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  1. Jim Jim says:

    This is an ideal book to read in preparation for a trip to Peru As it says in its subtitle The Peru Reader History Culture Politics covers the whole spectrum of the country in its 512 pages with a particular emphasis on culture and politics particularly in the Twentieth Century Orin Starn and his co editors have done a sterling job of bringing together so much material that is fascinating I can see myself as mining the books bibliography for years to comeIn addition to the usual Inca and Pre Inca history there are essays and poems about socialism and communism the Shining Path guerrillas the War on Drugs attempt to shut down coca production a cholera epidemic the Alberto Fujimori presidency and a mythical piece about the Aguaruna of the There is even a hefty excerpt from Nobel Prize winner Mario Vargas Llosa's Conversation in the Cathedral perhaps the greatest of Peruvian novelsThere is a threatening speech from Abimael Guzman founder of the Shining Path movementThe flesh of the reactionaries will rot away converted into raggedy threads and this black filth will sink into the mud and that which remains will be burned and the ashes scattered by the winds of the earth so that only the sinister memory will remain of that which will never return because it neither can nor shouldIn reality that is pretty much what happened to the Shining Path movement They became a sinister memory As for Guzman he is rotting in prison until the Second ComingIn his book Conuest of the Incas John Hemming gives one possible reason why it was so easy for the Spanish to conuer the IncasIt was during these campaigns that Huayna Capac was first informed of the appearance of tall strangers from the sea He was destined never to see any Europeans His army and court were struck by a violent epidemic that killed Huayna Capac in a delirious fever at some time between 1525 and 1527 The disease may have been malaria but it could have been smallpox The Spaniards brought smallpox with them from Europe and it spread fiercely around the Caribbean among peoples who had no immunity It could easily have swept from tribe to tribe across Colombia and struck the Inca armies long before the Spaniards themselves sailed down the coast The epidemic consumed the greater part of the Inca court including Huayna Capac's probable heir Ninan Cuyuchi Countless thousands of common people also diedI could go on like this for pages This book is absorbing in its multiplicity of viewpoints all pointing like signposts to complete material one has not previously considered

  2. Shamkablam Shamkablam says:

    Mash up history of Peru with each section uniuely authored fiction poetry history documented

  3. Amber Amber says:

    Great set of short essays and excerpts

  4. Cindy Cindy says:

    Great preparation for a trip to Peru I liked the Inca history but also the latter day history as well Great sense of Shining Path's effect on the country

  5. Anders Reynolds Anders Reynolds says:

    Indispensable if you're a foreigner traveling to Peru

  6. Ludo-Van Ludo-Van says:

    Excellent collection of essays poetry and other documents It covers the history of Peru until around 1995 Highly recommendedIt lacks a timeline of Peru history tough which would have been of use for the reader ignorant on the topic I had to read it in parallel to wikipedia

  7. Rick Browne Rick Browne says:

    I'm learning about Peru and much of this book was uite educational I was not as enad with some of the literary chapters but I knew what I was getting A good book to pick and choose from

  8. Joe Joe says:

    A pretty good survey of Peruvian history and culture The pre Inca history and story of the Inca period was very good and gave me an excellent background but I felt very underinformed about anything past the conuest Part of this was my not finishing the book by the time we left oops so take this review with a grain of salt but the organization beyond the conuest made it hard to get what I neededThere were interesting passages from major political speeches by such important figures as Fujimori and Guzman but even with the little introductory paragraph that every piece in the book had I felt many of them lacked contextAlso it looked like someone read through the final version of the book and said Crap You guys forgot to talk about women So they added a feminist historian to collect a few pieces and scatter them through the book I'm not saying those aren't important at least not openly but they felt forced inIf you're heading to Peru this is a good survey but if you're really interested in Peruvian history culture politics literature etc there are probably much better and less choppy sources

  9. Richard Richard says:

    Since this book is an anthology that covers a wide range of subjects with each chapter by a different author it's going to come across as at least a little uneven Some of the chapters were pretty tedious and it took me a while to settle in and appreciate what the editors had assembled I came into this book knowing very little at all about Peru in the centuries after the Conuest and The Peru Reader filled in a lot of the gaps in a uirky and unconventional way Much of the Inca stuff in the early chapters was unfortunately dry and the book only briefly mentioned that Peru gained independence in the early 19th Century strangely providing no details at all But things got most interesting when we got to the 20th Century Politics culture cocaine The Shining Path Poetry short fiction references to food and music This book was not really an easy read but it ultimately proved worthwhile and I'm glad I read it

  10. Thomas Armstrong Thomas Armstrong says:

    This was a very good read it gave me a comprehensive background for understanding a little bit of Peruvian history This is the third of the Duke University Press Readers that I've read the others were on South Africa and Brazil I love the heterogeneity of the chapters with documents from history narratives literature and Also the introductions to each chapter provide a way into the material What struck me most from reading this compilation was the substantial estrangement between the Spanish influenced coastal areas and the indigenous peoples inland particularly in the rain forests and the Andes Also knowing about the shantytowns in Lima gave me a perspective that I would never get from just scurrying from the airport to the hotel and back I wish Duke had readers for all the countries in the world I'm certainly going to read those that pertain to any future countries that I might be traveling to

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The Peru Reader History Culture Politics The Latin America Readers ❰Reading❯ ➻ The Peru Reader History Culture Politics The Latin America Readers Author Orin Starn – Sixteenth century Spanish soldiers described Peru as a land filled with gold and silver a place of untold wealth Nineteenth century travelers wrote of soaring Andean peaks plunging into luxuriant ian Sixteenth century Spanish soldiers described Peru as a Reader History Kindle Ð land filled with gold and silver a place of untold wealth Nineteenth century travelers wrote of soaring Andean peaks plunging into luxuriant ian canyons of orchids pythons and jaguars The early twentieth century The Peru PDF/EPUB or American adventurer Hiram Bingham told of the raging rivers and the wild jungles he traversed on his way to rediscovering the “Lost City of the Incas” Machu Picchu Seventy years later news crews from ABC and CBS traveled to Peru to report Peru Reader History PDF ↠ on merciless terrorists starving peasants and Colombian drug runners in the “white gold” rush of the coca trade As often as not Peru has been portrayed in broad extremes as the land of the richest treasures the bloodiest conuest the most poignant Peru Reader History Culture Politics ePUB ½ ballads and the most violent revolutionaries This revised and updated second edition of the bestselling Peru Reader offers a deeper understanding of the complex country that lies behind these claimsUnparalleled in scope the volume covers Peru’s history from its extraordinary pre Columbian civilizations to its citizens’ twenty first century struggles to achieve dignity and justice in a multicultural nation where Andean African ian Asian and European traditions meet The collection presents a vast array of essays folklore historical documents poetry songs short stories autobiographical accounts and photographs Works by contemporary Peruvian intellectuals and politicians appear alongside accounts of those whose voices are less often heard—peasants street vendors maids ian Indians and African Peruvians Including some of the most insightful pieces of Western journalism and scholarship about Peru the selections provide the traveler and specialist alike with a thorough introduction to the country’s astonishing past and challenging present.

  • Paperback
  • 600 pages
  • The Peru Reader History Culture Politics The Latin America Readers
  • Orin Starn
  • English
  • 01 August 2016
  • 9780822336495

About the Author: Orin Starn

Orin Starn is Professor and Chair of Cultural Reader History Kindle Ð Anthropology at Duke University He is the author of Nightwatch The Politics of Protest in the Andes and a co editor of The Peru Reader History Culture Politics both also published by Duke The Peru PDF/EPUB or University Press His most recent book is the award winning Ishi’s Brain In Search of America’s Last “Wild” Indian An avid golfer with a five handicap Starn.