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The Wall Across A 12 Foot Wall And The Width Of A White Painted Line At Checkpoint Charlie, East And West Confronted Each Other For Nearly 30 Years Yet It Is The Individual Stories That Are Perhaps Most Telling Astonishingly, These Memories Are Largely Untapped, So Until Now The Complete Story Of The Berlin Wall The People S Story Has Remained Untold Christopher Hilton, A Journalist And Writer, Has Been Captivated By Berlin S Unique Past For Three Decades, Visiting It Many Times And Conducting Hundreds Of Interviews There Since The Wall Came Down Leading World Politicians, The American Military, The British Military, East German Border Guards And Ordinary People On Noth Side All Feature Here, Their Memories Interwoven Into The Narrative.

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    Another tough one to rate This is a pretty cool history of the Wall The focus is on the people of Berlin and their stories The author apparently conducted a great deal of interviews himself These first hand experiences gets the reader up close to the wall There s, i would say, the exact amount of clean cut history so you wouldn t need to know much about the wall before reading this book But still, it s mostly about personal stories from people whose lives in one way or another were so much influenced by this crazy monstrosity.There s also the problem you might have with this book There s so many characters and you never truly get to know these people It s fragments only I understand this is not a book with long personal accounts of these indivuals lives but at times i found myself wanting to know about these people As a historic book, there are better options.So you could say it s a great additional read after, let s say, Frederick Taylor But if you ve, like me, just read Taylor ther...

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    Before reading this book I didn t know a great deal about the Berlin Wall, other than its existence It was fascinating to read about how it started, not just from a historical and facts point of view, but also from a person view of the people s lives that it affected, on both sides of the wall It also paid tribute to the people that died at the ...

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    I found this book informative and helpful, but I was reading it for research purposes I think you have to have a pretty high level obsession with the Berlin wall to find this book digestible there is a lot of detail, not all of it fascinating.

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