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Mahina's Storm Download Mahina S Storm Author Vivi Anna She Was A Tough As Nails Cop, All Business And Always In Conrol But Mahina Garner Was Also Lycan, With Strength, Speedand A Powerful Primitave Nature So When She Was Barely Missed By A Silver Bullet During A Raid She Led, It Ate At Her Confidence And Disturbed Her Peace Of Mind Only Was It The Near Brush With Death That So Unnerved Her, Or The Fact That She D Been Saved By Ren Calder Mahina Had Always Preferred Her Relationships Uncomplicated, Temporary And Lightweight But Ren Stirred Something In Her That Made Her Seriously Uncomfortable Determined To Get Him Out Of Her System, She Escaped Into The Night And Into Her Wolf Form, To Quiet The Turmoil Within Her So She Was Surprisedand Surprisingly Thrilledto Find Ren Following Her, Equally Determined To Make Her His Own.

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    It s great to see Mahina finally get her own story but was kinda bummed there wasn t much behind the sexual relationship between her and Ren Nocturne Bites are short stories which don t allow much for character development and background so with the format...

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    A short story of Captain Mahina Garner, the lycan police chief featured in the Valorian Chronicles Despite its brevity, the story was very memorable, particularly the scene on the hood of the car in the rain Nicely done.

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    Not bad for such a ridiculously short novel