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The Action Heroine's Handbook ❮Reading❯ ➺ The Action Heroine's Handbook Author Jennifer Worick – Get Some Action   For every woman who wants to be as tough as Lara Croft as nimble as the Bionic Woman and as babe a licious as Charlie’s Angels The Action Heroine’s Handbook shows you the essent Get Some Action   For every woman who wants to be as tough as Lara Croft as nimble as the Bionic Woman and as babe a licious as Charlie’s Angels The Action Heroine’s Handbook shows you the essential skills you’ll need to conuer the bad guys and save the day without breaking a sweat   Find out how the real action heroines do it directly from a host of experts including stuntwomen jujitsu instructors helicopter pilots detectives forensic psychologists survivalists primatologists The Action PDF/EPUB or and many others   Learn to        •  Profile a serial killer      •  Outwit a band of home intruders      •  Navigate white water rapids      •  Go undercover as a beauty ueen      •  Outrun a fireball   And dozens of other Tough Chick Skills Beauty Skills Brain Skills Brawn Skills and Escape Skills Special sections and appendices feature the top action heroine hairdos handbag essentials and the best footwear for every action situation With step by step instructions and easy to follow illustrations The Action Heroine’s Handbook will prepare you to save the world one baddie at a time.

10 thoughts on “The Action Heroine's Handbook

  1. Traci Traci says:

    This was a cute and uick read The advice was backed up by actual professionals in each field which was a nice touch but I hope there is a dislcaimer in this at the beginning saying not to try this stuff without training because I'd hate to see someone end up in the hospital because they tried to leap onto their roof from the groundFor the most part this made me laugh But there were three or four places where the author suggested duct taping your boobs for extra cleavage Can we just discuss how much this would hurt to pull off? And another part about delivering a child under duress the author suggested that the heroine make sure her pelvic area is covered I beg your pardon? If I'm popping a kid out on my own floor I don't care if my pelvic area is covered Seriously

  2. Rachel Rachel says:

    Fun cute but shallow not a book so much as a coffee table pictorial reference Given medium think that it should have aimed for guffaws Fell a little flat

  3. ✘✘ Sarah ✘✘ (former Nefarious Breeder of Murderous Crustaceans) ✘✘ Sarah ✘✘ (former Nefarious Breeder of Murderous Crustaceans) says:

    Although this is classified as humour in most bookstores and libraries there is nothing funny about this book A misleading that led to a disappointing read

  4. Liz Liz says:

    Hilarious book Real experts give advice on how to take down bad guys while looking great Action Heroine's can do it all

  5. David David says:

    Couldn't decide if it was trying to be funny or serious

  6. elstaffe elstaffe says:

    35 rounds up to 4 stars for me I really enjoyed the assortment of information that seemed to be drawn from actual experts but was kind of bored by the heteronormativity whenever it showed up Still a fun and sometimes surprisingly informative read

  7. Lauren Lauren says:

    35 fun and some practical advice as well

  8. Kathleen Kathleen says:

    Some of this book is what you want it to be a stuntwoman's guide to riding the front wheel of a motorcycle a sensei's tips on disarming an opponent armed with a knife a private investigator's stakeout tips but some of it is ridiculous An action heroine doesn't need tips on How To Marry A Millionaire that protagonist would be a comedienne Still I did find a lot of the individual movie references funny like what to do if you encounter an actual gorilla in the mist Some of the makeup tips like how to get Wonder Woman's hair are also funny light and well played Some of them involve using bronzer on cleavage and veer into fashion magazine territory Not much action or fun to be found there Also the book advises you to agree to a polygraph and tell the truth Like an action heroine never has anything to hide from the police This reviewer recommends exercising your fifth amendment rights and not saying anything until your lawyer shows up because we live in the real world and the authorities aren't always the angels Additionally in the How To Go Undercover As A Man the author recommends bustier women use Ace bandages to bind their breasts Stop perpetuating the myth Ace bandages lead to broken ribs breathing difficulties and awful uncomfortable bruises Fitted binders are available and can be purchased discretely on the internet But the advice on not eating sushi before trying to drink someone under the table is legit For real Just don't drink much at all if all you've had to eat is sushi Life Lesson All told this book is a somewhat amusing thing to leaf through I definitely don't recommend taking the advice seriously but it is pretty funny in places

  9. PurplyCookie PurplyCookie says:

    Although seemingly far fetched the how tos are actually backed up with legitimate advice from a host of professionals from a stuntwoman explains how to win a catfight jujitsu intructors helicopter pilots forensic psychologists to suvivalists This is a book for all you ladies out there who secretly want to be the next Lara Croft or Trinity; it gives you such tips as how to drink a man under the table identify the essentials you'll be needing in your handbag how to get your hair like your favourite heroine escape on horseback and how to survive in the wilderness with nothing than matches a bit of string and a paperclipIt's is divided into the following entries with which every action heroine should be euipped with Touch Chick Skills How to Win a High Speed Chase in High Heels and a Bustier Beauty Skills How To Turn a Man into a Sex Pawn Brain Skills How to Investigate your SpouseLover How to Survive as a Mob Wife How to go Undercover How to Maintain a Secret Identity Brawn Skills How to Win a Catfight How to Knock Out a Man with a Running Wall Kick and Escape Skills How to Fake Your Own Death How to Escape When KidnappedThere are some memorable lessons in here all accompanied by terrific illustrations Don't expect this book to change your life but it will give you a few laughs and perhaps some tips on getting out of sticky situations Book Details Title The Action Heroine's HandbookAuthor Jennifer Worick and Joe BorgenichtReviewed By Purplycookie

  10. Tammy Tammy says:

    Not uite sure why this was put in the humor section at the library except that maybe there just wasn't any other category where it would fit I was disappointed to find that this wasn't humor it's an actual instruction book complete with pictures It would be extremely useful if you're planning to make stuntwork a career or to have an alter ego superhero; otherwise don't waste your time

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