliott's other books in the same genreI look forward to finding out in her other booksI would recommend this book to those readers out there that love a medieval type fantasy novelwell done Anna

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