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Death of an Addict [Reading] ➸ Death of an Addict Author M.C. Beaton – From the author of the Agatha Raisin television seriesDEATH OF AN ADDICT A Hamish Macbeth MysteryFormer drug addict Tommy Jarret rents a Scottish chalet to check out reports of a sea monster But when From the author of the Agatha Raisin television seriesDeath of an Addict A Hamish Macbeth MysteryFormer drug addict Tommy Jarret rents a Scottish chalet to check out reports of a sea monster But when he is found dead of an apparent drug overdose constable Hamish Macbeth suspects foul play Teaming with Glasgow Detective Inspector Olivia Chater Macbeth goes undercover and dives into the underworld to root out a cartel secretly entrenched in the Highlands.

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  1. Julie Durnell Julie Durnell says:

    Hamish Macbeth #15 is uite a departure from the previous Hamish books I enjoyed the new character Olivia who is actually his superior officer and someone different than old Priscilla as a love interest I didn't care much for all the drug dealing plot but it was an interesting adventure in the Scottish Highlands once

  2. Jerry B Jerry B says:

    We’re not surprised at the mixed reaction to “Addict” the 15th entry in the charming light mystery series featuring Constable Hamish Macbeth and his Highlands Scotland village of Lochdubh Most all these stories feature an unusual murder that Hamish eventually solves mostly through sharp wits and everyday common sense often to the dismay of his police superiors who thinks he’s an unambitious dolt However the familiar townsfolk and places are thrown aside in this particular tale as Hamish pairs up with a female higher up inspector going undercover as a married couple to chase out some drug dealers While spending several nights together in hotel rooms they also pair up in other ways which seemed out of character for both And uncharacteristically the pair traverse the nearest big city even other countries posing as drug dealers in a weak attempt to fool some bad guys Meanwhile solving the addict's murder got hardly a mention; and a silly sub plot about a religious cult did little but serve as an unwarranted detourThe trouble with a series with which readers “know” what to expect is that when we don’t find it some are pleasantly surprised and others are disenchanted We per se are not tired of the “normal form” of these light hearted tales and don’t want far fetched action with new characters stealing the show While not at all deterred from Beaton’s future novels count us among the disappointed

  3. Elizabeth Elizabeth says:

    Yes still 18 left in the series

  4. Ellie Ellie says:

    Death of an Addict is a different kind of contribution to MC Beaton's Hamish Macbeth mystery series Police Officer Macbeth's sleepy Scottish village of Lochdubh officially enters the present as drugs and drug dealers enter in the form of a young man who comes post rehab to Lochdubh to write his cautionary memoirs then turns up dead of an overdose The police are satisfied that he died of an accidental od except that is for Hamish Macbeth who has a feeling something's not uite rightThis is the most police like of the series that I've read so far but Hamish is the same lovable self he always is There are 2 detective stories in this one book one a police proceduralthriller that's primarily plot driven and one a small village murder mystery cozy that's primarily character driven There's romance addiction recovery drug tzars and as always descriptions of this village of Lochdubh that make you want to pack up and move there

  5. Kelsey Hanson Kelsey Hanson says:

    Definitely not my favorite Hamish MacBeth novel This book kinda turned him into both a sexist jerk and a pathetic desperate single guy I thought Olivia was a nightmare and Hamish is starting to have a revolving door of women in these novels I also don't think THAT many people would find Hamish weird for not wanting a promotion That's actually a fairly normal response when people don't want to uproot themselves for a job Pretty disappointing but a uick read

  6. Sarah Booth Sarah Booth says:

    This was a good one There was adventure and a deviation from the usual formula the stories follow There’s a very funny scene where Hamish gets himself into an awkward situation that made for good comic relief This book had you really disliking upper management but cheering for the folks of Loch Duhb

  7. Lynn Lynn says:

    I reach for a Hamish Macbeth book when I want to read something light and entertaining This is the 15th book in the series and I have read all of the previous books This book was just ok for me and perhaps one of the my least favorite books so far in the series The idea of Hamish as an undercover International Drug king pin was a stretch for me I suppose after 14 books the author looks for a new plot for her series that is different than the previous onesThe character of Detective Chief Inspector Blair who has always hated Hamish crossed the line in this book It will be interesting to see where this character goes in future books I imagine there will be little change and no conseuences but will read on to find outI will continue with this series because I like the hours of relaxing light entertainment they give me

  8. Dolly Dolly says:

    This is an unusual book in the Hamish Macbeth series Hamish gets caught up in a drug sting operations going undercover as a married drug lord wearing fancy clothes traveling to Amsterdam and basically getting out of his comfort zone It wasn't my favorite of the series but it was a fast fun read

  9. Heather Heather says:

    This one really felt like Beaton was just tired to writing Macbeth books but needed one to fulfill some contractual obligation So she had this idea for another book and pigeon holed it into a Macbeth story Yeah My least favorite so far

  10. Donna Radcliff Donna Radcliff says:

    Not my favorite too much Miami Vice in the Highlands Drug Lords seamy big town crime Not my cuppa

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