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The Summer of Moonlight Secrets [Reading] ➶ The Summer of Moonlight Secrets ➽ Danette Haworth – A summer tale full of magical wonder and starring an unforgettable antebellum hotelAt The Meriwether Florida’s famous antebellum hotel off of Hope Springs nothing is uite as it seems Secret staircas A summer tale of Moonlight MOBI ò full of magical wonder and starring an unforgettable antebellum hotelAt The Meriwether Florida’s famous antebellum hotel off of Hope Springs nothing is uite as it seems Secret staircases give way to servants’ uarters and Prohibition era speakeasies make for the perfect hide and The Summer PDF \ seek spot Allie Jo Jackson knows every nook and cranny of The Meriwether—she’s lived there her whole life—and nothing surprises her until the first time she spots the enigmatic and beautiful Tara emerging from the springs Tara’s shimmery skin long flowing hair and strange penchant for late Summer of Moonlight PDF Î moonlight swims disguise a mysterious secret—and once Allie Jo and her friend Chase discover Tara’s secret nothing will ever be the sameFrom the celebrated author of Violet Raines Almost Got Struck by Lightning comes another magical summer tale full of memorable characters and a one of a kind setting.

  • ebook
  • 288 pages
  • The Summer of Moonlight Secrets
  • Danette Haworth
  • English
  • 08 September 2015
  • 9780802722416

10 thoughts on “The Summer of Moonlight Secrets

  1. Angela Angela says:

    In The Summer of Moonlight Secrets by Danette Haworth Allie Jo Jackson lives at the Meriwether Hotel in Hope Springs and there are many secrets there There are secret staircases going up to the nanny uarters and Allie Jo goes there every day But the biggest secret Allie Jo and her friend Chase has to keep is Tara the mysterious girl who hides from people She is shy and she is keeping something from them In the story Allie Jo and Chase bond with Tara and they become best friends Once she feels comfortable with them she finally decides to tell them her secret She is hiding from somebody and Allie Jo and Chase take turns to help Tara They sneak around providing her food and clothes But they have to be careful because their parents don't know Sophie one of their other friends doesn't know about Tara either So it can be tricky for Tara to act normal Read to find out I think this book was very inspiring Throughout the book the friendship between the three grows and They become very close and in the end they are like brothers and sisters This story is really good for people who like books that are inspiring and touching If you like a good friendship then this book is for you I gave this book three stars because when you scrolled to the stars to click on it there were phrases such as I liked it I loved it and It was ok I based it on how I liked it It wasn't as mind blowing as some other books I've read in my life Therefore that was the reason why I gave it three stars There is no other seuel to this but I wish there was because I really enjoyed this book I hope you would enjoy it just as much

  2. Nova Nova says:

    It takes uite a while for The Summer of Moonlight Secrets to take off with an actual plot The pace is overly slow events taking place are boring there are awkward transitions into scenes that are meaningless and which feel out of place and I noticed mistake after mistake as far as the use of past and present tense goThe characters add nothing to a story that is dragging The mystery is not only easy to solve but nothing is done about it until the last few chapters I found this book a complete bore full of too many mistakes I don't see how children adults or teens would enjoy this read This is one read I hope to forget

  3. rose rose says:

    I think this book is very good i recommend it to people who like adventurous books

  4. P.Q. Glisson P.Q. Glisson says:

    Danette Haworth wrote a very sweet book that alternates between three different POV's I would recommend to anyone who wants to relive the innocence of youth believing in the unbelievable and the bittersweetness of first loveAlli Jo lives in the Meriwhether Hotel where her parents work She has her own duties around the hotel which is steeped in mystery and hidden passages She is somewhat of an outcast they've dubbed her hotel rat from the rest of the kids who live in the area Her only friend Melissa has gone on vacation with her family leaving Alli Jo completely alone and friendlessuntil Chase and Sophie arrivealong with a very mysterious young girl Tarawho she finds hiding in a closet in one of the old roomsIt doesn't take them long to figure out that there is something odd about Tara She speaks funny and shows up most times in soaking wet clothes All she tells them is that something happened and she had to run away from homeThrough their friendship over the summer they learn to believe in the impossible when they find out whoor what Tara really is There is one other person who knows her true identityand unfortunately he's closing in fastI really liked this book I had won the ARC from a contest on goodreads I thought I knew exactly what Tara was from the summaryboy was I wrong As I said before I would recommend this book to everyone

  5. Kimberley Little Kimberley Little says:

    A delightful book with a mystery an old hotel loved the setting and a girl with a secret I want to be Allie Joe's best friend and Tara's best friend and swim with manatees

  6. Leslie Santamaria Leslie Santamaria says:

    Once again Haworth delivers a well written engaging novel for middle graders and we adults who love middle grade literature The story unfolds smoothly from three points of view 11 year old Allie 13 year old Chase and 16 year old Tara Each character grapples with secrets and everyday problems Allie is bullied by a group of mean girls who make fun of her for living in a hotel They call her poor but the cool old hotel she lives in with her parents who run the place is a rich experience Chase struggles to hide the fact that his mother left him and his travel writer dad Tara's secret has her hiding from a creepy guy with a dubious claim When Allie and Chase learn Tara's secret they have to decide whether or not they believe her and how they should help her but they don't agreeThe setting is magical the old hotel has secret passages and is situated by some Florida springs The writing contains several lovely subtle metaphors Haworth handles the 3 points of view 2 in first person 1 in third and tenses mainly present tense with some reflections written in past expertly The dialogue is realistic as well and the final chapter is especially satisfying in the way it gently reflects the book's opening The story does include an innocent first kiss between two young teens

  7. Danette Danette says:

    Loving old historic houses or even better ABANDONED old houses I loved using historic Floridian hotels as the inspiration for the once grand Meriwether the hotel in which the story takes place Florida bubbles over with natural springs which lure flocks of manatees each winter But its summer now and it's not a manatee who visitsAllie Jo lives at the hotel and makes friends with Chase a guest Together they discover living in the abandoned upper floors an enigmatic teenage runaway with a mystery of her own

  8. Vincent Stoessel Vincent Stoessel says:

    This is a review from my 10 yo daughter''Loved the story loved the ending''

  9. Valerie McEnroe Valerie McEnroe says:

    I can see why kids would pick this up and read it There's a mysterious girl sneaking around an old hotel situated on a spring in Florida Turns out she's a selkie and a man stole her seal skin while she was swimming Now she is stuck on land and doesn't know what to do with herself so she wanders around the hotel property Allie Jo is the daughter of the hotel managers and lives at the hotel Chase is a summer guest hanging out with his journalist father Tara is the selkie It's a simple plot and characters are 2D making it an easy read Standing back and looking at this book from a critical vantage it doesn't come close to reaching my literary expectations The plot is not well crafted Things happen but it's all random Individually no scene is necessary to the whole story The kids wander around aimlessly going into secret passages taking a few night swims eating blueberry pancakes but nothing is cohesive In my opinion the book needed to be edited down to a K 3 book The writing just doesn't reach the threshold of middle grade standards

  10. Echo Echo says:

    Cute story

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