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BlackHeart's Legacy (The Odyssey of Jon Sinclair, #1) ➟ BlackHeart's Legacy (The Odyssey of Jon Sinclair, #1) free download ➤ Author Sally Copus – What could be exciting to a computer savvy twenty first century boy than suddenly finding himself aboard a pirate shipin 1692sailing out to sea captive Mysteriously abandoned in time by his time trave What could be exciting to a computer savvy twenty first century boy than suddenly finding himself aboard a pirate shipin sailing out to sea captive Mysteriously abandoned in time by his time travel capsule Jon Sinclair is kidnapped and conscripted into the crew of a rogue captain BlackHeart In her frantic search for Jon his grandmother disguised as a male galley cook joins a rival pirate crew on the hunt for BlackHeart As Jon endures hurricanes sea battles and gold lusting pirates diving for treasure will his final reward be to battle his loving grandmother when these pirates face off against each other Can his grandfather left behind in intervene to save them from pirates and impending death in the earthuake that will destroy Port Royal BlackHeart's Legacy will leave tweeners young teens and anyone who loves a page turning adventure breathless and waiting for the second book in The Odyssey of Jon Sinclair series by Sally Copus.

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  1. Dianne Dianne says:

    Just in time for summer reading for kids I’ve found another buried treasure that sparkles and shines for both boys and girls Here is a time travel adventure about a young boy and his grandparents who discover what it is really like to sail the high seas in the late 17th century aboard a pirate ship or two Join Jon Sinclair as is taken under the wing of the legendary pirate BlackHeart Jon will brave the deadly seas face hurricanes searching for buried treasury and see firsthand what a battle on the high seas is really like Meanwhile Gammy has been separated from Jon and must go undercover as a young boy galley cook to head out on another pirate ship who is hunting BackHeart down Stuck in the 21st century Grandpa knows something has gone terribly wrong and he too take a leap across the ages to rescue his familyBlackHeart’s Legacy by Sally Copus is true adventure reading for younger readers filled with all of the danger intrigue and magic of living in another time in a world where only the strong brave or lucky survive Discover if history comes alive for yourself if there is to pirate tales than meets the eye and if a contemporary family can adjust in a chaotic and wild era where the swords flash waves roll and the day to day work of a seafaring crew is tough but necessary Will Jon discover there is to the feared BlackHeart than legends have told?Sally Copus infuses humor danger and awe in the world she has created for younger readers With a brilliant detail and a fast pace there is no time to be boredI received this copy from Sally Copus in exchange for my honest reviewSeries The Odyssey of Jon Sinclair Book 1Publication Date June 23 2010Publisher Sally CopusISBN 13 9781450534420Genre Middlegrade FantasyPrint Length 331 pagesAvailable from | Barnes Noble Reviewed for

  2. Eileen Dandashi Eileen Dandashi says:

    What a fun adventure with Jon and his Grammy and later Allistair at the infamous Pirates’ Babylon better known as Port Royal in the Jamaican IslandsWe didn’t know where we were when we eventually reappeared other than it was 1692 However Sally Copus did a terrific job along with narrator Paul Woodson through her words and his way of storytelling to bring us up to speed We saw the forest where the Carousel landed the town of Port Royal with ships in the harbor the pirates and people a little unsavoryJon separates from his grandmother not such a good idea Jon however this creates a bunch of adventure we shared with Jon Grammy dressed as a young lad eventually locates Jon when she cleverly listens for any word from the men coming off the shipsNow BlackHeart was an unusual pirate and we find out how in the storytelling SharkScar was one scary character and a true evil man who never seemed to disappear — always reappearing and creating havoc both for BlackHeart and then for the Sinclairs Each pirate tried to outmaneuver the other to get to sunken treasuresI learned a lot with this listen and that’s just the way I like it The pirates used a bell diving apparatus a predecessor of diving euipment It truly existed Any time a story piues my interest in a historical event and gives me insight to the workings of people’s minds I say it was very much worth the readThe special black opal ring BlackHeart wore was very intriguing adding the spice of the paranormal I hope we hear about this gem in the following stories of the series I love the fantasy mix with some real events although it had me googling to try to know fact from fictionYes my readers there was an earthuake in 1692 that dropped part of Port Royal into the sea and if you go to that small town and do some skin diving you’ll see a city under water I wonder how much treasure is left buried in that area Ah googling will help me find my answersMs Copus entertained me greatly at the same time as providing me knowledge about the past I was surprised how engaged I was when it was geared for middle school Narrator Paul Woodson truly brought to life the characters with his depiction of pirates and their unsavory thoughts with his usual superb performanceSome things I take away from the story Not all spoken is the truth nor are appearances necessarily reality People of the 17th century were as we see them today some good men and women trying to make a difference some people need to be given a helping hand to help themselves other people are guided by greed and nothing will deter them from their path

  3. Jenny Falcone Jenny Falcone says:

    I received a copy of this in exchange for an honest review I'm currently 44% through The main character Jon is a young boy who traveled back in time with his grandmother They were looking to visit the signing of the Declaration of Independence but something went wrong and they ended up about a 100 years earlier Jon gets separated from his grandmother and ends up on a pirate ship as a cabin boyThis book is written in third person omniscient view We know what the character knows and the person being followed changes to give different views Mostly we follow Jon Gramm Jon's grandmother who is thought to be an adolescent boy Blackheart and Shark Scar and later Jon's grandfather Alistair This is an easy read and flows nicely from page to pageI have just completed this book and boy what can I say? This book is an intriguing MUST read entertaining book Sally Copus keeps your attention and mind hopping as you try to figure out what will happen next Even though this book is clearly fictional fantasy it mixes in bits of history like the earthuake that occurs on June 7 1692 which actually did happenAlistair says that he was given computer euipment after his son and daughter in law were killed I was a bit confused as to who is looking for an answer and what he is supposed to figure out Whatever that answer is that he is supposed to figure out is what got his son killed This is a Christian mom approved book Although clearly discretion is advised since the whole book is about time travel and what happens to the individuals that go back to the 1600's5 out of 5 stars I already reuested to review the next book in the trilogy and can not wait to see what happens Recommended for all

  4. Sarah Fairburn Sarah Fairburn says:

    I won the seuel to this book from a giveaway here on Goodreads and while awaiting its arrival checked out this book BlackHeart's Legacy from the libraryKeeping in mind that it IS written for pre teenteen readers and thus forgiving the dramatic reactions characters occasionally exhibit I thoroughly enjoyed this book It's a time travelling pirate book Initially I wasn't so thrilled because the beginning really has no background information for the setting such as why there is a time travel ship in the first place how it came to be etc but that information all comes out in the end The ending felt rushed but that too came around to a wonderful teaser for book #2 I'm looking forward to reading about Jon and BlackHeart in book #2

  5. Dani-lynn Bettell Dani-lynn Bettell says:

    Very enjoyable A very entertaining read appropriate for all ages Looking forward to reading the seuel and Jon's next adventure through time

  6. John John says:

    What an incredible debut novel by Sally Copus I thoroughly enjoyed this and can't wait to read the next installment

  7. Daniel Daniel says:

    This review originally published in Looking For a Good Book Rated 325 of 5The success of the children’sYA Harry Potter series has done a great deal to bring attention to the children’s book market and I’ve seen an incredible amount of YA fantasy and science fiction over the years But what if you aren’t interested in reading about witches and spells and the like? Is there still material out there for the YAchild reader? YesBlackHeart’s Legacy by Sally Copus still maintains a science fiction element time travel but the focus here is historical adventure fictionJon Sinclair and his grandmother take a time machine journey back to 1692 in Jamaica Jon goes exploring while his grandmother looks to find a way to get the time machine to return them to their own time 2010 but in doing so he is uickly captured by pirates Thus begins an adventure in which the grandmother disguises herself as a boy named Gram as she looks to get Jon out of the clutches of BlackHeart the Pirate and back to the time machine Meanwhile back in 2010 Jon’s grandfather is also working hard to fix the problem with the time machine because he knows there will be a devastating earthuake to hit Jamaica in 1692Copus has written a very easy to read tale that is reminiscent of the Magic Tree House books in which a youngster gets to explore history through first hand experience She is able to expand on her tale though and develop some of the historical figures and add a little depth to the story itself This is not first and foremost a historical tale It is a fiction story utilizing some well researched history of the time and locationI mentioned “easy to read” and “Magic Tree House” and I think both are accurate This DOES read a lot like the Treehouse books except that the story goes on much longer I’m not entirely sure what age group this book is most suited for The reading level is much below the Potter series but the developing story is much above the average Treehouse series This fits a pretty narrow gap in betweenAlso while the era seems well researched I’m by no means an authority on 1692 Jamaica I’m a bit taken aback at the pleasant nature of the pirates that we meet Blood thirsty killers looking to steal but are treated as gentlemen who take in Jon and Gram to work for them but not as slaves? It’s a very generous look at historically ruthless criminalsI was struck by how nice everyone was throughout the book This can certainly be a very redeeming uality in a book for children but I again wonder what age group this is for Thinking back to my own children when they were younger might have enjoyed this but would not have wanted to read it themselves It’s the sort of adventure book not unlike Treasure Island or Swiss Family Robinson that I would have read aloud at bedtime a chapter or two a night There are some nice discussion opportunities to have with the children in this scenarioI am very curious as to what happens in the follow up book as we’re left dangling slightly though this particular story wraps up wellLooking for a good book? BlackHeart’s Legacy is a very polite well mannered historical adventure book for the advanced child reader or the parent looking to read a story book to children at night but a story that won’t likely cause nightmaresI received a copy of this book from the publicist in exchange for an honest review

  8. Tex Reader Tex Reader says:

    35 of 5 stars – Escapist Pirate Tale to Tickle Your Inner ChildAs a kid I enjoyed reading pirate and swashbuckling tales so I thought I’d try this one out as a way of revisiting that childhood fancy And I have to say that Sally Copus delivered with a fine taleI love historical fiction because it allows me travel back in time to get a feel of the places peoples and their times I’ve read other pirate stories from this time some set in Port Royal and while some pictured the setting well allowing me to get a sense of the place I thought this didn’t take me there uite as well It was still decent though and I will say that for this genre the descriptions onboard the ships were pretty good And I liked how Copus used the historic Port Royal earthuake in 1692 to frame the circumstances and help build tension in the storyI find it a bit tough to review a tween book as an adult but I do try and balance things out for the intended audience I felt Copus captured the heart and behavior of a twelve year old boy fairly well And the development of the other characters especially the pirate Blackheart was nicely done as well Unfortunately while the first half of the book had a nice focus on the tween’s adventures later on he got lost a bit in the story and became of a secondary character to his grandparents Blackheart and his enemiesThat said even for tweens of this day and age I imagine it might be a little simplistic As I find with a number of time travel adventures it was a bit light even for kids I think on the workings of the time machine pretty much using it as a literary device to take the MCs back in time And there were times when I thought the happenings stretched reality a bit either in some common sense way or in a just too convenient happenstance to propel the story The ending was good but wasn’t uite as fulfilling as I would have hoped yet salvaged a bit with the epilogue which set up the next book nicelyWhile it was not Treasure Island and that’s a high standard to judge it by this one still pleased along the same lines

  9. WriteKnight WriteKnight says:

    Blacklheart’s Legacy would be a delightful adventure for any number of kids or adults who want an enjoyable light readSally Copus’ writing was good for the target age group not overly complicated or prosaic with decent descriptions of the people and places and a nice pace I became invested in the well being of the tween MC and rooted for the good guys That was not always obvious making my adult self that it was all black and white But the bad guys were definitely bad guys and they came in a variety of delicious bad guy flavorsI enjoy time travel tales and with this one there was also a little bit of paranormal magic thrown in with a black opal ring With the time travel came Port Royal in 1692 – I liked this setting and the plot around it which had a good enough tension to keep me going For kids it has enough to learn from that all is not to be trusted not all is straightforward and you need to keep your head about you For adults it’s a chance to travel back to your own childhood before all the complications of adulthood but with enough realism to the story to not just dismiss itSo for all you pirate fans this was a good enough tween’s swashbuckler for a 40 ratingI'm excited to have won this as a Goodreads First Read – so thanks Sally

  10. Meredith Meredith says:

    I won this book through a Goodreads giveawayTime travel meets pirates The first in a series of time travel adventures Sally Corpus weaves historical 17th century Caribbean life especially pirates with a young boy Jon Sinclair from the 21st century A time travel adventure to see the Declaration of Independence signed goes awry leaving Jon and his grandmother stranded in 17th century Jamaica Separated Jon and his grandmother fight to find each other in pirate infested waters while Jon's grandfather works to find out when and where his family was lost This novel was a fun and interesting adventure that is written for young teens but can be enjoyed by those of any age The ending of this novel will lead the reader to wonder what adventure is next for Jon and his grandparents

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