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  1. Read It Forward Read It Forward says:

    A fabulous micro history about a little known subculture a thriller and an expose all in one Also the characters are unforgettable I love what Peter Nicholls said about it “If DARWIN DOSTOYEVSKY and GEORGE LUCAS had collaborated on a novel it might have resembled STOLEN WORLD Awesome Dive in to the read you won't be able to put it down

  2. Amanda Amanda says:

    Important horrifying information The author really did year homework for years to shine a light on the reptile smugglingtrafficking world and it's depressing It was also really interesting and disheartening how things both changed AND didn't change throughout the years While there was definitely a growth of captive breeding and a set of people who wanted to get rare morphs rather than rare species the old reptile smugglers still couldn't give up their need for the new next best adventure I was really drawn into the book for the first half but felt really bogged down in the second half The book felt like it dragged on though I guess it reflects real life this still drags on it still an issue and there aren't really many serious conseuences

  3. David Corleto-Bales David Corleto-Bales says:

    Excellent book on the sordid dealings of old time reptile smugglers masuerading as exotic wildlife dealers who tromp all over the world looking for the rarest creatures mostly snakes but other reptiles too to smuggle back to Europe Japan and the US for collectors Smith chronicles chiefly the lives of two smugglers dealers?one very successful and the other not so much both whom go to prison however They are repellent but you can't really put this one down Reveals a lot about the wildlife trade in contemporary times

  4. Denae Denae says:

    I was disappointed by this although that's only partially the fault of the author I just couldn't handle the amount of pointless reptile death And the turtles I think it might have been different if the writing had been really good but it just didn't hold my interest to make the feeling of mild horror worthwhile

  5. Barb Barb says:

    A very interesting book had a hard time putting it down even though it seemed to drag on I was so unaware of all that was going on with smuggling reptiles and how it was done Actually a good eue opening read

  6. Hank Stuever Hank Stuever says:

    Started but didn't finish Was lured by the praise for the reporting and writing here but it turns out I just wasn't interested at all in the subject That's my fault not the author's

  7. Lacy Lacy says:

    This book was a harsh look at the realities of wildlife smuggling something that only occasionally makes a headline and almost never has real conseuences Stolen World follows the main players in reptile smuggling I had a hard time determining which one I disliked the least they were all very self serving individuals But I learned a lot and I don’t think it will be one I will forget soon It certainly has given me a different perspective on zoos even the ones that are supposed to be “good” or who are generally regarded as ethical The topic might have been rough but the writing was mostly excellent The author completely immersed herself in this world and obviously knew her subject well Based on my googling around once I’d finished for a “where are they now?” update it isn’t exactly easy to find a lot of information on these guys except for Crutchfield It is admirable how much of herself she put into this because I really feel like it is important information That said there were sections that felt like the author was too close to it too detailed too caught up in relaying all the little gritty details This is one I recommend

  8. Sugarpuss O& Sugarpuss O& says:

    Skulduggery nounskul·dug·ger·y skəlˈdəɡərē underhanded or unscrupulous behavior; trickeryThis word sums up this book perfectly The amount of fraudulence chicanery that goes on in this world of reptiles is truly unbelievable I mean one of these guys last name is Molt for chrissakeThis book is one of those guilty pleasures that you just can't put down You wonder how these characters weren't whacked and you marvel at their brazenness that borders on stupidity It's just good fun Unless you're one of the reptiles or course

  9. Larry Perez Larry Perez says:

    Ten years of effort can yield a wide diversity of possible results For writer Jennie Erin Smith a decade of work has resulted in an incredibly compelling and deeply layered expose that reveals the shadowy underbelly of the reptile trade In her book Stolen World Smith carefully unravels the adventures aspirations personal struggles and public trials of a legendary few who famously—or infamously—smuggled many of the world’s rarest and most desirable species Stolen World earns high marks from me as it seems tailor made for a reptileEvergladesinvasive species egghead like yours truly Smith does a masterful job of introducing in great detail many of the names and institutions that have long been well recognized in Florida But perhaps most importantly the book provides a detailed glimpse into the psyche of both those with an insatiable lust for lizards turtles and snakes and those willing to gamble all to satisfy their desire In the course of just over three hundred pages it becomes readily apparent that the trade in the cold blooded often hinges upon the personal faults of the cold hearted This is a conclusion drawn not by Smith—but rather—reflects the self assessment of those entwined hopelessly in the reptile business The desire for dominion over the world’s rarest creatures—as well as the authorities that protect them—is not purely lucrative Rather it sometimes finds it origins as compensation for social shortcomings is often fueled by uncontrolled compulsions and is freuently reinforced by tragic character flaws And though its usually dangerous to paint any group with so broad a brush Smith’s research fails to reveal many well balanced exceptionsThat is both telling and troubling considering she was on the case for ten long yearsStolen World A Tale of Reptiles Smugglers and SkulduggeryStolen World A Tale of Reptiles Smugglers and Skulduggery

  10. Kelly Kelly says:

    Really where do I begin with this book? It starts back in the day when reptile collectors were traveling the world to bring back the rarest and most intriguing reptiles for zoos and museum collections until in 1973 with the introduction of the Endangered Species Act these reptile collectors were made into smugglers overnight Zoos no longer wanting to be associated with smugglers at least not publicly went into a panic and began breeding as many species as they could to the point that they had a surplus and no choice but to sell some back to the smugglers they were trying to avoid in the first place The rush to breed species eventually lead to the current day commercialization of iguanas and pet store snakes Then there's the complex breeding industry of genetically mutated snakes and lizards where an albino iguana or abnormal colored boa can be worth as much as a new car And finally to the disturbing less commercialized and ever growing venomous snakes trade where vipers cobras and black mambas can be bought in a plastic dish And behind all of this are the reptile hunters themselves the ones who will pay any price and smuggle the reptile in the country anyway possible even down the back of their shirt They're obsessed with the rarest and the hunt to find them and they're every bit as sneaky and corrupt as a person can be The rarer the species and the laws protecting it the better even if it means jail time or backstabbing their best friend The hunters are so outlandish it's easy to forget they aren't characters out of a novel As for the story it was slow at times and hard to put down at others I think it could have really been edited down by the last fifty pages I wanted it to be over But overall I enjoyed this glimpse into the crazy world of the reptile trade and will never look at a snake the same way again

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Stolen World [PDF / Epub] ☉ Stolen World Author Jennie Erin Smith – Tortoises disappear from a Madagascar reserve and reappear in the Bronx Zoo A dead iguana floats in a jar awaiting its unveiling in a Florida court A viper causes mayhem from Ethiopia to Virginia In S Tortoises disappear from a Madagascar reserve and reappear in the Bronx Zoo A dead iguana floats in a jar awaiting its unveiling in a Florida court A viper causes mayhem from Ethiopia to Virginia In Stolen World Jennie Erin Smith takes the reader on an unforgettable journey a dark adventure over five decades and six continents   In Hank Molt a young cheese salesman from Philadelphia reinvented himself as a “specialist dealer in rare fauna” traveling the world to collect exuisite reptiles for zoos and museums By the end of the decade that followed new endangered species laws had turned Molt into a convicted smuggler and an unrepentant one who went on to provide many of the same rare reptiles to many of the same institutions covertly But Molt soon found a rival in Tommy Crutchfield a Florida carpet salesman with every intention of usurping Molt as the most accomplished reptile smuggler in the country Like Molt Crutchfield had modeled himself after an earlier generation of natural history collectors celebrated for their service to science an ideal that for Molt and Crutchfield eclipsed the realities of the new wildlife protection laws Zoo curators caught between a desire for rare animals and the conservation minded focus of their institutions became the smugglers’ antagonists in court but also their best customers sometimes simultaneously Crutchfield forged ties with a criminally inclined Malaysian wildlife trader and emerged a millionaire beloved by some of the finest zoos in the world Molt following a string of inventive but disastrous smuggling schemes in New Guinea was reduced to hanging around Crutchfield’s Florida compound plotting Crutchfield’s demise The fallout from their feud would result in a major federal investigation with tentacles in Germany Madagascar Holland and Malaysia And yet even after prison personal ruin and the depredations of age Molt and Crutchfield never stopped scheming never stopped longing for the snake or lizard that would earn each his rightful place in a world that had forgotten them—or rather had never recognized them to begin with.

  • Hardcover
  • 336 pages
  • Stolen World
  • Jennie Erin Smith
  • English
  • 02 August 2016
  • 9780307381477

About the Author: Jennie Erin Smith

I am a reporter writer and reviewer specializing in science and natural history with a longtime interest in zoos museums animals and conservation For several years I worked as an environmental reporter in Florida where I developed many of the contacts needed to write Stolen World; currently I live in Europe where I write for the Times Literary Supplement and other publications I am always.