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  1. Kaje Harper Kaje Harper says:

    This story about two men in the Gold Rush days is short flavorful but a small taste when I'd have loved a full meal Silas is an ex cowboy with a talent for grift and business Arid is a half Native American doctor with a talent for cards and difficulty practicing his profession due to the color of his skin Together they've accumulated enough mining shares to get out of Dodge and start a respectable new life But first they have to sell off their gains And than one rough edged character would like a piece of their new wealthThe story has a wonderful historical feel to it and two excellent characters who are revealed slowly and subtly in cryptic words and moments of interaction I felt like I was seeing just a hint of who these men had been and would be This story was the moment on the cusp of change to be sure but not as much as I wanted to know If the author ever cared to show me of these two I'd gladly read it view spoilerMy only reservation was the uestion of how they had been together for ten years and not yet made this discovery given the lack of extreme reaction on either part Especially since both seemed sharply intelligent and observant But it didn't detract much from the story hide spoiler

  2. Cryselle Cryselle says:

    A couple of shady players Silas and Arid have spent the last few years transferring a goodly slice of the wealth of a rough and tumble mining town into their own pockets A high stakes poker game puts a large chunk of several prosperous mines into their pockets to cuddle with what they already own and they have to leave town under escort to keep it Chicago and the man they owe right of first refusal want to take it away from them too and civilization proves a bit dangerous than the wild wild WestThese two plan ahead so far ahead that they are on the verge of dissolving their lengthy partnership to go their separate ways when their adventures bring them into contact with Miss Julie someone else with a secret and dreams Silas and Arid have been too good about keeping their own secrets neither one is clear that the other finds him appealing and why not? In the Old West this sort of thing could get a body killedNot that homoeroticism didn't exist just read some of the exuberant passages from The Virginian to find prose that puts most e publishers to shame But these two find out about each other in the very nick of timeThis reads in the slightly stilted style we associate with Western dime novels the men are uite formal with each other something that takes on an added flavor when we find out that Arid is part Indian this is respect than he would have expected to get from strangers at the time Is someone going to jump all over me for that term? Sorry it's not politically correct we are talking the language and s of an historical okay? Silas' respect for Arid is one of the great parts; they do acknowledge the racial biases of the time and then ignore them I liked their willingness to guard each other's backs out of than enlightened self interest the friendship goes deeper than they want to admit and their discovery of is sweet That they also make off with a good chunk of boodle better yet Sometimes the con men ought to win35 on my site still good rating from me but rounding up here

  3. Lee Lee says:

    I was honestly surprised by how much I liked this book When I started reading it I had to reread the first few pages because I just couldn't comprehend everything that was being said I couldn't pick up the cadence of the dialog and at times I had a problem knowing who was speaking All of these issues just magically disappeared after I slowed down my reading This author's writing style is very uniue He packs a lot of information in a sentence and you don't dare skip a word I liked how slowly the romantic aspect of the two main characters was developed It never felt like there was a rush to get to the sex I look forward to reading of this author

  4. Kiki Kiki says:

    Would've liked a bit time spent on the relationship and a little less on the plot other details but still pretty good

  5. Blue GhostGhost Blue GhostGhost says:

    One of those nice little stories where the romance begins after there is already a really solid friendship in place

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A Pair of Knaves ❴KINDLE❵ ❆ A Pair of Knaves Author Lucius Parhelion – Thomashillier.co.uk Working a ranch is all very well but there are faster ways to earn a buck when the gold rush is on Silas Plummer has been choosing his marks and making a profit with his partner Dr Aaron Arid Gifford Working a ranch is all very well but there are faster ways to earn A Pair Epub / a buck when the gold rush is on Silas Plummer has been choosing his marks and making a profit with his partner Dr Aaron Arid Gifford for the past ten years and they agree it's time to call it uits after they unload one last haul of mining shares But the shares are a hot commodity in ways than one and speed is of the essence if the boys are going to realize the cashSkedaddling from Cripple Creek to Chicago Silas and Arid have to honor a scoundrel's agreement with a shady character from their past before they can conclude their business and enjoy retirement From the wonders of the World's Fair to the seedier delights of Little Cheyenne there's no end of challenges to keep their wits sharp And all the while Silas is wondering does he really want this partnership to end.