Windows PowerShell in Action ePUB Ó Windows

  • Paperback
  • 576 pages
  • Windows PowerShell in Action
  • Bruce Payette
  • English
  • 01 August 2015
  • 9781932394900

10 thoughts on “Windows PowerShell in Action

  1. Tamahome Tamahome says:

    This is the Bible One of the designers of powershell wrote it If you want to read the powershell documentation this is it There's things in here that aren't even documented online There's some little mistakes here and there I wish it was less expensive and widely known Copying and pasting from the pdf isn't great The forum that comes with the book isn't that active Read the book and impress and provoke arguments with the people on stackoverflow Powershell is very flexible You can creatively bend it to your will It comes with windows I think CS intro classes should use itHow nerdy is this? Some favorite bits of code or inspired byab 12a b 2ab ba 123 1 # get last onecfile1txtcfile2txt cfile2txtcfile1txt # swap filescfiletxt cfiletxt replace 'old''new' # can 'filetxt' come from another var?get childitem | foreach sum 0sumsuminvoke command localhostlocalhostlocalhost sleep 5;'done' # concurrent if I could fix access permsGet Process notepadforeach'Kill'ps | foreach name'hithere' | foreach splitps | sort HandleswhereHandles gt 1000 'Until'void echo discard meecho hi; echo there | measureusing assembly SystemWindowsFormsusing namespace SystemWindowsFormsmessageboxshow'hello world'err output ls foo3 21if if 1 e 1 'yes' e 'yes' 'yep' switch123456 % 2 Odd ; continue 4 'FOUR' default Even get content variablea | set content value 'there' 'inline func' functionfoo 'Bye'workflow work foreach parallel i in 13 sleep 5 i done work# this looks coola start NoNewWindow powershell timeout 10; '1 done'b start NoNewWindow powershell timeout 10; '2 done'c start NoNewWindow powershell timeout 10; '3 done'abc | wait processnetstat n | select Skip 4 |ConvertFrom String pn Blank ProtocolLocalAddress ForeignAddress State |Select Protocol LocalAddress ForeignAddress Statenotepad | echo # wait for it15 | process 2flags enum bits one 1; two 2; three 4bits7p PowerShellCreate # make another runspacevoid pAddScriptSleep 5; ls foo5; 'done'r pBeginInvoke; # run in backgroundpEndInvoker # waitpstreamserror # see any errorspdispose# get and set a variable in a module scopem get module counter m Get Variable count m Set Variable count 33start threadjob sleep 5; 'done' # PS 6

  2. Sebastian Gebski Sebastian Gebski says:

    Best book about PowerShell Period It's massive it covers everything you'd like it to cover It's detailed it even expresses some designers' rationale that cause one of another decision during product's crafting I consider myself uite a capable script writer but this book proved me wrong as I was finding something new I didn't know yet very freuently If I had to find any flaws yea I'm picky that would be no info about the useful module archives do not reinvent the wheel it's very detailed about language constructs and low level mechanisms but it lacks some nice real life scenarios that could integrate various features of PS in especially creative wayAnyway it doesn't change the fact that this is a very good book Recommended

  3. Daniel Daniel says:

    Excellent book very detailed it goes deep in how things are implemented in powershell Very good book to people with previous programming exprience

  4. Sarfraz Ali Sarfraz Ali says:

    So far so good well written with lots of examples However nothing beats scripting for specific tasks Would recommend

  5. Sergey Teplyakov Sergey Teplyakov says:

    PowerShell is not a simple language as you could expectIf you like me you would expect that you can just start reusing your existing knowledge that you've gained during your programming career and easily transfer it to PowerShell environment Unfortunately it would not be possibleThis book is 1000 pages long and this should not surprise you any PowerShell has tons of features and tons of hard to understand from the first glance and some times even after second one design decisionsFor instance would you expect that function could return null scalar value or collection based on the number of returned elements? This is actually one of the main features of PowerShell and you should clearly understand this This usually doesn't matter unless you'll try to send such kind of object toNET APIOr can you expect that collection euality means filtering? This is true as well and 110 e 4 will return 4 not true of false So if you'll try to use this in the if statement that you could unexpected resultsOk PowerShell is weird but what about this book? The book itself is good but not perfect Main drawback from my perspective is a minimum number of practical examples and weird chapters ordering There is a tons of stuff that describe one or another feature but in most cases this decription would not be very practicalAnother drawback that most book about PowerShell and this in particular are written for ITPros but not for devs So you would see statements that PowerShell supports closures but you'll hardly find any internal implementation detailsAs an overall conclusion if you're going to write something complex than trivial commands you definitely need this book or something similar Otherwise runtime behavior would looks like magic for youPS To understand some weirdness take a look at the folowing github repo with a set of PowerShell WAT's

  6. Kevin Kevin says:

    One of the most enjoyable specific technology focused books I've ever read Usually books that teach you a language or a framework are pretty dry and uninspiring but this one was great The examples used are good at illustrating the points without going overboard But by far my favorite part were the little asides where the author explains difficult design decisions the PowerShell team had to make

  7. TK Keanini TK Keanini says:

    One of the better technical writers and that comes across When a writer is passionate about the work it transfers to the reader and that is true with this book There are a lot of resources on the web for a person who wants to learn Powershell but if you want to read a book and know why design decisions were made the way they were this is the book for you

  8. Michal Paszkiewicz Michal Paszkiewicz says:

    Very good and in depth coverage however it is a very long book and unless you actively code in PowerShell while reading it you will not remember most of it Payette definitely makes learning fun and I recommend this book to all developers working with ASPNET

  9. Randall Randall says:

    Great book about a great scripting language I use PowerShell all the time at work This book has the details on making it functional

  10. Cody Cody says:


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Windows PowerShell in Action[Reading] ➷ Windows PowerShell in Action Author Bruce Payette – PowerShell replaces cobbled together assemblies of third party management tools with an elegant programming language and a powerful scripting shell for the Windows environment In the tradition of Mann PowerShell replaces cobbled together assemblies of third party management tools with an elegant programming language and a powerful scripting shell for the Windows environment In the tradition of Manning's ground breaking In Action series this book comes from right from the source Written by Bruce Payette one of principal creators of PowerShell Windows PowerShell in Action shows you how to build scripts and utilities to automate system tasks or create powerful system management tools to handle Windows PowerShell Kindle - the day to day tasks that drive a Windows administrator's life Because it's based on theNET platform PowerShell is also a powerful tool for developers and power users Windows PowerShell in Action was written by Bruce Payette one of the founding members of the Windows PowerShell team co designer of the PowerShell language and the principal author of the PowerShell language implementation The book enables you to get the most out of the PowerShell environment Using many examples both small and large this book illustrates the features of the language and environment and shows how to compose those features into solutions uickly and effectivelyThis book is designed for anyone who wants to learn PowerShell and use it well Rather than simply being a book of recipes to read and apply this book gives you the deep knowledge about how PowerShell works and how to apply it.