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The Rake ❮EPUB❯ ✼ The Rake Author Suzanne Enoch – Three determined young ladies vow to give three of London's worst rakes their comeuppance ― but when these rogues turn the tables, who truly learns a lesson in love? Once upon a time, the notorious Three determined young ladies vow to give three of London's worst rakes their comeuppance ― but when these rogues turn the tables, who truly learns a lesson in love? Once upon a time, the notorious Viscount Dare charmed Lady Georgiana Halley out of her innocence ― to win a wager, no less! ― and now he must pay dearly The plan is simple: She will use every seductive wile she knows to win Dare's heartd then break it But his smoldering gaze once again tempts Georgiana to give in to desire ― and when he astonishes her with a marriage proposal, she wonders: Is he playing yet another gameor could it truly be love this time?.

10 thoughts on “The Rake

  1. Dina Dina says:

    I avoided reading this book for some time because I wasn't too keen on the idea of a hero ruining a heroine's reputation for a wager and going away without a care. Well, I should've known better than trust a book blurb!

    The general idea is there, but events don't fold exactly like that... On the contrary, Tristan was a very likeable hero, who'd never meant to hurt Georgie and did everything he could to save her reputation - and succeeded! And that led me to question Georgie's actions: Why did she hate Tristan? How could she not know that he let everyone think he lost the wager when he had the means to prove otherwise? Was she blind and deaf? Ack!... Anyway, Georgie's care for his aunts and, especially, his brother Bit made me forgive her irrational feelings towards Tristan - and one can always argue that we're not completely reasonable when we're in love. ;)

    The plot is basically centered around Georgie's quest for revenge and, considering how weak I think her motivation was, I can't say it was very believable. However, I did enjoy Tristan and Georgie's banter and the way they were constantly on their toes, trying to secondguess each other. It was fun and entertaining, if even for the wrong reason.

    So everything was going rather smoothly until Enoch decided to put Tristan and Georgie in an escapade (I really don't have another word for it) near the end of the book. Oh boy, it was so out of context that I'm still trying to figure out where that came from.

    This is the first book in Enoch's Lessons in Love series. I usually try to read series in order but, in this particular case, I'm glad I read the other (very good) books in the series first, because I'm not sure I'd have read them if I had stumbled across this one first.

  2. Gio Listmaker Gio Listmaker says:

    The Heroine


    The Hero




    Over it.

  3. Catherine Catherine says:

    *4.5 Stars*

    I first read this book so long ago that I don't exactly remember when it was. I have reread this trilogy many times over the years, but I still enjoy it each time. It's been at least a year or two since the last reread, so the dialogue and exact events had faded enough that it felt like a rediscovery.

    I am a fan of second-chance-romances and the frenemies-to-lovers trope, and this definitely fit the bill for both. Second chances can sometimes be hard to accept, but the author did a fabulous job with it here.

    Georgiana and Tristan have a past. For six years they have been sniping and feuding and everyone in the ton knows it. We first met them in a very loosely connected previous trilogy by this author--the With This Ring trilogy. The third book of that trilogy, A Matter of Scandal, is about Grey, Georgiana's cousin. We get our first tease about Tristan and Georgiana's tempestuous relationship there. It's not necessary to read that before starting this, but I thought I would mention it in case anyone was interested.

    Georgiana and her two friends, Evelyn and Lucinda, the next two heroines, are feeling cynical about men and their treatment of women and write individual lists about their 'Lessons in Love.' They decide that writing the list isn't enough, they have to actually implement it. Georgiana can think of no one who deserves a lesson more than--you guessed it--Tristan, Lord Dare.

    One of my favorite things about this book is Tristan. His portrayal was not what I was expecting with Georgiana playing the part of a woman scorned. Don't get me wrong, she had a definite right to be angry, but Tristan never disputed that. They sniped back and forth, but he never protested her right to be so angry. He wanted forgiveness, but he let her sink her claws into him for six years with no real protest. I had to respect that. It really made it easier for me to see his side of things. Yes, he was an ass, but he was young and he didn't mean for it all to blow up in his face.

    On the surface Georgiana's plan seemed a little convoluted (but funny), but I can totally see where she was coming from. She needed to teach that lesson, and she couldn't resist getting up close and personal to do it. She wanted to be front and center to see it affect him. I liked that she was so vindictive. Because I can hold a grudge, and it always bothers me that romance heroines are so forgiving.

    Not only were the main characters great, but we met a whole host of fabulous other characters. I adored the time that we spent with Tristan's family. They were excellent side characters and I loved that they were all so different. They felt like a real family and I loved that. Runt was adorable, especially when he talked about rolling, but my heart broke for Bit. *sigh* He just makes you want to hug him so you can make it better for him.

    This book never lagged. Tristan and Georgiana's interactions popped and kept me turning the pages. I am a fan of clever banter, and this book had it in spades. The humor made me giggle and I enjoyed the sense of fun this book had.

    The only thing that really kept this from being a straight 5 star book for me was Amelia. I felt that she didn't have enough depth and that she was a bit of caricature. Also, although a scandalous scene at the end was funny, it felt a bit too silly and out of place.

    Although this book isn't terribly unique or cutting edge, it's still one that makes me smile each and every time I read it. It's a lighter book, but not quite Julia Quinn light. Just don't go in expecting something terribly angsty while they resolve their differences.

  4. Rane Rane says:

    When Lady Georgiana Halley loses her innocence to Viscount Dare she’s heartbroken and ashamed to learn it was all for a wager. Now six years later, Georgiana thinks it about time Dare get’s taught a lesson! Only when the lesson backfires Georgiana’s heart is yet again on the line and this time Dare won’t give her up without a fight!

    I was so happy I found this hidden away on my TBR shelf, after reading a recent Suzanne Enoch book, I wasn’t all that impressed or wanting to read one of her older stories. Am so glad I did because I was missing out on this very fun story!

    Six years before Georgiana Halley was swept off her feet by the Viscount Tristan Dare, and thinking herself in love gives him her innocence and heart, her dreams and heart are soon shattered when she learns it was all due for a wager. Never forgetting or forgiving Dare Georgiana goes out of her way to show her dislike for Dare by traded barbs and breaking fans over his knuckles every chance she gets. When the chance rises where she can teach Dare a lesson he won’t forget, Georgiana comes up with a way to get even. Have Dare fall madly in love with her and break his heart, making him see the error of his ways and finally marry the very “nice” lady he’s been after whose waiting in the wings for him. Georgiana doesn’t count her lingering attraction to Tristan and can’t get over the change in him from six years ago...

    Tristan had to grow up after his father’s death that leaves his family in heavy debt. Unless he marries a rich heiress everything that has belonged to his family will be taken into debt. When Georgiana comes back into his life full force, he’s very leery of her action (and with good reason) he’s never truly gotten over Georgiana and what he did and never said a word to anyone that he took her innocence only that he stole a kiss. Even when he should be focusing on his rich heiress, he can’t seem to stop thinking about Georgiana. When they finally make love again and he learns that she hasn’t forgiven him but was teaching his a lesson, Tristan knows Georgiana isn’t that heartless and sets out to win her heart and her trust and make her his bride.

    With the Rake not all things are clean cut and dry. Your first thought of Tristan is he must be a ass for doing that to Georgiana, but instead you find a man asking forgiveness, willing to take any abuse Georgiana will dish out and even says he’s sorry. Tristan didn’t got out there and tell the ton that he ruined Georgiana, but kept it hidden. Tristan was a man who knew he did wrong and was willing to better himself and learn. His next great love to Georgiana was his family whom he would do anything for. I loved Tristan’s family , they were a total riot with the matchmaking Aunties to his crazy brothers. Tristan loved his family dearly and even felt at a lost to help his younger brother Robert who didn’t speak anymore and who became a shadow of himself after coming back from war. Tristan was one of those heros I love with a wicked sense of humor and a very sensual side to him.

    Georgiana has been chased after by every single man (and a few married men) of the ton because of her wealth. After giving up her innocence to Dare, she doesn’t feel she can trust her heart to another man She’s content to be alone (and break fans over Dare’s knuckles) Georgiana broken heart leads her to make dare pay, and later it’s her pride and mistrust that pushes Georgiana to hurt Dare. Georgiana isn’t a spoiled little miss, she’s sly and clever and has a good head on her shoulders. Because of this, I can’t understand why she could be so blind to new Tristan, after seeing him and his interactions with his family even when he asks for her forgiveness, Georgiana still turns a blind eye and goes through the lesson and having sex with Tristan in order to get even with him. This didn’t seem to sit with who Georgiana was almost making her a different, petty person.

    Tristan and Georgiana heat up the pages with the attraction they both try to fight. Even when they do make love again, you think the story would go downhill or slow down with it’s pace, but that was only the start even with skipping/missing chapter 13 the story just keeps going with it’s great pace. The only jarring part was toward the end with the so called sex orgy that while funny didn’t seem to fit in with the story.

    Overall: light and humorous with two well loved leads. A great book with a lot of fun re-reading mileage that will keep you coming back!

  5. Andrea Andrea says:

    This could easily have been a great book for me: a hero and heroine who actually have a backstory that is actually interesting (he entered a wager that involved stealing a kiss and a stocking from her, he slept with her in the process, and after thinking he only did so to win a bet (because we must have a huge misunderstanding somewhere), she is now afraid to trust anyone), great supporting characters (I hope his brothers and aunts keep showing up later in the series), and adorable banter between a lovely hero and an okay heroine.
    But then there's Georgiana annoying tendency to jump to conclusions and run away (to be fair, she has her reasons and she does get better towards the end, but there were just too many misunderstandings and people hurting each other out of a stupid refusal to have an honest conversation with each other for me), the girl the hero originally intended to marry to fix his money problems turned into a complete psycho (view spoiler)[seriously, she hires a coach to take her to his house in the dead of night, marches in, and just strips naked to compromise herself; she then steals something from the hero and blackmails him into marriage (hide spoiler)]

  6. Eastofoz Eastofoz says:

    This book is so good ! Tristan and Georgiana have this red-hot love/hate thing happening right up to the end. The jabs they give each other are wicked but all the while they’re aching desperately for each other which makes for top-notch romance. There are some great twists and turns and sex in some very unexpected places—refreshing for a regency! What’s so good is that it doesn’t follow the typical regency story-line: they meet, they don’t like each, there are the rules of the ton, they have sex/get married. Georgiana holds her own, sticks it to Tristan “real good” and does what she wants which makes the pages sizzle off your fingers all the more. The additional Shakespearean verse at the start of each chapter are excellent additions and the ending just leaves with you with the biggest smile on your face and your heart skipping a little beat :)

  7. WhiskeyintheJar/Kyraryker WhiskeyintheJar/Kyraryker says:

    Started off so well, witty fun dialogue and interaction between the two characters. But good golly the middle and ending of the book was like wading through molasses in winter.
    The heroine's trust issues with the hero appear and then reappear and reappear and reappear. Look lady, maybe instead of flipping the freak out immediately when a stranger relays some info you're upset to hear, perhaps instead, take a breathe and ask your dude wtf, do you know what this is about?
    I can handle misunderstandings but not TSTL multiple ones. The hero/heroine had good chemistry, just not a supporting story. This should have been a novella. I was so meh towards the middle and end I sped-read.

  8. Fani *loves angst* Fani *loves angst* says:

    A really sweet and slightly humorous romance without anything extraordinary but very well written.

    It's the story of Tristan and Georgianna who have a past; a past only the two of them know about and enmity is all that remains after 4-5 years. But now Georgianna decides to teach him a lesson about how a gentleman should really behave; break his heart in the process and leave him as he did with her years ago.

    Of course trying to win his love means she has to be friendlier with him and charm him. Tristan is not stupid to not realize that Georgianna is up to something, unfortunately he cannot figure exactly what. He seizes this opportunity to ask her forgiveness for what he did all those years ago -got a kiss from her (and not only that) just to win a bet- and hopes she might be giving him another chance which he's determined not to screw up. He also has to convince Georgianna that he's changed and he's not after her money alone.

    In the middle of this fray, comes a wealthy heiress that Tristan had courted before Georgianna attracted his attention once more. Amanda wants Tristan's title and he needs her money to say his family from ruin; she's not going to let Georgianna steal her prospective husband, when it becomes clear that Georgianna has more than lesson in her mind where Tristan is concerned. This leads to a few fast paced chapters near the end and some humorous situations.

    Nice, sweet romance which I really enjoyed reading and would recommend to anyone wanting a light, easy read. However, I liked the other two of the trilogy better than this one.

  9. KarenH KarenH says:

    Ahh...finally back to a book that falls in my comfort zone. No spies, no suspense, no clues to follow and puzzles to solve. Just your everyday rake...handsome, charming, witty...who has a stigma attached that might as well be stamped to his forehead Caution all females! If you can read this, you are too close! And a heroine who is beautiful, gracious, (a little too) witty...who, apparently, can't read. LOL The book begins 6 years after the heroine was duped out of her virginity by the hero who had been acting upon a wager. Of course she has hated him all this time & decides to teach him a lesson by seducing him in return. He will fall in love with her and she will rip his heart out and stomp on it (so to speak). It will be a humbling experience that will forever alter his callous treatment of the fairer sex. However, plans go horribly awry; and, as most comfort zone romances go, the storyline is simply that of falling in love...the heroine, the hero, and me. Another keeper.

  10. Susanne Susanne says:

    Witty, charming, lovely and sweet.

    Suzanne Enoch is becoming one of my favorite authors! She writes books of quality. The language is great and engaging. I could really feel myself walking around the streets and going to fancy parties in regency London. I could feel the grass and the sunshine.

    The story about Tristan and Georgiana was everything I enjoy in a romance! I loved Tristan’s family and Georgiana was so sweet, albeit a bit naive, moving in to help his aunt and to teach Tristan a lesson. It was not at all what I expected from the blurb, but much more amazing. The only thing missing was an epilogue.

    It one of those books that makes you remember why you fell in love with reading in the first place. Thank you Karen for a wonderful recommendation! <3

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