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Awakening Awakening Free Author Yakup Almelek Go2deal.co.uk Ayla Is Twenty Eight Years Old She Lived The First Half Of Her Life In The Heart Of A Caring Family, But When She Was Fourteen, She Fell Out Of A Boat Into The Sea And Her Father Lost His Life Trying To Save Her Since That Day She Has Lived Alone With Her Embittered Mother As A Semi Recluse For Fourteen Years, This Trauma And Its Aftermath, The Weight Of The Unspoken Words Of Love And Reproach Between Her And Her Mother, Has Tainted Her Life As The Play Opens, Ayla Has Decided To Try To Reclaim Her Life She Has Just Found A Job At A Surgery, And Her Increased Interaction With The Outside World Leads To An Awakening In Her Life This Transformation Is An Awakening For Her Mother Too At The Final Curtain, Ayla Has Evolved From Being A Social, Psychological, And Emotional Misfit Into A Fully Integrated Member Of Society.