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Blood of Silver (Seeker, #2) ❮Read❯ ➵ Blood of Silver (Seeker, #2) Author B.V. Larson – Book #2 of the Seeker series starts a year after the first story ended Haley and Seth are still together but his visits have grown infreuent Can she keep the relationship alive Haley’s story takes o Book of the Seeker series starts a year after the first story ended Haley and Seth are still together but his visits have grown infreuent Can she keep the relationship alive Haley’s story takes on new turns in the second novel of paranormal romance and suspense Two new strangers enter her life from unexpected directions Ariene seeks to teach her new magic Andre handsome and rich seeks Blood of Kindle - to capture her heart He is there when she needs help while Seth is out on a distant unknowable mission Is it wrong for her to go out with him Can't they just be friends What will happen when Seth comes back into her life as she knows he will.

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  1. Evelyn Amaro Evelyn Amaro says:

    BV Larson has done it again with Blood of Silver I loved this book even than the first of the Seeker series The introduction of two highly mysterious and complex characters Andre and Ariene has taken this series to a whole new level of awesomeness It has everything the Blood of Gold had mystery suspense romance but multiplies it by 10 It is set 10 years after the last book and Hayley's living her life with her bff Brooke by her side Seth only stops by once in a while and while he's away life must go on At a bar Hayley and Brooke meets a suave handsome rich older man Andre After saving them from a drunk guy they both start to feel an attraction to their savior After a few meetings with her new hot friend Hayley has to decide if Seth the one who visits only a few times a year but owns her heart is the man for her; or is Andre who is loyal and there for her a better choice If her love life wasn't complicated enough an old family friend is living in her house and cozying up to her dad She would love to hate her but the fact that she has powers like Hayley and is able to teach her how to own her abilities makes her useful But can she trust her? On that note can she trust Andre who is getting possessive then ever? Is love enough or is the lack of being together going to tear Seth and Hayley apart? And the biggest uestion of all is what happened to the drunk guy that came after Brooke and Hayley? He has suddenly disappeared and Hayley Brooke and Andre were the last ones to see him alive leaving them as the key suspects This book is a YA book that even adults will enjoy The twist turns romance and mystery will have you racing through the pages

  2. Iris Iris says:

    Read the full review at Witchmag's BoekenplankFrom stalker to two timer How is this possible? Cause when you’re stalking someone you’re usually completely infatuated by said person How is it possible that not even a year later you have no trouble two timing him? I’ve completely lost my understanding of Haley In Blood of Gold she at least understood that what she was doing was wrong but now? Besides who in their right mind thinks that when your boyfriend says see you next time THAT YOU’VE BROKEN UP??? Even after a fight this doesn’t mean anything like that at all It means he’ll see you again Which means he’ll come back for you which means he still likes you Sigh That was the end between Haley and me In the first book she was sort or less okay not perfect or totally annoying but bearable Now however she crossed the line At the end of this book I couldn’t care less what happened to her since most of it was her own fault My sympathy however went to the guys she’d been playing withSpeaking about the ending it was weak Not one big climax There were too much hints throughout the story so half way into the book I already had a hunch of how everything would ended That hunch turned out to be true so no climax for me I knew everything already And I expected way Especially from André’s side since he has very cave man like tendencies Which I loved till he became a cave man Sorry but were not living in those times anyThere’s only one thing that kept my attention throughout the book Haley’s powers and their origins I loved that it’s made very clear that power alone is neutral it’s not good or evil It’s entirely the choice of the person who wields it to do good or evil things There was also some interesting and bloody family history that ‘d loved to find out aboutI was also ably to generate some sympathy for Haley when she has to deal with Ariene her father’s old flame and her relative Who apparently eyes the position of stepmom I myself also wouldn’t be that welcoming to her although I doubt I would’ve held a bitch and slap fight in the front garden Really??? Sometimes I wondered if Haley had brains at allConclusion 2 hearts There were some amusing parts in this book mainly because of Seth and his understanding of the world Haley’s ancestors and powers also kept me reading It was definitely not because of André who was transforming and in a real creepy cave man that I managed to read till the end Haley herself made reading this book almost impossible at times especially since I was not able to give her a good shake and lecture on how to behave Then ending was very week and almost made me regret reading the entire story

  3. Jessica (Just So Jessica) Jessica (Just So Jessica) says:

    This one was so so so so much better than the first book Blood Of GoldHaley actually has realistic problems than just her height in this one She's feeling abandoned and used by her boyfriend not in the normal sense though Brooke's partying ways are getting Haley into even trouble which along the way she meets a new mysterious stranger named Andre that she starts to feel something forIs he one of the good guys? Or is going to end up being another misadventure like with her counselor the year before? Does she like him enough to risk leaving Seth and trying out a new relationship?Another important uestion Who is this other stranger who claims to be her mother's cousin? And is what she is trying to teach Haley a good thing or will it get her and everyone around her in even deeper trouble than before?There were some grammatical errors but not really enough to detract from the story If you had any doubts about this series when reading the first one I would have to say this one makes up for it The characters just feel so much real supernatural or not I think the only thing I would have changed was her dad's reaction to some of the situations I understand he says he trusts Haley but I just can't see any parent blowing stuff off like he did Other than that it was really good and I really hope there is a third one I think that a third could only get betterI know my rating only says 3 stars but if I could I would give it a 35

  4. Cathy Cathy says:

    I really did not like Andre gave me the creepsbut I think that was the intention I loved the story line and it kept me glued to the book With some of the storyALL dialogue with McKesson and her interactions with her Father I had to keep reminding myself it was a fantasy book I haven't had this happen in any other book but I thought it was interesting that this happened with this particular book but not in say Hunger Games? Just throwing that out there But I couldn't wait to get back to reading it when I had to put it down I will definitely read the next one I have to see what is next for Hailey

  5. *Suzy (ereaderuser)* *Suzy (ereaderuser)* says:

    Overall I enjoyed this book and the first in the series I did like the first book Blood of Gold better The character Seth didn't appear often in Blood of Silver which was a bit disappointing At times I found the book extremely frustraiting due to the decisions made by Haleythe main character Perhaps that is because of my age and the main character being much younger I would still recommend this book since it is an easy fast read at a good price

  6. Lexi R Lexi R says:

    Why did it have to end Is it wrong of me to want Haley to end up with Andre? Not Seth?Now I've just got to wait another couple years for Blood of Ice to come outughI love BVLarson's creative mind but like many readers hate the gap between the books

  7. Elizabeth Ayala Elizabeth Ayala says:

    I loved this book I cant wait for the next book It was a bit of a short read compared to the first book but i still loved it

  8. Nicole Nicole says:

    This was very goodjust like the first onereally liked this series

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