Announcing the Kingdom The Story of Gods Mission in the

Announcing the Kingdom The Story of Gods Mission in the Bible ❰Reading❯ ➶ Announcing the Kingdom The Story of Gods Mission in the Bible Author Arthur F. Glasser – Announcing the Kingdom provides a comprehensive survey of the biblical foundation of mission It investigates the development of the kingdom of God theme in the Old Testament describing what the concep Announcing the Kingdom Kingdom The ePUB ´ provides a comprehensive survey of the biblical foundation of mission It investigates the development of the kingdom of God theme in the Announcing the PDF or Old Testament describing what the concept tells us about God's mission in creation the flood and the covenant with Abraham It then describes God's mission through the Kingdom The Kindle ´ the nation of Israel during the exodus at Mt Sinai and through the kings of Israel The book then examines God's mission as Israel is sent the Kingdom The Story of eBook º into exile and the stage is set for the Messiah's coming Finally the book considers the fulfillment of the kingdom of God through Jesus Christ and the church It examines Jesus' parables and ministry his proclamation of God's kingdom among the nations and the work of the Holy Spirit through the church.

  • Paperback
  • 400 pages
  • Announcing the Kingdom The Story of Gods Mission in the Bible
  • Arthur F. Glasser
  • English
  • 06 November 2015
  • 9780801026263

10 thoughts on “Announcing the Kingdom The Story of Gods Mission in the Bible

  1. Elena Elena says:

    Loved this book Glasser goes through the Bible pointing out how every part from Genesis to Revelation displays God's mission and the mission to which Believers are called Compelling beautiful encouraging enlightening loved it

  2. Andy Kline Andy Kline says:

    This was reuired reading for a class in which the prof challenged us with the idea that it is almost impossible to find a 5 chapter section of the bible that does not talk about God's heart for the nations Missio Dei This is a survey of God's heart for the nations that covers Genesis to Revuh Hmm Genesis to Jude Glasser covers Revelation but he must have been tired by the time he wrote that chapter

  3. J.R. Woodward J.R. Woodward says:

    Glasser’s thesis is that the Kingdom of God is one of the central overarching themes of the Scripture and if we trace this motif through both testaments we will better understand God’s mission in the world and have greater insight as to the church’s mission in today’s world In the first half of the book Glasser demonstrates that the Hebrew Scriptures Old Testament are an expectation of the Kingdom of God while in the second half he shows that the New Testament describes the arrival of the Kingdom and its never ending nature In the first three sections he demonstrates that God is Creator Judge and Redeemer and therefore King As King he demonstrates his power over Egypt and forms a covenant people for Himself – Israel In time the kings of Israel challenge His rule so God sends his people into exile to set the stage for the Messiah The stage is now set for the second half of the book where Jesus announces and inaugurates the Kingdom and the Spirit enables the church to proclaim the Kingdom of God which is already but not yet He concludes by examining the book of Revelation to demonstrate the continued theme of King and Kingdom from creation to the renewed heaven and earth What I liked most about this book is that Glasser helps us to view the entire text with a missional lens He is able to draw out rich missional lessons from each section of scripture whether it is from the life of Abraham the life of Israel the church or Jesus himself The rich uotes that are sprinkled throughout the text often caused me to stop and ponder our awesome God and His mission Throughout the book he helps us to remember God’s heart for all nations and calls us to partner with our missional God to bring about His kingdom always reminding us that our mission is in good hands – the hands of our triune GodWhile the theme of missio dei was traced from Genesis to Revelation some themes of God’s mission seemed incoherent For example in the chapter on the powers he states “they the powers do this through incarnating themselves in existing structures in society and in cultural traditions and religious institutions” 337 and states that “Paul goes beyond the familiar New Testament thesis that Christ’s redemption delivers his people from the guilt of sin Paul speaks of Christ as One who also liberates his people from bondage to the powers” 336 Yet when talking about Jesus he said “While he advocated sharing with the poor he did not condemn the economic system that helped make people rich” Glasser might benefit by reading Wink’s triology on The Powers That Be and Ched Myers Binding the Strong ManWith that said I deeply appreciate Glasser’s humility as he closes his book 373 admitting to “truths that have appeared to conflict” and imperfect perception His humility causes me to humble myself before our awesome missional God for His service

  4. Kaitlin Kaitlin says:

    A little academic and dry at times but thoroughly helpful in untangling God's consistent mission through Scripture I would recommend this to anyone who wants to further understand the direction of Scripture from start to finish I am not sure I agree with Glasser on all points but that certainly doesn't mean he hasn't given me a lot to think about

  5. Margaret Margaret says:

    This was a pretty good book I read it for a theology class in college but anyone interested n Biblical history will find this is a good read It gives a different perspective on why certain events happened and God's meaning behind it all

  6. Byron Harrison Byron Harrison says:


  7. Sara Sara says:

    A great view of mission as the overarching theme of the Bible A suggested read for anyone who wants a better understanding of God's mission and our part in it

  8. Tim Tim says:

    I'd use it only as a reference bookhard to read all the way through

  9. Ken Baker Ken Baker says:

    Very good gave me a fresh handle on how the whole Bible holds together Mission is a Defining characteristic

  10. Josh L. Josh L. says:

    Content wise 4☆ Stylistically 2☆

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