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  • Hardcover
  • 256 pages
  • A Box of Darkness
  • Sally Ryder Brady
  • English
  • 08 February 2014
  • 9780312654160

About the Author: Sally Ryder Brady

Sally Ryder Brady writer teacher and free lance editor is the author of the novel INSTAR A Box PDF \ Doubleday ; Ballantine an illustrated book of adult humor SWEET MEMORIES Bloomsbury USA and two books of non fiction A YANKEE CHRISTMAS Featuring Nantucket A YANKEE CHRISTMAS Featuring Vermont Yankee BooksRodale for which she appeared on Oprah Her short stories and.

10 thoughts on “A Box of Darkness

  1. Jill Jill says:

    I'm always grateful to Goodreads First Reads to have the privilege of reading a pre pub book I gravitated to this one because of the publisher's comparisons to Joan Didion's Year of Magical Thinking a lyrical unflinching highly introspective book about the death of Didion's husband John Gregory DunneThis is not that bookSally Ryder Brady the long time wife of Upton Brady the editor in chief of Atlantic Monthly Press lived in a rarefied world of famous writers and parties sailboats and elegance Inexplicably Sally who comes across as a very likable person only touches on this world without carefully exploring the juxtaposition of the public Upton Brady and the private manThe private man is a closeted gay man or perhaps bisexual and Sally is shocked SHOCKED to develop the secret stash of porn after his death However there are ample hints that Upton Brady is gay including his own admission to her about his forays with a family friend early on in the marriage Upton Brady is also displayed to be a raging alcoholic narcissistic selfish although Sally has born him several children he piggishly states that his earnings are my money abjectly cruel and emotionally abusive Yet Sally eulogizes their marriage and this book is described as a story of great love In addition in an all too familiar tale Upton Brady is forced by the rigid and judgmental tenets of the church to feel that he is sinning by embracing who he really is and in fact sinning with premarital sex although substance abuse of course is fine Rather than explore the paradox of a loving church that forces people into self hatred by the laws of man not God Sally never casts her eye on this diachtomyI was left with feeling that this was a mildly titillating read that did little to explore the big picture and never fully convinced that it was worth it to remain in this marriage I wish I could write a favorable review

  2. Philip Philip says:

    This is one of those memoirs that most likely served as a cathartic experience for its writer and is of such a personal nature that while one can thus understand the writing of it one really can't understand the need to publish it Barely five pages into her narrative the author recalls an act of physical intimacy with her husband so personal that I think I actually recoiled from the page Too much information lady I thought What made you think anyone needed to know that?One of the uestions the author asks herself repeatedly towards the end of this story is Would her husband have wanted her to write it? I sincerely doubt it and he'd have wanted even less for her to publish it And apparently her four grown children didn't object to her writing or publishing itAnd like so many memoirs today it carries a disclaimer This is a true story though some of the names have been changed

  3. Karlene Karlene says:

    WARNING LOTS OF SPOILERSI absolutely enjoyed reading this book because the author is uite adept at telling a story and has a gift for detail She definitely transports the reader to the particular time and place and I thought the subject matter was absolutely compelling That being said I found Mrs Ryder Brady's reaction to her husband dislosing to her that he had slept with another man to be disingenous perplexing and downright idiotic She literally packed her skis and took off for the slopes Then apparently nothing ever gets said about it for years and years and years then she purports to be surprised when she discovers his stash of pornographic magazines after his death She also reminisces about noticing he changed his swim shorts to fig leaves after she told him that she realized their vacation beach was a gay beach Another factoid two of her husband's siblings were gay Somehow none of this registered or set off alarm bells? Even unbelievable is the fact that after years and years of therapy the subject never came up on EITHER spouse's part during these myriad individual therapy sessions How could the pyschotherapist have actually helped either of them when they were aggressively burying one of the root causes of the problems in their marriage? I also find it odd that her children would allow the mother to publish such an expose about their father after his death when he was unable to defend himself It's all rather strange Despite all of these holes I still rate the book 4 stars because the book was fast paced well written and worth a read Upton was certainly an interesting man

  4. Victoria Whipple Victoria Whipple says:

    This was a title I got through Goodreads First reads and I put off reading it because it's not my usual fare As a school librarian I usually read children's and YA books and if I actually read a grown up book I usually prefer fiction But having devoured Sapphiue and not being prepared with another book I picked up Box of Darkness and I didn't want to put it down Sally Ryder Brady has written a story of the marriage to her husband of 45 years After his death she used the writing process to help her deal with her grief and unanswered uestions she had about her husband and her marriage Each chapter of the book opens with current day happenings; her discovery of her husband's body the memorial service visits with friends including the one where her friend encouraged her to write it all down The balance of the chapter recounts her courtship with and marriage to Upton Brady As anyone who has been married for any length of time knows a marriage has its ups and downs During her time married to alcoholic Upton who was a slave to his routines Sally had many deep disappointments and crises and even her day to day living was often done in the shadow of Upton's moods and anger Despite all their problems Sally stuck with her Upton and was able to fulfill her wedding day prayer to make this marriage work Not a storybook romance although publicly it appeared to be but a memorial to a marriage and Sally Ryder Brady's one true love

  5. Roseana Roseana says:

    This book was mildly interesting for its description of a time gone by when good girls from Northeast Protestant families went bad by dating outside their denominations dropped out of Barnard to become someone's secretary took acting classes and did one year of summer stock got emotionally steamrolled by their awful borderline personality disorder mothers and then their husbands This story is probably entertaining for the seersucker suit set many of whom must know the Bradys by reputation Upton Brady having been a figure on the Atlantic Monthly books and magazine scene; their worst suspicions about this couple have been confirmed at last But ultimately Ms Brady's lack of finesse with writing mechanics hampers her ability to go beyond her mere recollections and into something that's both literary and meaningful

  6. April April says:

    This is another in those bitter modern memoirs that are circulating now but better written than most The gist of it is that Sally Ryder Brady married and had 5 children with SPOILER ALERT a man who became a prominent editor of The Atlantic Monthly who she realizes after his death was either bisexual or gay but unable to accept his homosexuality Still I kept getting an uneasy feeing throughout the bookshe seemed just too good to be true verbally and emotionally abused by her mother and later her husband she just takes it all on the chin and keeps it together for the kids She keeps talking about how much she loved him and she uotes friends reassuring her that he loved herbut then why would she write this expose about a fact of his nature he desperately tried to hide even from himself? And then there's the fact which she makes much of that his therapist for a decade never even knew he had had homosexual affairsbut she his wife knew I'm glad she wrote about the good times as well as the bad but I guess I'm not sure why she wrote it

  7. Angie Angie says:

    This book is a wonderful reminder to me of what my dear and amazing friend Diane and I so often talk about Everyone has a story This is Sally Ryder Brady's story My three star rating only reflects my humble opinion of the book it's cover the writing style etc Sally Ryder Brady's story deserves a 5 star rating Her story told on the written page through timelines events and other characters really is much deeper than any written word It is HER story and speaks volumes about who SHE really is Married to an alcoholic closet gay man for 46 years and living through all his bullshit baggage that he dumped on her and their 4 children would have made most of us have a very different story to tell Hers however is a story of love and total acceptance of another

  8. Cynthia Cynthia says:

    Very well written and certainly held my interest but there were times in the middle when I took a real dislike to the author If you are afraid for your children not physically but emotionally is it really a good idea to stay married? It would be interesting to have their take on things I also found it hard to believe that she was surprised after her husband's death to find out that he was either gay or bisexual after all he admitted during their marriage to having sex with another man And finding out the first thing she does is call up each of her four grown children and tell them seemingly to be interested in her emotions than the impact on them Still I'm glad I read it

  9. Stephanie Stephanie says:

    I got this book as a Goodreads First Read It was fascinating Like watching a train wreck fascinating In the beginning I wasn't sure exactly what it was that drew Sally to Upton other than the fact that the dancing was magnificent She admits there were red flags during their courtship By the end I got the sense that the other things she loved about him she loved simply because they had been together so long But she did love him and the way she tells her story is lovely in a way that is hard to explain I guess I simply liked her prose Her voice drew me in and I gobbled this book up despite the fact that I felt she was kind of a door mat

  10. Bekah Bekah says:

    I received this book as A First Reads giveaway I enjoyed the book though I think the author sold herself short I was left wondering why she remained in her marriage for so long when she really only presented a cursory and superficial description of her husband's good ualities He was presented in a very negative light I was left feeling not that they had a deep and complex marriage but rather that she was a weak and co dependent woman who chose to ignore major warning signs in her attempts to stand by her man

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