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10 thoughts on “No Way Out

  1. Josy Josy says:

    Another good storyAnd it seems I'm getting better at figuring stuff out because this time I got at least some of it right lolWarning if reading about small children being missing is a hard limit for you Not the whole case revolves around them but some of it

  2. Tulay Tulay says:

    Second time around still outstandingRead all the Jack Davis thrillers this one was read about three years ago I recommend this series to everybody This can be read alone but if you read them form the beginning you'll know Jack and people around him better This story is about three families financial difficulties made them loose their homes and businesses Gun trafficking from Kansas City to Mexican cartel called Nuestra Familia mothers two generation raising their babies alone Child pedophilia murders and uestionable FBI agent missing children Jack suffering medical condition doctors calls it Tic like Tourette syndrome but Jack is crusader he does his best and knows that moon isn't pink

  3. Jim A Jim A says:

    Another well written tale from Joel Goldman Goldman intertwines a good tale with enough action to keep the reader turning the pages And as with all well written mystery novels there are some twists that will keep the reader guessing

  4. Bridget Bridget says:

    No Way Out is a fun action packed book that was full of suspense It reminded me of some of my favorite action flicks and I could definitely see this one on the big screen When you're looking for adventure pick up Joel's book

  5. Jay Williams Jay Williams says:

    Joel Goldman knows how to tell a story This new Jack Davis mystery is great as a read alone but uses characters from earlier books The style of writing creates suspense and draws the reader in The characters themselves are each a masterpiece fitting into the story as pieces of a puzzle Suspense and danger dog Jack Davis as he deals with his personal issues and works perplexing cases Figuring out the bad guys is next to impossible as people are killed with little clues as to motives and perpetrators The characters are extremely realistic and fit well into personal experience The story wraps up with twists you don't see coming Another great book

  6. Helen Helen says:

    No Way Out by Joel Goldman is a cross between a thriller and a crime novel It’s the third in the series starring ex FBI agent Jack DavisLike all protagonists Jack Davis has his flaw or Achilles Heel Unlike a lot of lead characters though his is a doozie With the FBI for 25 years he didn’t retire or uit under a cloud He uit because he developed what he calls “the shakes” Often without warning and often when things get “hairy” he begins to shake He can’t control it and it often drops him to his knees That doesn’t stop him though It does however put him in some precarious situationsThis case involves gun dealers being robbed and in the latest incident killed He ends up investigating Jack has than just his shakes to deal with His ex wife lives with him while she deals with terminal cancer The woman who often drives him is his past lover When he doesn’t have someone to drive him he rides the city bus And when someone else might give up he keeps goingBy the end he solves the case What he loses though is both painful and life changing And the chances are you won’t see the killer coming I give No Way Out by Joel Goldman a rating of Hel of a Writer FTC Disclaimer I received No Way Out from Kaye Publicity Getting a free copy of this book in no way influenced my review No Way Out has a lot of characters So many that I got a bit lost at times but that was the fault of my lack of big chunks of time to read It also had a most compelling main character He’s driven by his own demons and past mistakes He has what would seem to be an insurmountable flaw When he develops the shakes and crashes to one knee he pulls himself up and you the reader with him His dying wife does not have a huge role in the book but she is never far from your mind Eldon the gun dealer who is killed coming home from a gun show stays in your head It is the characters who inhabit Jack Davis’ world that stick in your memory

  7. Robert Montminy Robert Montminy says:

    A great read from beginning to end Looking forward to Goldman's next novel

  8. Celia Barry Celia Barry says:

    Good series I never figure out the bad guy

  9. Wendy Wendy says:

    Former FBI agent Jack Davis has a disorder that causes his body to spasm and tic uncontrollably when ever it wants usually when he's tired or stressed At lunch discussing missing children he's trying to help find he witnesses a man at a nearby table shoot kill his wife and the 3rd person at the table Roni shoots him in self defense Jack verifies the self defense But the man is shot killed at the hospital And holy cow it just goes from there I had trouble keeping some of the characters straight because there were so many players the policeman the police negotiator the separated parents of the missing children she is convinced he killed them and he's not saying anything to anyone the neighbor son who raised money to hire Jack's friend to find the children the 3 families of men who are intertwined with Roni and her mother grandmother the ATF agent and on on it goes It was a good plot and a well written story but wow I'll try to find the first book in the series I like the author's style

  10. Buzz Buzz says:

    Much too convoluted SPOILERSMy least favorite of the series Far too many twists and turns suppositions and unanswered uestions Did they ever find the boy’s body? Who knows There were too many people introduced in this story to keep track of without building their identities up only to have the story neatly wrapped up in the last four pages In the end unsatisfying

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No Way Out ❰PDF / Epub❯ ✅ No Way Out Author Joel Goldman – Meeting ex FBI agent Jack Davis in the middle of a shootout is the best thing that could have happened to Vivien Chase But Jack has no idea how deep how deadly his involvement with the mysterious youn Meeting ex FBI agent Jack Davis in the middle of a shootout is the best thing that could have happened to Vivien Chase But Jack has no idea how deep how deadly his involvement with the mysterious young bookkeeper will get.