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Playing with Purpose [Epub] ❦ Playing with Purpose By Mike Yorkey – They dominated college football and stood strong for their faith Now as they storm the NFL learn all about the three uarterbacks Bradford McCoy and Tebow Dubbed the Holy Trinity by sportswriters the O They dominated college football and stood strong for their faith Now as they storm the NFL learn all about the three uarterbacks Bradford McCoy and Tebow Dubbed the Holy Trinity by sportswriters the Playing with eBook À Oklahoma Sooners' Sam Bradford the Texas Longhorns' Colt McCoy and the Florida Gators' Tim Tebow are now eyeing professional glory But starring on Sunday afternoons follows years of developing Christian faith on Sunday mornings Playing with Purpose will introduce you to three young men of both physical and spiritual strength athletes at the top of their game who also speak publicly and convincingly of their belief in God Includes a section of color photographs.

  • Hardcover
  • 252 pages
  • Playing with Purpose
  • Mike Yorkey
  • English
  • 23 December 2014
  • 9781616262891

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  1. Brayton Felger Brayton Felger says:

    The book Playing with purpose is a biography written by Mike Yorkey It is about three young men Sam Bradford Colt McCoy and Tim Tebow They were all college football players at the university of Oklahoma Texas and Florida As these athletes were going to play football at college and in the NFL they took the Lord into their lives Sam Bradford was tall lengthy high schooler that earned scholarships in his junior year But Sam's main love in his childhood wasn't football in fact it was ice hockey but he soon had to give it up He went to football camps at the University of Oklahoma and they soon offered him a scholarship Is his years at Oklahoma Sam made it a pregame ritual to read a inspirational story from the Bible before he took the field “ He flipped some pages and landed in 1 Samuel 17 which tells the story of david and Goliath He was mesmerized as he read about David a scrawny shepherd boy who had fate of his people in his hands took on a nine foot tall giant a bruiser named Goliath”Yorkey 48 Colt McCoy was just a sopho just like Sam when he overwhelmed the competition at his school and started uarterback Just like Sam at Oklahoma Colt went to camps at Texas University during his sopho and junior years in high school It wasn't until Colt went to Austin and meet head football coach Mack Brown The two got along Colt and Texas began to really mesh Colt liked everything about Texas “ he fell in love with the University of Texas program after attending Mack Brown's summer camp They also liked the offensive system the Longhorn coaches had installed” Yorkey 86 So it wasn't a shock when McCoy committed to Texas at the end of his junior year Colt was introduced to the Lord in his early years He was in a gospel with the rest of his family Tim Tebow was not born in the United States he was born in the Philippines But moved back to the US when he was 3 His parents decided to homeschool him and his siblings They would not only learn about education but also to inspire their children to love God When they weren't learning about the Lord they were doing chores and school work His parents signed him up for sports He had natural talent and was an excellent player Both his parents graduated from Florida so that's where he decided to go and play football at Tim was a leader at birth with several bruises and broken bones he led his gators to a good season and won the Heisman All in all this book was really interesting and well written You will enjoy it if you are interested in sports and the Lord It shows how normal kids with the help of their talents and God in their lives can help them go a long way The book described how each one of the kids grew up and how they were raised by their parents and God It listed all of their accomplishments and awards they won throughout high school college and on there way to the NFL The main idea of this piece is to inform you on how to trust God and that he will lead you on to do the right things I like how Yorkey told you how the young athletes grew up and how they had to deal with early situations in high school Mike should have gave detail about how they fell in love with church and the Lord The theme of the story is to put your trust in God and he will guide you a long way With talent and the faith of the Lord you can go a long way in like either from sports or just to a regular occupation

  2. Justin Tapp Justin Tapp says:

    My father in law gave me this book last year and it was nice to have a lighter read since I'm technically on vacationYorkey did not interview any of the players or their families for this book and admits he knew little about them before 2003 He is working almost exclusively from other articles printed about them over their college careers most of which are available online That makes it somewhat similar to a Matt Yglesias book but not really He is simply compiling the information into a fairly uick read As a result there isn't a lot of information in this book It could also be a lot shorter if Yorkey had left out all of his Sam Bradford that's who and Hitler's tanks couldn't stop him which were pure space fillersAbout the only original tidbit Yorkey finds of his own reporting is the story of how Colt McCoy and his dad swam across a lake to rescue someone in need He interviews some of the FCA chaplains that dealt with the players but this doesn't yield muchOf the three players Tebow's story is the most compelling; he is born the least likely to be a good athlete I'm reminded that the God of the Old Testament often blessed warriors with uncanny physical prowess that did great violence to their enemies So perhaps football is a reflection of some of God's purposes and delight in man and Tebow is of the same mold You find yourself pulling for Tebow to show all of his critics wrong Colt McCoy is a nice small town coach's son and Sam Bradford was raised in an upper class home and blessed with further opportunity by being a natural athlete and a scratch golferAll three players stand up well under enormous scrutiny and pressure but Yorkey fleshes out little of how that looked in day to day life I give this book 25 stars because it seems too easy to do research online and compile it into a book after the fact The extra half star comes from the reminder Yorkey gives us to pray for these guysYorkey has another book looking at the faith of several NBA stars which might interest you if you liked this one

  3. Jesse Booton Jesse Booton says:

    Jesse BootonI really enjoyed reading this book I would recommend this book to anyone who is very passionate about football and wants to learn about how three of the best athletes dealt with the hype and challenges of being an NFL uarterback Along with progressing in their faith and using the lord as their cornerstone and driving forceSome things I liked about this book were how deep Yorkey got into the lives of these three uarterbacks and how much research he did to get the most accurate information on these three uarterbacks he could I also liked how this book teaches you a lesson through the major themes and messages it portrays along with telling a story not just giving facts about Tim Sam and Colt A few things I didn't like were the book was a little biased making Tim Sam and Colt look like the best uarterbacks there are and it never really compares them to other NFL uarterbacks I also didn't like how the book went off on little tangents about other things in the middle of the story I think Yorkey should have put any background information of other related things before of after the uarterback’s stories If you liked this book I would recommend that you read the other books from Mike Yorkey in the Playing with purpose series to see how good has impacted other professional athletes and to see how all of this works with other pro sports I gave this book a 4 out of 5 because I really liked reading it and learning what there is to learn but I think it could have been written differently to make it flow better

  4. Karen Karen says:

    I enjoyed this book and everything it had to say about the way these guys live their lives for God while being so amazing on the field I will definitely be ordering it for my kids at school they love anything about famous athletes and I would much prefer them to read about these than some of the ones that are in the news for affairs and criminal acts I was a huge Tim Tebow fan anyway but I also enjoyed reading about Sam Bradford and Colt McCoy Here's the thing though this probably would have been a four star book for me but it really bothers me that Yorkey didn't interview any of these guys or their coaches or their families All the uotes and info here are pulled from other interviews Also there are several times he makes assumptions writing we can assume from this or stating something that is not necessarily fact Maybe that has changed in the new version coming out? I don't know Overall an enjoyable inspiring read though

  5. Eugene Van Eugene Van says:

    Read in one week Amazing

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