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  • 352 pages
  • The Last Christian
  • David Gregory
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  • 04 February 2015
  • 9781444701364

10 thoughts on “The Last Christian

  1. Sam Sam says:

    This is a fascinating book My wife reads voraciously and it's rare she says Hey you really should read this book I am sure glad I did It's a page turner so be forewarnedAnyway plenty of reviewers have written synopses of the book I offer instead what I think might be an ideal prologue or epilogue or both It's simply a uote from the last chapter in Mere Christianity by CS Lewis entitled The New MenCompared with the development of man on this planet the diffusion of Christianity over the human race seems to go like a flash of lightning for two thousand years is almost nothing in the history of the universe Never forget that we are all still 'the early Christians' The present wicked and wasteful divisions between us are let us hope a disease of infancy we are still teething The outer world no doubt thinks just the opposite It thinks we are dying of old age But it has thought that very often before Again and again it has thought Christianity was dying dying by persecutions from without and corruptions from within by the rise of Mohammedanism the rise of the physical sciences the rise of great anti Christian revolutionary movements But every time the world has been disappointed Its first disappointment was over the crucifixion The Man came to life again In a sense and I uite realise how frightfully unfair it must seem to them that has been happening ever since They keep on killing the thing that He started and each time just as they are patting down the earth on its grave they suddenly hear that it is still alive and has even broken out in some new place No wonder they hate us CS Lewis Mere Christianity

  2. stormin stormin says:

    I stopped reading this book when I realized that the only reason I was still going was to collect uotes with which to write a scathing review That seems like a terrible reason to keep reading a book so about 23rds of the way through I gave upThis book has a solid plot setup and could easily have been made into a good sci fi thriller even if for someone who reads sci fi as much as I do the basic layout was pretty boilerplate The problem is that this is message fiction The plot and the characters are just an excuse to peddle a very particular brand of Christianity which I find incredibly off putting I think if I had agreed with the message I would have found the book a little less unpleasant But it didn't even have that going for itIn terms of writing the biggest problem is that there just aren't any characters in this book There are only sock puppets and straw men Even by those standards however they are still shallow It's bad enough to read a thinly veiled lecture It's much worse for the lecture to take itself seriously as some kind of counter cultural ensign when it's really just a vapid collection of platitudesI'm still vaguely curious to know how it ends however Which goes to show you the potential that could have been here if David Gregory had put any effort into making his characters have any internal lives whatsoever Instead we get a stereotypical knee jerk Christian who is literally incapable of doubt or nuance in any meaningful sense these are apparently virtues in Gregory's mind and a scholar of Christianity who has all the depth and incision of an Internet troll plus a few random one dimensional bad guys of varying degrees of evil to keep the plot runningOh well

  3. Blossom Blossom says:

    What did I think? I was really taken in with this book I gave it 3 stars but it's like 325 perhaps What I enjoyed about the book was the science fiction and the view of the future I didn't think the author did particularly well with character descriptions; the emotional and mental descriptions were alright though By that I mean I had only a vague idea of what the characters looked like so when the scenes centered around them it was difficult to picture the character in the scenesAnd I'm fairly sure that the goal of the book was to spread the gospel or Christianity with readers I did not like the portrayal of the gospel as incomplete the way it's been taught and lived Adding the part about Jesus being alive in Christians as the important part pratically disregarding the necessity to acknowledge sin just didn't sit well with me He could have just as easily said we need to have love for all as Jesus did indeed direct in the gospel as being the important aspect Anyway moving on from thatI did enjoy the writing style It definitely grabbed me and held my attention The references to the demise as worded in the book of Christianity were well stated in my opinion and arguments that may have already been stated or will be made to some extent in years to come I will point out that there are references to sex adults as well as teenagers It is virtual reality and not described in any detail but it is there and I know it will be disturbing to some I didn't like the ending however I felt it was somewhat pointless

  4. Joan Joan says:

    I started this book thinking I wouldn't really like it The premise was a little soft But then I got into it and actually found it to be a page turner It certainly raised a lot of uestions Christian and not in my mind I liked the characters especially Abby and Creighton They make believable lovers of a sort And the mysterythriller part is good Of course the technology is intriguing I suppose my brain COULD be totally replaced with software not too much would be needed But the most intriguing part for me was the theological bent I actually was uite upset with Abby's view of Christianity although it appears to be orthodox enough And the idea that a person could lose his capacity to receive eternal life and thus the possibility of connecting literally with God was puzzling I finally came to the realization that a perspective that puts a human OUT of God's reach is decidely NOT Christian But Abby came to another realization eually important God wants only to be acknowledged by us as Lord and Saviour so as to give us that eternal life that is the Lord Jesus Christ I would suggest that this is a decent mystery thriller with a good theological lesson within it I know that I have eternal life I also know that the mind of man is both creative and deep The thriller part of this novel is believable technology CAN replace humanity to some degree I myself have both knee and ankle that are NOT my own But God is bigger than our technology and inventions He is Lord of the Universe and thus of this earth including the Grid and Virtual Reality He is beyond all that any of his creatures think they can dream up

  5. Terry Conrad Terry Conrad says:

    I can't uite get this book off my mind Usually the synopsis tells me all I need to know about the storyline of a book This book was so much than that I purchased this book based on a review of a friend After reading it I read all the reviews on Most were positive reviews but mixed feelings on the content I thought it was brilliant The characters the storyline and the conspiracy were awesome It is not an easy read as it is a bit deep and you must pay attention to keep everything straight but I couldn't uit turning pages The Sci Fi element was great Trying to understand how implanting an artificial brain takes our spirit and connection to God was interesting The culture and thinking of this future world is much the same way our thinking is going We seem to constantly need stimulation and to be entertained with no need fo God How the book ended was something a lot of reviewers were not happy with They thought it ended too abruptly I read Christian Fiction to also be entertained and I am a sucker for happy endings I did not like the death of one character but I felt the Author's ending fit the story perfectly I personally could not find any negatives about the book

  6. Kristi Kristi says:

    My synopsis Abby Caldwell has spent her entire life living with the Inisi tribe in the jungle outside Papau New Guinea with her missionary parents When the tribe is shut off from the outside world to enable it to keep it's cultural integrity Abby and her family lose contact with everything and everyone Abby's mother and father die but she chooses to stay as the tribe is the only family she has ever known When the tribe begin dying she struggles out of the jungle to try to save them but is too late Since her village had to be burned to contain the sickness from spreading to other tribes she has no place to go but to the family in America she knows nothing about She discovers that her grandfather had sent her a message 16 years earlier In the message he tells her that he and her grandmother believe that she is the hope for America to bring back the gospel and the belief in Jesus As the year is 2088 it has been many years since anyone has believed in Christianity and to preach that it is the true religion is considered a hate crimeCongresswoman Lauren Caldwell is Abby's only living relative and she would prefer Abby return to New Guinea She is up for re election and is afraid that with Abby's appearance her chances are going to go from slim to none She is in cohoots with Bryson Nichols who is championing the conversion of carbon based brains to silicone ones He has already had his changed This will enable him to live forever He believes there will come a time when people choose to just live in virtual reality and not even have bodies creepy Abby's grandfather Ray had been working alongside Nichols when he dies from a brain aneuryism How is this man the same one that sent Abby the message that she needs to reintroduce Christianity? Will Abby return to her own country or take the challenge set before her?My thoughts This was such a good book On one hand it is hard to wrap my head around all the virtual reality stuff in the book and then I think about all the stuff that is different in the last 25 years cell phones CD's DVD's Internet I bet our parents would never have envisioned anything like that But to have Christianity die out is just something that I cannot even fathom but it also put the uestion before me what am I doing to ensure that it doesn't?

  7. Annamarie Annamarie says:

    A bit of a slow start with chapters jumping across continents to introduce the thoughts of new characters However it uickly becomes a storyline that although futuristic is absolutely possible Interesting to look back even a few years to when this book was written and see how our world has developed some of the same attributes of this fictional one where Christianity has been deemed obsolete Sometimes the push to recognize the Holy Spirit as a living part of all Christians overcame the plot of the story and I found it to be a bit preachy but when the plot advanced again I felt reconnected to the heroine I didn't enjoy the surprise ending and I felt the author was just trying to wrap up all the loose ends in the few chapters after the jolt All in all I liked the book and found myself referencing CURRENT events that matched the futuristic world of the book which lead me to ask Could this really happen in our world? Is this possible? With very little stretch of the mind my answer is a terrifying YES And that is what makes this book readable probability

  8. Bridget Bridget says:

    It's the year 2088 and Abby is the only person to survive when a strange disease spreads Abby goes out in search of others survivors Her grandpa sends a word telling her to spread the word of Jesus Little did she know the entire human race could obtain eternal life and her grandfather was partially to blame The brain replacement project is already in use Will Abby be successful in her attempts to remind everyone of a higher power or will the humans play God and end up destroying everything?The plot is amazing and the author really delivers on each page that you turn A total thrill ride

  9. Aurora Dimitre Aurora Dimitre says:

    I had this as two stars and then realized that the literal only thing I liked about it was how fast of a read it was How easy it was to read and the writing wasn't good guys I know the cards were stacked against me in the beginning since I don't like science fiction or Christianity but man this was just not a good book

  10. Dawn Livingston Dawn Livingston says:

    I read the first part of the book summary about the missionary and somehow skimmed over the part about AI in which I have no interest It starts off with AI and it was a turn off Not really a fault of the book I shouldn't have gotten it in the first place so I'm going to give it two stars instead of one

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The Last Christian➜ [KINDLE] ❆ The Last Christian By David Gregory ➦ – AD 2088 Missionary daughter Abigail Caldwell emerges from the jungle for the first time in her 34 years the sole survivor of a mysterious disease that killed everyone else in her village After receivi AD Missionary daughter Abigail Caldwell emerges from the jungle for the first time in her years the sole survivor of a mysterious disease that killed everyone else in her village After receiving a curious message from her grandfather Abby goes to America The Last Epub / only to discover a nation where Christianity has completely died out.

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