We Are the Ones We Have Been Waiting For: Light in a Time

We Are the Ones We Have Been Waiting For: Light in a Time of Darkness [Reading] ➰ We Are the Ones We Have Been Waiting For: Light in a Time of Darkness ➸ Alice Walker – Thomashillier.co.uk Looking at subjects as diverse as sending our children to war the richpoor divide nature modern gender roles women in the military and even a piece on her dog Marley Alice Walker looks towards an opti Looking at subjects as diverse the Ones eBook ✓ as sending our children to war the richpoor divide nature modern gender roles women in the military and even a piece on her dog Marley Alice Walker looks towards an optimistic view of the future through a intuitive understanding of the self and the world around us.

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  1. Evan Evan says:

    I'll start this off by saying that I love Alice Walker She is the older sister I never had She is also the only writer I buy in Hardback Even when her hardbacks are 25 and up This collection of essays and speeches cover the range of what it means to be black to be human to be soulful the unifying of mind and soul with the power of yoga the wrong doings of the church against childrenall children with a special look at Native Americans and the boarding schools started over 120 years ago with the express purpose of destroying the Indian elevating the man I marvel at the arrogance and ignorance and maliciousness and indifference of some higher ups in America Also the essays tackle as subject matter the bombing of children the disabled old people men and women going on around the world by our government with our tax dollars the horrors of female genital mutilation and on a less popular view point baby male circumcision I almost cried when they took my nephew to get his done He cried for a long time after every time someone tried to change his diaper Babies have memories Babies have feelings Also in the essays the redemptive power of love of people animals and the earth The power of forgiveness change and vision the importance of midwives awakened women grandmother spirit Mother Earth She talks about Che Castro Martin Luther King Jr Mentions Einstein and his uote The problems we face today cannot be solved by the minds that created them Ghandi also comes up Tubman Truth She is not a perfect human being and I have to say what stopped me reading this book about half way through was when I learned of her estrangement with her only daughterRebecca which I learned about in a review of Rebecca's latest book about Motherhood She has not met her only grandchild and he in nearing the age of three Without knowing the details and really a relationship can only really be known by the two people involved I found myself feeling let down Giving so much to the world in messages of wholeness love and peace and saying such hurtful things via press no less about your only child makes me sad She is human I love her work still I hope for their sakes they don't leave this earth unreconciledAlice is the only writer that I would have speak for me if I had no voice of my own My deepest truths are expressed in words written by her No person in my life can claim to really know me if they haven't read any of her words She comforts me rallies my spirit informs me of things and issues that I would know nothing about I am grateful that I have had the pleasure of reading her for the last 16 years

  2. Dele Haynes Dele Haynes says:

    We Are the Ones We Have Been Waiting For by Alice Walker Non fiction This book is a collect of different speeches that Alice Walker had made during the 2000's decade There was a lot of change going on at the time it was good to get a look at that change from the eyes of someone who has been front and center to a lot of changes over the past half century I've read many of her novels and have appreciated the look she gives the reader at some areas in which we were unaware The same is true of these speeches Mainly she see change coming into our world Who was going to bring that change? She has come to realize it is usIf you like taking a look into yourself and the world around you you'll enjoy Alice Walker's book You don't have to agree with everything she has to say just to be open to what she is sayingA little sidebar the book's title is a uote from a June Jordan poem

  3. dara dara says:

    My tolerance for reading about yoga is low so it speaks to the uality of Alice Walker as a person that I still enjoyed this book Also I'm drunk right now full disclosure But I'm sure I wouldn't be if I took all the healing advice in this book

  4. Nikita T. Mitchell Nikita T. Mitchell says:

    Favorite uotes Even as I approached the lectern I had no idea what I would say I was committed however to opening my mouth After that it was up to a power greater than mine 8To begin our long journey toward balance as a planet we have to study the world and its peoples to see that they are so like ourselves To trust that this is so That different clothes and religions do not create people who can escape from humanity When we face the peoples of the world with open hands and in honesty and fearlessness speak what is in our memories and our hearts the dots connect themselves 10The world is as beautuiful as it ever was It is changing but then it always has been This is a good time to change and remain beautiful with it 14When life descends into the pitI must become my own candleWilling burning myselfTo light up the darknessAround me 39Wisdom however reuests a pause If we cannot give ourselves such a pause the Universe will likely give it to us In the form of illness in the form of a massive mercury in retrograde in the form of our car breaking down our roof starting to leak our garden starting to dry up Our government collapsing And we find ourselves reuired to stop to sit down to reflect This is the time of the pause the universal place of stopping The universal moment of reflection 49Suppose someone shot you with an arrow right in the heart Would you spend your time screaming at the archer or even trying to locate him? Or would you try to pull the arrow out of your heart? White racism that is to say envy covetousness and greed incredible sloth and laziness in the case of enslaving others to work for you is the arrow that has piercedour collective heart For centuries we have tried to get the white archer even to notice where his arrow has landed; to connect him self even for a moment to what he has done Maybe even to consider apologizing which he hates to do To make reparations which he considers absurdThis teaching says enough Screaming at the archer is a sure way to remain attached to your suffering rather than easing or eliminating it 103War will never make us safe The only way to end it is by stopping That is the power we have as a nation; as the most powerful nation militarity on Earth imagine what that would feel like to the world Only if we can stop the terrorism in our own hearts will we be able to stop terrorism in the world 173September 11th has demonstrated that America is not immune to the suffering of the world Karma means we will not avoid reaping whatever we sow 179Love is not concernedWith whom you prayOr where you sleptThe night you ran awayFrom homeLove is concernedThat the beating of your heart The beating of your heartShould harm No one 191But we are a people who have had to suffer for the right to wear our hair as it grows a prereuisite to loving it and ourselves as we are 223

  5. Olivia Brown Olivia Brown says:

    This book Please everyone go read Walker speaks to much of the unspoken darkness deep within the history of the US and beautifully sheds light hope love strength understanding peace

  6. Stef Rozitis Stef Rozitis says:

    This is a very liberated voice that colours outside of the lines in every way you can imagine Walker gives us here her thoughts blog like and free floating as likely to burst into poetry her own or others as not Reoccuring themes are life food family culture justice as well as blackness and at times femalenessThis is a spirituality anchored in yoga but respectful also of any spirituality ever that has advocated for joy love and peace At times Walker seems to contradict herself at other times she seems to catch herself doing it but is determined not to apologise for writing with an ever expanding motherly heart rather than with logic I like logic as a whole so I found her level of freedom difficult to deal with but there was so much light and hope in each luminous sentence that I decided to take the writing as a gift a sort of medicine for my sometimes too cynical and overthinking brain I thought that if Walker has survived seeing so many terrible things and experiencing some of them perhaps and she is not afraid to speak about the darker things rape torture toxic ways of thinking even as she advocates the simplicity of love as a cure she herself in her beauty is powerful evidence that there is something in her approachWalker has been passionate hardworking activist She is not one to sit and ignore the pain in the world and simply dream dreams I allowed her beautiful words to wash over me because if it is worth being human at all then it is worth having hope for ourselves and our children all children present and future Read it not to be persuaded but to be healed But be prepared also to confront the darkness and the way our ignorance allows itIf light is wisdom then wisdom is here

  7. Dominic Dominic says:

    This book is not for everyone But for someone who has been powerfully affected by Walker's work for nearly half his life for someone deeply interested in both spirituality and politics and peace Alice Walker speaks right to the soulI've read this book several times already usually just a chapter at a time before bed Any chapter is a good place to start Walker makes me think and makes me feel good She challenges me to act Actually I wouldn't have my second cat Talulah if not for this book and its series of speeches and meditations are worth rereading again and againThis isn't a perfect collection and her politics will be way out there for some folks but for the spiritual fodder she continues to offer me I'm in debt to her

  8. Sara Sara says:

    It’s incredible the connection I have felt with Alice Walker’s words was powerful During the reading of these essays I was moved to tears uite a few times even though I am not black even though I can only imagine what it is like being black or Amerindian in the States or anywhere else in the world Maybe I have been feeling this connection because as Edward Said says “One does not have to be a triangle to understand geometry or maybe ‘cause I am a woman or because like Alice writes in the book since life truly did begin in Africa “each and every one of us is descended from a single mother of color an African A black woman ”

  9. Alison Fox Alison Fox says:

    In dark times and in light Walker adds an inspirational perspective a back to basics guide to life Enjoy the simple pleasures of life take time to be introspective to meditate and above all know the value that lies in forgiving those that have wronged you I recommend this book often Walker is conversational not preachy personal rather than riding the high horse of academia She brings this otherwise heavy conversation into your life transforms it to a light chat with a friend over coffee

  10. margotreynolds margotreynolds says:

    Inflammatory speech rules this collection For one saturated in a self reflexive life transparency about her on attention to ecology would make her argument credible The piece about appreciating a pause on life is moving if poorly vetted for logic Worth reading to come to your own inclusions

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