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New York ❮Read❯ ➵ New York Author Edward Rutherfurd – Edward Rutherfurd celebrates America’s greatest city in a rich engrossing saga weaving together tales of families rich and poor native born and immigrant—a cast of fictional and true characters wh Edward Rutherfurd celebrates America’s greatest city in a rich engrossing saga weaving together tales of families rich and poor native born and immigrant—a cast of fictional and true characters whose fates rise and fall and rise again with the city’s fortunes From this intimate perspective we see New York’s humble beginnings as a tiny Indian fishing village the arrival of Dutch and British merchants the Revolutionary War the emergence of the city as a great trading and financial center the convulsions of the Civil War the excesses of the Gilded Age the explosion of immigration in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries the trials of World War II the near demise of New York in the s and its roaring rebirth in the s and the attack on the World Trade Center A stirring mix of battle romance family struggles and personal triumphs New York The Novel gloriously captures the search for freedom and opportunity at the heart of our nation’s history.

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  1. Lori Lori says:

    Reminds me of James Michener It’s billed as assessable history so depending on your base line parts seem rushed and lite In places the research shows like the opposite of an actor giving a seamless performance But he covers a lot of territory from angels I don’t often read—Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address from a press photographer’s point of viewFollows a prospering mostly WASP family from New Amsterdam to post 911 Their name is Masters Stop rolling your eyes if they get stuck looking into the back of your head then you can’t read any There are other families to illustrate slavery natives and immigration No point in getting to attached to any of them for the most part they’ll be gone in a few chapters There are wars to prosper from and fires to fight The city is the star no matter which story line your followingI loved those independent Dutch women

  2. Jackie Ullerich Jackie Ullerich says:

    Edward Rutherfurd is an exceptional historical fiction author His attention to details the character development the emotion the settings the multi generations bring his books to life If historical fiction is a genre you love and you haven't read any of his books yet it's a must And perhaps New York is the perfect Rutherfurd novel to start withWhy?1 It's told in seuence no jumping from the past to the present like in Paris so it might be easier to follow for some The novel starts when New York was called New Amsterdam and ends in the 1960's Long before skyscrapers there was a wildness a wickedness and Rutherfurd does an outstanding job of sharing the good the bad the ugly the touching the heartbreak the hope the love and passion2 The characters are incredibly fascinating and you'll want to follow their lives3 Despite the length of this novel it's an easy read4 Multi generational with appearances by famous Americans5 Relatable Even if you've never been to New York New York is a place Americans know But I've also learned through my travels around the world that many people from other countries euate New York to America It is by far our most iconic city and this is an opportunity to learn so much Highly recommend I looking forward to Rutherfurd's China which will be coming out in 2018 I'm really curious about it How will he handle an entire country?

  3. Elyse Walters Elyse Walters says:

    Audiobooksync with my ebookMark Bramhall was the narrator of the Audiobook 37 hours and 17 minutes longshorter if interchanging with ebook reading An 860 page historical fiction book is not a zippy uickie read Yetit’s the type of book that gives a reader a glow of pride when finishing it Edward Rutherfurd has a reputation for being KING of HISTORICAL FICTION writing Well “New York” is definitely exceptional that’s for sure I’ve been wanting to read Rutherfurd’s books for 20 years Finally and now that I’ve gotten my feet wet and tested the waters I’m even excited to read other Rutherfurd books thinking “London” might be my next choice I LOVED THE PUGNACIOUS POLYCHROMATIC CHARACTERSlike those juicy words?Hawell the characters ‘are’ juicy interesting Doesn’t everyone have a New York storyor two or three? Hamy very first trip to New York was when I was 18 years old I was alone on my way to Israel I had a scary first night in New York — I was being followed by a Frenchman who had been sitting next to me on a bus It was late and dark After landing at Kennedy airport I took a bus into Manhattan needing to find a place to sleep The next day I was leaving for Israel I got off the bus Frenchman got off too and started following me I started running He started running I started crying I didn’t look back to see if he was crying I uickly ran into a hotel that was way expensive than I could afford Shaking with tears the desk man gave me a free room to stay for the night I’ll always be thankful for his kind generosity It felt like he saved my life I was ‘that’ scared I hadn’t had food all day I managed to sleep a little that night tummy growling still scare but wouldn’t leave my room until early the next morningI got up early headed back to the airport I sat in the busy airport all day but felt safe there until my next plane took off I’ve had many memorable pleasurable experiences in New York since that first visit I even worked in New York in mymid 20’s I enjoyed my morning runs through Central Park before work Love to know about others 1st time walking the streets in NYCI chose this book now as my way silly I suppose to give thanks to governor Andrew Cuomo who for me has been one of my favorite leaders to follow listen to during these coronavirus days He’s the only leader who has made me cry THANK YOU tears ‘while’ getting briefings Trump just makes me WANT TO SCREAMBut blessings for Cuomo —— and a big thank you to NEW YORK I have fallen into Cuomo’s hands for ‘truth’ reporting My deep sympathy tothe many people who have died — and their families hurting from their loss Many thanks to the health workers and every employee grocery stores etc who continue to put their lives at risk every day due to their essential jobsNew York has had than its share of devastating blows The storytelling in this book felt like a great tribute to the generations and generations of the courageous men and women in New York that refuse to be victimized There are already thousands of reviews of this book so not sure what else I need to add other than I enjoyed itIt was easy to get wrapped up with the compelling characters — the descriptions—the early days of slavery followed by ongoing chronological highlights of historyThe fiction characters felt like real people—most likable dealing with challenging life situations I became attached to a few of the characters right awayRutherfurd added new characters delicately — allowing time to get get to know them We meet many diverse families Multiculturalism at its bestThe Dutch and their English heritage Native Americans Irish German Italian German Jewish and Puerto Rican immigrantsfrom 1664 to 2011—ending with 911written from the perspective of the Dutch settlers We visit the wars the American revolution the Civil War World War I World War II and the wars between family members Incredibly ambitious and fabulously writtena book worth spending time withHonoring love for the great city of New York

  4. Sean Kennedy Sean Kennedy says:

    I like reading somewhat trashy historical family sagas but I was expecting a little diversity in this book following four centuries of the history of New York and the people who lived in it After all New York is a hubub of multiculturalism but this book ends up being overwhelmingly Anglocentric The African American family disappear halfway through the story the Italians get a few chapters and then only a few cameos and the Puerto Ricans just a few appearances as the 'friends' of the main character at the end The story is also extremely choppy as I guess a 1000 page novel dealing with four hundred years would be but it seems that a lot of the time some of the interesting aspects of New York history are glossed over or mentioned as a passing reference The story ends as expected with 911 and true there is a poignant final note as the tale comes full circle but as you close the book you cannot help feeling a little disappointed by what could have been

  5. Tracy Tracy says:

    I love this book So much so that I wrote an article about it The author managed to tell not only the historical story of the city but also conveys the changes in mood attitude and life for New Yorkers over the centuries For example the way the characters relate to each other during the Revolutionary War such as the concern for the whole rather than the individual is vastly different from how they interact at the close of the book during the summer of 2009 and as it should be The only fault I have with the book is that the descendants of uash the vanDyck's slave Pale Feather and Salvatore fell to the waste side in favor of the traditional and frankly easier to write high society Master family What became of uash’s other descendants? Surely there could have been to that side of the story than a tragic end during the NYC Draft Riots or Pale Feather’s family beyond the opening of the canal For the rest of the review please visit CBS Local New York after 11915 at

  6. Jim Jim says:

    People came here for freedom and hard though the way up might be they found it To make it you needed the work ethicNo matter how hard things were New Yorkers never gave upThis was a fascinating story that encompassed over 300 years Starting in 1664 when present day New York City was a Dutch fort and trading post through 2009 as New Yorkers and America showed it's resilience following the terrorists attacks of September 11 2001 There are many stories that make up this novel Each story is from a different chapter in the history of this magnificent city When the Dutch and native American Indians lived and worked together When the seeds of independence from Britain were planted and you were either a Patriot or a Loyalist When the country was torn apart by the Civil War and brother fought brother Just because New York is in the north did not mean that everyone was an abolitionist Sometimes there were splits within families There were many tragedies and disasters throughout it's history There were also many triumphs and accomplishments Throughout New Yorkers persevered This story centers mostly around the Master family who started as traders and later became bankers They are the well to do The blue bloods The people with the money nice houses and everything that goes with their status But this is just not about a well to do and successful family New York is rich and culturally diverse There are Italians Irish Germans Jews who came to New York In this novel you read about some of these families who arrived at Ellis Island with little than their clothing and who through hard work raised families and found success What makes New York great is the people The people who came for freedom and because they never gave up and worked hard found it

  7. Katherine Coble Katherine Coble says:

    It was only my love for Edward Rutherfurd in general that kept me slogging through this book Sarum was the book that converted me to a Rutherfrudite; it's still one of my all time favourites That book was clearly personal than New York because Rutherfurd gave it both a strong sense of time and place that kept me riveted His characters were part of the fabric of their time and place and the story was memorably strong New York on the other hand feels like a publisher's mandate to an author Keep up with the gimmick that makes us cash There isn't much of a feel of the city in its old days Sure Rutherfurd tries to convince us in the first 400 pages I think he mentions the 'gabled Dutch houses' about 50 times but instead this book comes off like something that would happen if you did enough research into a place to fill your publisher's mandate but didn't actually care about it all that much The real problem though started for me about the time of the War for Independence and continued right on through to the end There is an off putting pedanticness about this book with Rutherfurd feeling the need to lecture to his readers about American History When he brings up things like Lincoln's proposed resettlement of the freed slaves there is an undertone of arrogance as though the author is saying Ha Betcha ignoramouses in America didn't know THAT I suppose if you are not a history buff you won't feel as patronised as I did while reading this book Then again I suspect that a large share of his audience might be somewhat attuned to History as that is the overarching theme of his works as a whole I wanted to like this because of how much I like him as an author But I found myself unable to be convinced by New York let alone swept away

  8. Jim Jim says:

    It's a good book But don't expect diversity in the story Rutherford tailors his narrative pretty closely to the experiences of the Masters to the detriment of the other families Rutherford has chosen to avoid aspects of New York Five Pointsthe Harlem Renaissancethe infant film industryBroadwaythat could have been mined for fascinating reading It's the narrowness of the focus that really is the most frustrating aspect of the book It's a good book but it's not diverse

  9. Negin Negin says:

    American history is not my strength and I’m always on the look out for books that will hold my interest me in this area This one was wonderful historically accurate and beautifully written I lived in New York when I was in graduate school many years ago I appreciated learning about places and events that I knew very little about The book starts with the 1600s Dutch settlers and Native Americans and goes all the way to the early 2000s As you can imagine it’s a massive read It was such a good read that I didn’t want it to end That’s saying a lot for a book that’s well over 800 pages New Amsterdam was renamed New York on September 8 1664 in honor of the then Duke of YorkThe illustration below is an artist’s depiction of the stockade wall that would give its name to Wall Street Today tourists stand in the spot where the Wall once stood Behind them is the bronze statue of George Washington in front of Federal Hall National MemorialRutherfurd is an excellent writer He wrote Paris which I read a few years ago He truly has a knack for making history come alive You start rooting for various characters and truly caring for them I plan to eventually read all his books That’s how good of an author he is An encampment in New York City's Central Park where many lived during the Great DepressionHere are some uotes that I thought are worth sharing“Whatever you do keep your family together That’s the most important thing in the world” “If I had my life again I’d act differently It’s hard for a man if he thinks his wife doesn’t respect him”“Lincoln thinks slavery is wrong—that I don’t deny—but he went to war to preserve the Union He made that perfectly clear He has even said in public ‘If I could save the Union without freeing a single slave I’d do it’ His words Not mine” He paused “What does Lincoln want for the slaves? Who knows? From what I hear his main idea for liberated slaves is to find a free colony in Africa or Central America and send them there Do you know he actually told a delegation of black men to their faces that he doesn’t want Negroes in the United States?”“I’d rather be the wife than the mistress”“You still have your marriage”“Marriage may not be a perfect state but it is a protection especially as we get older And we are all getting older my dear” “Many countries have accepted the Jews and always they have turned against them in the end The Jews will only survive if they are strong This is the lesson of history We were commanded to keep our faith So let me tell you every time a Jew marries out we are weakened Marry out and in two three generations your family will not be Jewish Maybe they will be safe maybe not But in the end either way all that we have will be lost”“I was reading Virginia Woolf the other day and she remarked that at one period of her life she was able to get so much done because she had three uninterrupted hours to work in every day And I thought what on earth is she talking about? Only three hours a day? And then I looked around the office at all the people working their fourteen hour days and I thought how many of you actually spend three hours in real creative intellectual activity in a day? And I reckoned probably not one” She smiled “And there’s Virginia Woolf achieving than they ever will in their lives on three hours a day It makes you think They might do better if they worked less”“You can do what you like sir but I'll tell you this New York is the true capital of America Every New Yorker knows it and by God we always shall”“All empires become arrogant It is their nature”“She was uiet for a moment or two Then she said 'Cruel words are a terrible thing Sometimes you regret them But what's been said cannot be unsaid”

  10. Rebecca McNutt Rebecca McNutt says:

    New York is an amazing detailed and powerful novel a chronicle of many people who were able to call this city home over decades of time

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