Creepy-Ass Dolls Kindle ↠ Paperback

  • Paperback
  • 160 pages
  • Creepy-Ass Dolls
  • Stacey Leigh Brooks
  • English
  • 06 November 2016
  • 9781440215698

10 thoughts on “Creepy-Ass Dolls

  1. karen karen says:

    i made a creepy doll list if anyone wants to freak out my god what better book to go on my creepy dolls shelf???this is my new very favorite book i am a sucker for this kind of thing; collections of odd and funny things books i can flip through when i am too bored to concentrate on a real book and books like these are why the e readers cannot be allowed to have their way this does not translate to e ink i love my little novelty books and i will continue to support it when websites turn into books bring me lolcats i dare youthis one though is terror than humordolls are terrifying at my dad's house there is a doll somewhat similar to thisoh my god i hate that doll my dad knows this and tries to terrify me with it whenever i make my way home you begin to understand why i don't get up there muchwho would make a doll like this?? is it being punished?? who would dare punish a doll?? yeah good luck with that who thinks these dolls are a good idea? is it unclear that these dolls will kill you in your sleep? if these were people with these dead eyes you would give them a wide berth not invite them into your home and the beds of your children shudderthis one is the clear winnerhow could you even play with that??this book is giving me the most delicious nightmaresnom nom nomcome to my blog

  2. Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin says:

    wwwmelissa413readsalotblogspotcomOkay the images I'm going to add are NOT from this book I just wanted to freak some people out LOLNow she is creepy see above Most of the dolls in this book were not creepy to me I said MOST Some of them had those freaky eyes and TEETH They had those creepy teeth that come up and bite you in the middle of the night OMGSome of the dolls in this book I thought were really cool and would like to have them They were old and I have never seen anything like them Those few though Lord creepy dolls during October Creepy dolls anytime I would like to own one though it would be under lock and key for sure I really hope I don't dream of creepy dolls tonight Oh and the author named all of the dolls in the book and had a little synopsis about them I thought that was cute I got to read this on kindle unlimited It's very short and really cool

  3. Jasmine Jasmine says:

    Why would someone buy a doll that didn't look happy? poor sad dolls

  4. Paula Paula says:

    Do dolls creep you out? Do you look into their unblinking eyes and the hair on the back of your neck starts to shiver? Well then this is the book for you Great photography laugh out loud names and most likely tos will keep you giggling for a long time Read some other reviews on this and if you are looking for a DOLL book well this isn't a book for you It won't give you the history of dolls or who made them or how old they are but it will give you a yearbook style layout and a good time Highly recommend

  5. Laura Stuart Laura Stuart says:

    Holy nightmare fuel Batman Funny though

  6. Dana Wright Dana Wright says:

    Seriously creepy The eyes

  7. Cait Poytress Cait Poytress says:

    Love the idea but the text that accompanied each picture kind of ruined the book Could have been much sarcastic and funny The cover and title still kick ass though

  8. Carissa Carissa says:

    If you're in the mood for a little dark humor this is the book for you I absolutely adore Stacey's wicked sense of snarky humor GREAT GIFT

  9. Ariel Ariel says:

    This was a random library find that I thought would be coolI'm terrified of dolls but I only found a few of these dolls to be creepy Also I didn't like how some of them look like they had blood on them or something to make them look scarierI think it would be better to have pictures of dolls with real back stories behind them

  10. Lisa Kizer Lisa Kizer says:

    Seems I read this before and just didn't remember it or did not count it on Goodreads Some dolls are creepy others are funny and then the rest are weird But any way you look at them dolls are creepy for the fact they are designed to look like us at our best and worst

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Creepy-Ass Dolls[PDF / Epub] ★ Creepy-Ass Dolls By Stacey Leigh Brooks – Creepy Ass Dolls is full of twisted little porcelain and plastic playmates with chilling thoughts sinister plans and disturbing enjoyments This book offers a glimpse into the secret life of dolls with Creepy Ass Dolls is full of twisted little porcelain and plastic playmates with chilling thoughts sinister plans and disturbing enjoyments This book offers a glimpse into the secret life of dolls with a yearbook approach not only based around portrait photos but also what the dolls are most likely to do personal mottos and uotes and This fun and kooky book sheds light on the otherwise unknown lives of these creepy little playmates Remember there's a reason they were kept in a toy boxAuthor Stacey Brooks is a graphic designer and freelance artist and is the co founder of GHOST Ghosts Hauntings and Other Strange Things Paranormal Societyand she keeps the door to her doll room boarded up at all times.