BLACK BIRD 7 [PDF / Epub] ☄ BLACK BIRD 7 By Kanoko Sakurakouji – He loves her blood but does her love herReads R to L Japanese Style T audience There is a world of myth and magic that intersects ours and only a special few can see it Misao Harada is one such person He loves her blood but does her love herReads R to L Japanese Style T audience There is a world of myth and magic that intersects ours and only a special few can see it BLACK BIRD MOBI :↠ Misao Harada is one such person and she wants nothing to do with magical realms She just wants to have a normal high school life and maybe get a boyfriend But she is the bride of demon prophecy and her blood grants incredible powers her flesh immortality Now the demon realm is fighting over the right to her handor her lifeMisao knows her relationship with Kyo is dangerous but she's used to being the one in peril Will she be able to stand it when the tables are turned and Kyo is threatened As leader of the tengu clan and boyfriend of the Senka Maiden Kyo gets a lot of attention in the demon world and very little of it is good From the wrath of a reincarnated dragon to the hatred of a demon hunter Misao must face the fact that she isn't the only one at risk in the relationship But how can she just stand by while Kyo is threatened.

10 thoughts on “BLACK BIRD 7

  1. Cori Reed Cori Reed says:

    I only own one volume of this and I'm gonna do it

  2. Victoria ♡ Victoria ♡ says:

    I really liked the new characters in this one I’m super excited to read

  3. DonutKnow DonutKnow says:

    I don't know but for me Kyo always seems to get the emotional upper hand when it comes to Misao It's kind of annoying how he retaliated that far by omitting the fact that he wasn't actually going to sleep with the dragon prince's sister I mean Misao was beating herself up about it I didn't think that was necessary and I think Kyo could've been the bigger man by admitting how he felt about Misao and Sojo kissing I guess that's part of his arrogant character Hmph P

  4. Courtney Courtney says:

    More reviews at Rondo of a Possible World YA Book Reviews I absolutely adore Black Bird The art simply delicious I definitely recommend it to anyone out there over 16 A wonderful shojo that screams yummy male characters through out

  5. Sarah Marie Sarah Marie says:

    Black Bird volume 7 by Kanoko Sakurakouji5 starsI love Black Bird; it’s one of my favorite mangas that I’ve ever gotten my hands on It’s completely captivating and I enjoy every single hot sizzling second between Kyo and Misao I love Kyo You can call him a jerk if you want and disagree with me but I love him and I think he’s sexy too That’s a bonus don’t get me wrong he has his jerky moments but I actually find those moments laughable I want to know who this new guy thinks he is trying to break up Misao and Kyo He shall be punished for this I don’t like him but he is kind of cute but still no one breaks them up I’ll probably start the next one tonight or tomorrow depending on how busy I am I didn’t talk about what this manga is about I’ll do it in the next review of volume 8

  6. nidah05 (SleepDreamWrite) nidah05 (SleepDreamWrite) says:

    Conflicting emotions going on isn't there? This was okay interesting but okay Love the green aua color in the background though

  7. Nancy Foster Nancy Foster says:

    uite frankly this volume was a bit of a letdown for me And no the artwork is top notch just like the prior ones It's to due with the two opposing stories that seemed rushed andor fanserviceyThe first story involves the sudden visit of a very powerful dragon beast who asks for Kyou's help to save his infirm sister Nothing is explained about her illness except that the Tengu bodyguards are deeply afraid of angering the demigod because they know they would be crushed like ants Misao initially thought her blood could help but Kyou uickly states that the demigoddess would be unable to drink her blood for some reasonThe demigod offers a different solution Kyou has obtained a lot of life energy by both kissing and drinking Misao's blood If he agreed to have sex with his infirm sister then not only would they gain a very powerful ally they might locate a part of the stolen sacred fruit logbooks they have been looking for in prior novels whose ultimate importance have never been clearly explainedMisao is of course furious and goes all jealous and insecure brat mode Sure I have to view her as a clingy and heavily inexperienced teenager but the way the plot seems to drag on half of the volume only for the plot to never really go anywhere was a letdownThe final chapter is better in some ways but still felt like a desperate attempt to find some sort of tension in the plot as plot filler Misao's dad ends up spending the night in a temple Misao's mom asks Kyou to spend the night in their home whoa and despite the fun scenes where Kyou eats human home cooked food they still don't get past second base Darn Misao's parents return the next day accompanied by a sort of priest named Raiko He instantly growls at Kyou and threatens him to leave Misao alone After being left seriously maimed by a youkai a long time ago he harbors a huge degree of hatred for all youkai and threatens to harm Misao in order to split them apartNow this plot twist seems rather interesting and it offers a lot of potential for the plot The thing that annoyed me were tidbits of the execution He threatens Misao in front of her parents and yet they still let him rent a room in her house while he goes to college Huh?A troubled volume I hope things pick up in the next one

  8. Leila Anani Leila Anani says:

    Kyo's been offered the Senka Roku if he will sleep with and this heal? the Dragon Lord's daughter Misao has to work up the courage to voice her objections but just what kind of vengeance will the dragon clan take? Misao's father brings home a priest who recognises Kyo for what he really is The fanatical monk tries to separate Misao and Kyo by hypnotising her and then plans to kill Kyo with his demon slaying sword as if our star crossed lovers didn't have enough to contend withAnother beautiful volume chock full of melodrama and with gorgeous artwork We also get two bonus stories Angels which sees a female demon of the Tengu clan and her love of a human boy and Ice which gives the proposalback story of Sagami and Ayame Both are lovely bonuses Yes this series does draw out the romance far than is really credible 18 volumes seriously But i don't know for all that you can't help but await each volume to see what fate will throw at Kyo and Misao next

  9. Robyn Robyn says:

    35 stars There is NO way Sho's dead The series is only half done He's not dead it's too easy plus no body was found The dragon prince shows up to start drama for a few chapters so Misao can cry some I feel like she needs to start selling blood popsicle to demons Enter in Raikoh; a huge believer of pushing his way of lifebeliefs on everyone else regardless of opinions I don't like the guy but in reality he calls bullshit on Kyo and Misao's relationship Like you're willingly going along with a demon and demons are known to attackkill humans; fair criticism Once he ripped off Misao's necklace and watched her get attacked instantaneously he should begin to understand If I were a daitengu I'd make him crawl through that damn sewer to get it back that's for sure

  10. Sarah Gries Sarah Gries says:

    Kyo and Misao are putting their love to the test when a dragon has asked Kyo to lay with another woman I can see why obviously Misao is tormented by this I’m so very happy to be back at reading this series I love Misao and Kyo so much Their character development is coming along very well and their relationship is growing stronger and stronger with each manga Cheers

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